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This summer we’ve been invited to—and attended—more weddings than is our standard. One of these was a gay wedding, our first, and the grooms were giddy throughout the entire event. Back in the beginning of the year, when they were planning the event, they had decided to be married in a private ceremony in Illinois where it was then legal, and they would host a reception months later to celebrate after the fact. In June, when SCOTUS came back with their decision, they decided to change their plans without telling anyone. It was an honor and thrill, therefore, when they announced at the beginning of the party that they had not yet married and were going to do so that night with all of us, family and close friends, as witnesses. A nephew had become ordained online just so he could perform the ceremony, and so we all trooped out in the calm August evening to the gazebo by a small pond on the grounds of the Elks Lodge where they’d found a reasonable price for their celebration. They vowed their love and exchanged rings and we all snapped photos and captured video.

The food was good, the staff friendly and sporting rainbow suspenders to show their support, and the music just the right mix of new dance pop and old school jams. We did the Chicken Dance, and later on in the evening, the Time Warp.

It was a wedding, a glorious, celebratory, laughter and love filled event. This has become our new normal, and I marveled at it all as I sat at a table of all gay and lesbian attendees and talked about how we met our partners and when we planned to have our own weddings. This was such a different experience than we were accustomed to.

This past weekend, we drove to Indiana to celebrate another union. Though not a gay wedding, it felt just as comfortable as a member of our close knit group of friends—we seem to hang out more with straight than gay couples, and we’re not sure why that is—got married, and so our circle of intimate friends were all in attendance. There was laughter, love, food and drinks, and a drum circle performance. Those of us who drove the 6 hours through corn fields and road construction were griping about it the night before, but once we sat in witness to the love our friend had found, we were silenced. It was so satisfying to see her big smile and the way her new husband looked at her (or didn’t through the whole ceremony because he was afraid he’d start crying). Later we stopped in at their new house, surrounded by soybean fields and with horses across the road. She showed us around and gave us strong, tight hugs as we left. We drove back home the next day and were tired from the drive, and you never really know how completely insane you’ve become as a couple, nay, a household, as when you try to explain to the brand new pet sitter the specifics involved in caring for your cats while you’re away for JUST ONE NIGHT.

But, I digress.

We have attended many unions in our time as a couple, both gay and straight, and love and celebration pulsed through each of them. Here, in my lifetime, I will finally be able to stand before my own chosen loved ones and declare my love for my partner of twenty years. We will be married—married!—and we will enjoy the same benefits as our parents, grandparents, straight siblings, friends, and co-workers.

We will be married. And it will be wonderful.

~Hank Edwards

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7 thoughts on “Wedding Thoughts ~ Outside the Margins with Hank Edwards

  1. Hank! I’m all tearing up with joy for you guys. I have friends who say marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper. No. It’s so much more than that and I’m so happy you can now share your wedding day with your loved ones.

  2. A wonderful and uplifting post, Hank. I’m happy for you that you too will get to celebrate your own wedding! Which I believe will be every bit as joyful as those you attended this year! ❤


  3. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! I love the reflective tone of your post, as well as the description of the soy fields, as I drove by some myself today here in OH lol.
    Congratulations!! I wish you twenty and twenty and twenty more years together. 🙂

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