Past Hurts (Sizzling Miami #1) by Jessie G ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

PAst-HurtsTitle: Past Hurts (Sizzling Miami #1)

Author: Jessie G

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Andrew Reyna, Dynamic Craft Studios

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 05/24/2014

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: BDSM, Contemporary, M/M Romance


Abandoned by his mother and raised by a judgmental, homophobic father on the unforgiving streets of Overtown, Davin Monroe knows a lot about survival and little about love. As heir to the family business, Alaric Bennett’s innate strength makes him the pillar upon which the family problems fall but leaves him emotionally abandoned by those that need him.

One chance meeting and five beautiful years together do not prepare them for the dark, depraved jealousy threatening their hard earned happiness. Now a killer has forced Detective Monroe to face the past and the only man his heart has ever wanted. With only one shot at redemption, Alaric is determined to uncover to truth and bring his lover home.

When discovering the one secret that has kept them apart for eight years unravels an entire hidden life can Alaric and Davin survive the revelations that follow?

*This book is an m/m romance with D/s elements and contains flashbacks to sexual assault.*

My View:

The first time I read Past Hurts by Jessie G, I had a hard time getting past the proofreading mistakes to the story. My second time through, however, I didn’t have that problem. They were still there, I just think I was in a different mindset to where they didn’t bug me as much. If you are one who can’t get past grammatical errors, you might want to steer clear. However, if you are one that can gloss over mistakes and get to the meat of the story, you are in for a treat.

Second “warning” is that while this story is labeled as BDSM by many, It isn’t your “typical” BDSM relationship. There is a very definite D/s dynamic between Alaric and Davin, but it isn’t overt. It isn’t spelled out. and there is no Bondage or S&M involved. It is all about the consensual and loving power dynamic. It is about giving each other what they want and need.

Finally, there is talk about a previous rape. This is not non-con to get off. This is not dub-con that turns to love. If those are hot buttons for you, no need to worry. The rape is discussed, it is described in flashbacks, but it is handled well. It is an event in Davin’s life and helps shape who he is and where his and Alaric’s relationship went.

Okay, are you still with me? Do we have all that out of the way? Okay so review. I can do that.

Do you love second chance romances? Yes, you know I am head over heels for second chance romances. They break my heart and put it back together in the best possible way. Past Hurts is no exception. Davin and Alaric are from two totally different worlds. By some miracle they met, and by the grace of the world they fell in love. Alaric’s family also fell in love in Davin. However, there was one member of Alaric’s family who wasn’t so enamored — or maybe he was too enamored.

Needless to say at the start of the story Davin and Alaric have been apart for eight years. Luckily for Davin, however, Alaric wants them back together and won’t take no for an answer (no not in THAT way). From a police procedural perspective, there are a lot of irregularities that some readers may have issues with. However, from a getting Davin and Alaric back to a good place perspective, I enjoyed this story greatly. I also enjoyed our small glimpses of the MCs from the rest of the books in the series.

I will be continuing the series as time permits.


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