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Prism Book Alliance® would like to thank Eden Winters for taking the time to talk with us today about their retro title from Self Published Match for the Holidays. Prism Book Alliance® recently reviewed Match for the Holidays. You can find the review here.


Retro Reads Spotlight with Eden Winters

We are here today to talk about Naked Tails. What can you tell us about?

Naked Tails was my way of dealing with a difficult situation. I found myself living in a less-than-posh place down a dirt road, amidst a bunch of four-footed, sometimes un-neighborly neighbors. During a particularly cold winter, I sat up all night, covers bunched to my chin, light on, listening to the “scritch, scritch, scritch” in my walls. Was it a mouse? A really BIG freaking mouse? After further investigation, involving an armed landlord, we discovered that something was climbing through my walls at night and settling into the water heater space for a nice, warm snooze. A something that was most likely a possum. We never caught the varmint, but I tiptoed past the water heater panel. What if it came loose? What if a possum jumped out? What if it bit me? What if it was the weak link in the chain of the local possum shifters? And what if their leader was the super-cute doctor in town?

Add in a bunch of creative Dreamspinner Press authors pitching ideas in a limo in New York City—Carol Cumming’s imitation of a possum crossing the road still makes me giggle—and a story was born.

Did I mention that at the time I was living in a place called “Possum Kingdom?”

Tell us more about our main characters, Seth and Dustin.

As I mentioned above, I had already conceived of Dustin as town doctor, someone used the area, the people, and the shifters. Now for foil—a city boy with no knowledge of his heritage, a stranger to the locals. As I love characters who show a lot of growth, I pretty much started him at basement level, a guy without a lot going for him, who steps up to the plate when he needs to.

What makes this book so special to you as its creator?

Through writing this, it helped me face my very own thing that went bump, or rather, scritch, in the night. In putting a story to the animal, I grew less afraid. Yes, I made fun of my terrorizer.

Why Opossums?

Because of the real possum who invaded my life.

Will we be revisiting Possum Kingdom?

I’m not so sure about Possum Kingdom, but I do have a story idea in the back of my mind for Junior, who moved to New York City, tentatively called “City Possum.”

If you could change one thing in Naked Tails what would it be and why?

Some critics have felt badly toward Dustin for “testing” Seth. I didn’t make it clear enough that it wasn’t Dustin’s idea—it was his well-meaning friends trying to protect him and the possum passel (possum equivalent of a wolf pack.)

How will the world end?

We’ll all wake up and find out it was just a dream.

If you could give one piece of advice to new writers, what would it be?

Write from the heart. All the technique in the world won’t make a story brilliant if it’s only words without feeling.

Tell us about some of your other titles.

The work I’m probably most known for is the Diversion series, with five books currently, starring two men who’ve run afoul of the law, now making up for their past mistakes by working for the good guys to stop pharmaceutical drug diversion. Book one, Diversion, won an honorable mention in the annual Rainbow Awards, and book three, Corruption, took top honors last year for Best Mystery/ Thriller.

Duet is a part historical, part contemporary that features a Scottish Highlander and a shy English tutor, and has been translated from English into Italian and French, and will soon be released as an audiobook.

I like unusual pairings, such as a recovering addict rocker and a reserved opera singer, as in A Matter of When (which features some of my own song lyrics), and Angel of 13th Street and Fallen Angel, with a former rent boy determined to save others from the street, and the homeless teen who winds up saving him.

