Fret by Sandrine Gasq-Dion ~ Book Review by Caroline

26174755Title: Fret

Author: Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Publisher: Skull Blaster Publishing

Cover Artist: Unknown

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 09/01/2015

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: M/M Romance


Former Navy SEAL Axel Blaze lives a solitary life. He doesn’t do emotions, and he doesn’t do babysitting. Used to being on his own, his job consists of Wetwork (a charming term coined by the KGB) for his former Master Chief, Mac. When an out-of-the-ordinary job lands on his doorstep, Axel heads down a path that includes a famous heavy metal rock band and one quiet, vulnerable, guitar-shredding virtuoso named Gareth Wolf.

Gareth Wolf’s life changed in an instant when a car he was a passenger in crashed, hurting his brother’s best friend and the band’s lead guitarist. They created the band, Skull Blasters, as kids. Gareth had always been happy in the background, playing roadie. With the lead guitarist’s injury, Gareth is suddenly thrust into the limelight and into a frenzied life he never imagined for himself. Finally fed up with living a lie, Gareth comes out as gay in a newspaper interview and finds himself in the bulls-eye of a crazed stalker. Somebody wants Gareth hurt – or worse – and Mac has been hired to be sure that doesn’t happen. Babysitting duty is NOT Axel’s strong suit, but Mac won’t be budged.

Enter Axel Blaze. Against his better judgment, the big man takes the job to protect the shy musician. The more time he spends with Gareth Wolf, the more he admires the man. Where’s a simple assassination when you need one? The situation becomes more volatile for each man as the attempts on Gareth escalate just as Axel finds himself falling for the quiet lead guitarist.
Strong, funny, smart-ass — and kinda sweet Axel is everything Gareth has ever wanted in a man. Too bad he’s off limits. As the stalker grows bolder, Gareth and Axel move closer emotionally – but is it too late? All Axel knows is that they don’t stand a chance if he can’t find the maniac trying to kill the man he’s come to care about. A lot.

Everyone knows that relationships that begin in pressured or volatile situations eventually fizzle out. Or do they?

My View:

There is very little that has been written by this author that I haven’t read and loved. Fret is the first book in a new series and moves away from her shifters that a lot of us have become addicted to and delves into the lives of a rock band. I liked Fret but I didn’t love it and the main reason was the weird tense it was written in. It changed to past and present often and quickly and I found it difficult to understand in a lot of places.

Gareth Wolf is a rock star by circumstance rather than choice. He is the brother of another band member and spent his youth following the band around so when an accident meant their bass player could no longer play Gareth easily and for the most part smoothly took over his spot. Lately he has become depressed about the dishonesty he portrays regarding his sexuality and makes the decision to come out to their fans. Unusually this doesn’t cause any upset with his band mates or management but it does pick him up a stalker who starts sending him death threats. His brother is highly protective of him and hires a bodyguard to ensure his safety.

Axel Blaze is a retired Navy Seal who now works as a mercenary. His latest job as a baby sitter to what he assumes will be a spoilt and demanding pop star is not what he signed up for but his boss gives him no option to take the job. He is a big grumpy man very set in his ways and as much as he doesn’t want the job it becomes clear that Gareth doesn’t want him there either.

It’s not a match made in heaven but the two men become friends when the threats start to escalate and it becomes clear that their assumptions about each other are wrong. Overall this is quite a sweet love story and I liked both Axel and Gareth, I had worked the plot out for myself so the ending came as no surprise. Although this isn’t my favourite book by the author I will certainly be carrying on with the series.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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