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70,000 geeks all in one place. That’s what Dragon Con was this year. It’s utter chaos, with people everywhere all going in different directions (and some not moving at all!) And yet, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.


I’ve been going to conventions since I was twelve years old. Not one of them even came close to Dragon Con. The largest one I’d been to before this capped out at 30,000 people, less than half the number of attendees that descended on Atlanta for Dragon Con. And that’s not even counting the massive volunteer network that I was lucky enough to be on.


My main reason for going to Dragon Con was because Shae Connor voluntold me to work on the Daily Dragon alongside her and fourteen others. Being a volunteer definitely had its perks, but it’s also a lot of work and truly exhausting.

I was able to attend some fabulous panels, including Game of Thrones: From Highgarden to Winterfell, starting three of the show’s cast, and Barrowman Live, featuring the one and only John Barrowman in a dress! I also had the chance to interview some great guests and even attend the LGBT+ YA panel alongside JP Barnaby and Kage Alan.

Not to mention, the costumes seen at the convention were out of this world. There were plenty of amateur cosplayers who were new to the world of costume making, but in addition, there were people there with production level costumes. If you hadn’t known better, you could’ve sworn these had just stepped out of a Hollywood studio. They were fantastic.


I’m glad I didn’t miss this, and I’m looking forward to going again next year. If you’re in the area, or don’t mind traveling, I definitely recommend checking it out. You won’t regret it. (Though your bank account might!)

~William Cooper

About William Cooper

William Cooper has been writing and reading since he was little. In 2010 he took the first step toward publishing a book and hasn’t looked back since. Whether it’s two men who met in college or brothers who have been in love their entire life, William loves to tell their story for everyone to read.

You can find William Cooper online at:
His website: www.WilliamACooper.com
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Tumblr: RogueCooper.Tumblr.com
Twitter: Twitter.com/WilliamACooper .

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