Rapid Fire Time

  • Freddie Mercury or Adam Lambert? My latest plot bunny is a character very much like Adam being a character very much like Freddie’s reincarnation.
  • Love Story or Thriller? Thriller.
  • Drunk or Sober? Sober, pretending to be drunk so no one comments on my dancing.
  • Fire or Ice? John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen *winks at Game of Thrones fans*
  • Hat or no hat? No hat, unless I’m cutting grass or riding a motorcycle.
  • Hamburger or Hotdog? I’m vegan, so, as my family says “Wish it was a hamburger”. Gotta love that textured vegetable protein.
  • Tea or Coffee? Herbal tea. Love coffee too much, which is why I avoid it.
  • Cook or eat out? Cook? What’s that? I support the small businesspeople who run local cafes.
  • Coffee, black or doctored (can you think of a better word for this?)? Perfected, maybe? Actually, one of the reasons I gave up coffee was that I realized my version amounted to liquid doughnuts.
  • Windows or Mac? Windows.

What are you working on? What is next?

I’m currently working on a series of four novellas with the title “Owned By the Biker Bear”. A friend challenged me to write erotica, but the darned thing grew a plot. A LOT of plot.


Title: Match for the Holidays

Author: Eden Winters

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: P. D. Singer

Genre: Gay, Humor/Comedy, Other Holiday, Winter Holiday


Adventures in computer dating.

What starts as Barry Richards’ desire for someone to share Christmas grows into an adventure in friendship and a little matchmaking of his own. Now the three-story set: The Match Before Christmas, Fanning the Flames, and A Lie I Can Live With have been combined into a single collection.

Follow Barry and his friends as they navigate the tricky (and often bizarre) world of Internet dating, in their search for love.

Contains the complete texts of The Match Before Christmas, Fanning the Flames, and A Lie I can Live With, which are also available separately.

The Match Before Christmas

Candlelight, mistletoe, gaily wrapped packages beneath a trimmed tree, and someone to share it with. That’s all Barry Richards wants for Christmas. Desperate for a traditional holiday, he creates a profile on “GetaDate.com,” in hopes of finding the perfect man in a matter of weeks. One date after another goes sour, while all around him friends are falling in love, and Barry starts to lose faith.

The first snow falls and the world fills with seasonal cheer, all except for Barry, for whom time is running out. Facing the prospect of a lonely holiday, he tries just once more to make The Match Before Christmas.

Fanning the Flames

The man of Barry’s dreams has gone from a sugarplum fantasy to sweet reality, thanks to the GLBT dating site GetaDate.com. Introducing a new boyfriend to the family and settling into coupledom aren’t the easiest things in the world for a man with little dating experience, but the romantic demands of Valentine’s Day are beyond Barry’s imagination. His piteous cry for help brings all kinds of suggestions from family and friends. Fully believing he’s found the perfect ways to charm his sweetheart, Barry isn’t prepared to hear “Achoo ” at every turn. Adam’s allergic to what? And will sneezes and welts wreck Barry’s painstaking plans for Fanning the Flames?

A Lie I Can Live With

A dating site profile faked up to make geeky gamer Otis Tucker more alluring hasn’t done much for his social life, so what does he have to lose by putting his real picture and honest interests online? His pal Barry swears there’s someone out there who will love Otis for himself, extra pounds and all.

Handsome Garret Mims sends “I’d love to meet you!” but takes things so slow Otis is quite sure they’re stopped. Is it really a date if there’s not so much as a kiss between them? Maybe he shouldn’t worry about Garret’s intentions and just enjoy every platonic moment. Instead, Otis could work on finding the missing ingredient for his pumpkin pies before Thanksgiving.

Garret’s up front in every way but one, and Otis may have found a lie he can live with.


How It All Began…

Barry admired the festive holly wreath hanging from his parent’s front door, while deciding how to knock with one arm laden with brightly wrapped packages and the other around a smiling man. The family was going to love his new boyfriend.

A car door slamming in the neighbor’s drive brought him out of his daydream. Barry sighed for about the hundredth time since getting his parent’s e-mail. Was it too much to ask to have, just once, the kind of Christmas he’d always dreamed about? But that’s what it was, a dream. His parents’ holiday cruise plans laid waste to Barry and his sister’s annual Yule pilgrimage to Mom and Dad’s. Karen immediately invited him to spend Christmas at her house. “We’ll make a new tradition,” she’d said.

