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Hi there —thanks for having me as part of the GRL 2015 Tour. I know I’ve visited this blog before and met a couple of the Prism reviewers at different events around the country, but it’s always nice to visit with old friends. Especially when it involves meeting new friends, too.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Laura Harner, and I’ve been writing since 2009, I think. I published my first book in May of 2011 and have over 60 published novels, novellas, and short stories. This will be my third GRL—I also was in Albuquerque and Atlanta.

Can you describe what your writing environment is like?

Laura: Oh, I’d love to. About six months ago I moved to a new house that sits on a very small man-made lake. The whole backside of the house is sliding glass windows facing the water. When I work, no matter which room I’m in, I have a view of the water plus the desert mountains in the distance.

Most of the time I work at my desk, which is a free-standing kitchen island I got from Ikea. It has a smooth butcher-block top at the perfect height for standing at while I type. I probably stand about half the time I’m working. The top is so big, there’s plenty of room for my desktop monitor, my laptop (yes, they’re usually both running) and my two Maine Coons who like to stretch out near me. That was a little easier when they were small kittens—now they’re both over six months old. Tucker weighs 13 pounds and Izzie weighs over 10 pounds, so they cover a lot of surface between them (and they’re still growing).

Is there one of your characters that you relate to (from any of your works)? Why?

Laura: No doubt about it! Elena MacFarland, from Highland Shift/Highland Destiny series. She was strong, smart, and kept going no matter how afraid or broken she was. In the end, she was so much more than she ever believed possible.

If you couldn’t be an author, what would you do instead?

Laura: Before I started writing full time I was an instructional designer and classroom instructor for several land management agencies. I put together courses for the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Game, Department of Interior, etc. It was a terrific job, so I suspect I’d look for something similar.


What’s next for you?

Laura: Two books will be coming out this fall, both on Pre-sale in August and both with a San Diego connection.

The first is called Coming Home: Texas

It’s the story of two young lovers separated by a huge misunderstanding and what happens when they come face-to-face nearly a dozen years later. Joe Martinez eventually outgrows his bad boy reputation to become sheriff in their small town.

Feeling betrayed, Brandon moves to San Diego and builds a new life as a successful real estate broker. When he is forced to return to his roots long enough to care for his injured father, sparks fly as Joe is determined to make Brandon see the truth of their past.

Right after that is Broken SEAL, a spin-off from the Willow Springs Ranch series. The new series follows some of the men introduced in Cliff’s Edge. First up is Draco. secret smile

Here’s the preliminary blurb:

Broken SEAL

When heavily armed thugs walk into his club in a hail of gunfire, a friend with benefits is cut down and Draco Kincaid loses everything he’s built over the past ten years. As a former Navy SEAL, his new life strapped to a chair holds little appeal and learning to adapt to his new circumstances robs him of every shred of his much-needed control. Discovering his life is still in jeopardy exposes a crack in Draco’s iron will that may just play into a killer’s hand.

There are no words to describe the grief of losing his other half, but Noah Middlebrooks is determined to make the sick bastard whose games were responsible for his brother’s death look him in the face and explain what happened. Then he’ll make sure the club owner pays for his crime. Burning his final bridge at work to finance his venture, Noah heads to San Diego. With no job and no more family, there isn’t anything left to lose.

Deceit, money, and vengeance put them on a collision course of self-destruction, but nothing can prepare either man for the life-altering impact of their first meeting. As a slow simmer of attraction builds in spite of their best intentions, the killer couldn’t be happier. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Both books will be available for preorder before the end of August—and I will have print copies at GRL.

Thanks for having me today!



~Laura Harner


Title: Separate Ways
Author: Laura Harner
Publisher: Hot Corner Press
Publication Date: 08/08/2015
Cover Artist: Laura Harner
Genre: Gay, M/M Romance, Mystery, Romance


Separate Ways: The Complete Collection
A $12.97 Value Bundle!! Now available as a complete set for the first time ever! This is a compilation of the entire Separate Ways series and includes four full novels:
Continental Divide – Two cops, one a cowboy, the other a Lord. A secret government agency, human trafficking, and a blazing hot mutual distraction. What have Detective Remington and Lord Jamie Mainwaring gotten themselves involved in?
Oceans Apart – Jamie and Remy have gone their separate ways, but another case brings them—along with their new partners—into an unexpected alliance. When murder connects the dots between their two cases, the four men must learn to work together as relationships and loyalties are tested amid misunderstandings and memories on the high seas.
Moving Mountains – When everything in Jamie’s world falls apart, he turns to his best friend and former lover for support. When Remy is dragged into a mystery surrounding the murder of his former boss, Jamie is left to solve a differnt type of problem with Remy’s partner Miggy. While Remy returns to his police department roots to track down a killer, Miggy and Jamie team up to find the bones from Miggy’s past and bury them once and for all.
Prevailing Winds – Although Jamie and Remy once excelled at mixing business with pleasure—the stakes are much higher this time—they’ve got forever on the line. When they discover Jamie’s new case has an unexpected connection to Remy’s adopted son, they must put everything aside to find Toby before the young man makes a decision that will change all their lives. One thing is positive, time is running out.



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About Laura Harner

I share my home with an ever-revolving cast of characters—some of whom are actually real—and outside of writing and watching my Diamondbacks baseball, I’m building my own version of the Willow Springs Ranch to turn into a writing retreat.

With over sixty published novels and novellas, I’m rapidly approaching a half million books sold! I am truly humbled to make my living writing full time and I want to thank each and every reader who’s taken a chance on one of my books—that makes you family.


Connect with me online:




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