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Title: Ben’s Wolf Surprise (Second Pack of Cameron #1)
Author: Bronwyn Heeley
Publisher: eXtasy
Cover Artist: Carmen Waters
Genre: M/M Romance, Paranormal


There’s something unsettling in having to tell a one-night stand that you’re pregnant with his child, when you yourself are a man, it gets…let’s call it complicated.

Bonus Scene

“Kade! Kade! Seriously buddy you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Kade looked at the man standing in front of him. Max, tall dark, werewolf, a joke on the word joke. So in other words hot as sin in jean hot shorts. Not that he was in or would be caught dead in hot shorts, but you get the picture.

“Ah…” He looked around the hallway they’d ended up in when Ben, his buddy—his pregnant male buddy. Yeah if that wasn’t kick in the teeth and then being told he wasn’t allowed to call his friend mate had been something else altogether.

Though Kade thought he could have some fun with that when the shock faded—nah, who was he kidding, he’d be using it anyway. Comic relief was something he was good at. Maybe. Hell, if he weren’t he was going to f***ing try.

“I thought it was a joke. You know, some shit to get Ben back here for your friend there—” Kade point his thumb towards the door they’d closed so they’d not have to witness the mating dance of Shad (the werewolf father) and Ben.

“Why’d we do that?”

“F*** knows. I ain’t a werewolf, so should I know.”

“You know you’re not making much sense.” Bruce (yeah their names are Max and Bruce, brothers and apparently have a mother with a sense of humour, they have another kid called Baxter, lol, and two others but he’d forgot that sh*t already)

“Oh give me an effing break.” Kade snapped at the man. He was nearly a spitting image of his brother, only Kade didn’t want to drool on that dudes feet. “I just learnt my BFF is not only the mate of a werewolf but that said werewolf has knocked him up. And it’s honestly the he in that sentence which really has me freaking.”

Max made a sound that could only be laughter going by the stupid look on his face.

“What just ‘cause this bullshit it normal for you guys doesn—”

“Hold up.” Again the brother. “Don’t assume shit, this crap has as all just as worried.”

“Yeah, all we did was head over because our brother was acting like a psychotic wolf boarding feral. We are all just as freaked as you.”

That kind of made Kade feel better. Then again, he liked a moment of irrationality and he was going to have it thank you very much.

“I think it’s all pretty interesting,” Daniel put in making all the other men in the hallway look at him. Daniel is Ben’s neighbour, awesome silver fox, covered in tattoos and so many contractions it would take a whole other post just to tell you all about him. Ben had friended him instantly bring him into his own little family, were Kade would have just jumped the bastard and seen where things had landed.

What can he say, the man is hotter than all four of them put together.

Okay, maybe not Max, but then Kade had always been attracted to men bigger and bad-er looking with an attitude that was just like his.

Daniel on the other hand, was weird in a much different way.


“Oh yeah, the possibility of a man giving birth…” Daniel went on and on, like the rest of them wanted to know all this weird arsed shit.

“That man is weird, brother.” Max said to Bruce, as Kade nodded, total agreement.


Ben rushed to the toilet, sliding into the bowl as he slipped on the bathmat. His fingers hurt as he smacked them into the porcelain moments before he spilled his guts out into the bowl.

His retching, the splash of liquid hitting water and the sting in his eyes were the only thing on his mind as he tried to get the poison out of him so that he could stop being sick. He really needed to stop being sick.

Please can someone make it stop.

Ben took a breath as he slowly straightened himself up. Hoping his stomach was over this burst. He grabbed at a handful of toilet paper and used it to blow his noise before he whipped his mouth and threw the clump into the bowl as he got to his feet. His head stayed on level, hanging over the bowl as he waited. A second, a minute, he didn’t want to stand, he didn’t want to be looking down at the bowl, but it was hard, these moments of calm.

Flushing, Ben stood over the sink, washed his face and mouth out before he grabbed at his toothbrush and started on his teeth. He couldn’t stand the taste, couldn’t deal with the fact that he’d spewed and even though he’d be here again, going over the same routine, like he had six times since last night. He needed to feel clean and without getting in the shower, his teeth were the next best thing.

Ben shuffled his way back into the bedroom then looked around. He didn’t feel that bad at that moment. Queasy, yeah, because of the recent spewing. But on the whole, his head wasn’t hurting, his body wasn’t aching and he didn’t have a temp. He was just vomiting, had been just vomiting for a week and a half now.

Ben did not understand why it was happening. He’d even been to the hospital about it and they sent him home after nearly a day on an IV and all tests coming back clean. He did not have food poisoning or gastro issues. He did not have fucking anything and the fact that he hadn’t spewed at the hospital itself hadn’t help, just got him home quicker.

He’d felt like a fool. Therefore, he kept it all to himself even though the sickness didn’t seem to be passing, didn’t seem to be anything even as he kept on doing it.
He drank as much as he could and he did seem to keep a lot of the water down. He even managed to eat a bit every now and then. Not as much as he’d normally consume but enough to say he’d eaten.

Smells seemed to be a big trigger. And the fact that he lived in a shitty apartment block meant there were a lot of them, at all different times. Each smell different from the next, nothing he could really track.

Breakfast was okay, toast and tea even, but any small waft of coffee and he’d be running to the toilet. The oily mechanic sweaty smell didn’t sit well with him either, which was weird, as it happened to be his favourite smell on a man.

Animal’s…he could not do them at all. Could not stand that animally smell they had, a smell he’d never really noticed until this last week. Dogs were the worst, they reeked in a way that got Ben backing away as quickly as he could. If one touched him, brushed against his hand, his body…well the last time it happened he was at his neighbour’s feet. Luckily, Daniel had been nice enough to wash away the evidence from the front steps.

Odder still was the fact that it took him four times under scolding water to wash the dog’s smell off him and he’d not been able to rest until he did. Could not sit still until it was clearly away.

A knock sounded around his apparent before Ben had made it to bed. He looked out towards the front of his apartment, even if all he saw from his position was the open bedroom door.


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Bronwyn was always the ‘wait until the movie comes out’ kinda girl. This was because reading wasn’t her strongest point; the only books she was able to read were Baby Sitter Club: Little Sister and Paul Jennings anthologies

Add a 2yr old and another on the way, she needed a hobby, which she found in reading. Picking up a book opened a whole new world to her, one she never thought she’d ever be able to enter.

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