While his sister’s family would love to have him there, Barry wanted someone of his own to spend the joyous occasion, and ultimately life, with. He wasn’t pouting. Not at all. The entire situation underscored his loneliness. Mom and Dad had each other, Karen had Jack and the kids, he had nobody—yet. Barry’s was a simple goal, to find someone special by Christmas, three months away, even if he wouldn’t be introducing the as yet unnamed man to his folks this year.

He returned to studying the image on his computer screen of two gorgeous men, laughing. A head-thrown-back, eye-twinkling, “I’ve never been so happy” laugh, arms wrapped about each other in a sensual embrace. Underneath their picture an icon beckoned, “Meet our success stories.”

Barry stared at the happy couple and frowned. What had life come to? He blinked hard, and when he reopened his eyes the mutually smitten couple still flaunted their coupledom. A simple, beguiling message asked, “What are you waiting for?”

He reread his “About Me” blurb, trying to imagine a stranger’s reaction:

Single, reasonably attractive gay man, looking for same for possible long-term relationship. Interests: museums, the arts, sports, pets, and romantic candlelit dinners.

Muttering, “I’m a loser,” under his breath, Barry double-checked all the questionnaire boxes he’d clicked previously, making a few minor adjustments here and there.

He paused at the question: “Desired Ages?” While he wanted a stable adult in his life, starting too high might discourage some earnest recent college grad. Likewise, ending too low might exclude the doctor of his dreams for having had a recent birthday. Knowing the criteria could be changed later prompted him to select “Between twenty-five and thirty-five.” Race and religious preferences he left open. He listed his own as Christian, due to the vague memory of a few Sunday school classes in his youth.

Though he’d always been a bit camera shy, resulting in very few available likenesses, he found several group pictures on his hard drive and attempted to edit all the other subjects out. He discarded the results one by one until he came across a recent photo his secretary had taken at the office. He didn’t usually photograph well, in his opinion, but he wasn’t too ashamed of this one. His clear green eyes stood out, thanks to a slightly darker green shirt, and his normally unruly auburn hair framed his face nicely, falling in loose waves. To him, the photo portrayed a successful businessman, which he was, but also showed a more casual side of his personality. “Present yourself as well-rounded,” the site advised.

Before he had a chance to overthink the situation and change his mind, he hit the big red “Enter” button. There went nothing. If things went well, Barry fully believed he’d spent his last lonely weekend. If they didn’t, he was only out fifty bucks, and the cats didn’t lose a lap to sit in for the few hours it would take to go on a date.

About the Author

Our heroine sits quietly in her cube, just one of many, typing, filing, and breaking the occasional nail, hiding her true identity beneath her clever disguise of nerdy glasses and business suits (with sensible shoes!) Frantic eyes watch the clock as she waits impatiently for the ruse to end and her true calling to begin.

With eager anticipation she drives her average car to her average home, and eats her average (vegetarian and completely healthy!) meal alone. The minutes tick by, and when the sun finally sets she leaps tall sofas in a single bound, shedding her disguise to take on her true super heroine persona! Is she in such a rush to save the world? Save the city? Save the neighbor’s kitten from a tree? No! She liberates her laptop from the evil clutches of arch villain, Hall Closet, and flings it open to free the worlds hiding within its depths. There are lonely werewolves searching desperately for mates, spoiled rich boys just waiting for her gentle caress of the keyboard to create someone who’ll truly understand them, and futuristic soldiers, gunning across the universe to save the men they love… No scenario is too bizarre! A time traveling pirate? No problem! Violin playing specter haunting a Scottish castle? You betcha!

When she’s not busily creating happy-ever-afters for fictional hotties, our heroine enjoys music, the great outdoors, and cruising down the highway on the back of a Harley Davidson.

Stories and sweet tea at Eden’s blog, get your heart blessed on Twitter, and set a spell at Facebook.


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