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Author: Liberty Lace
Publisher: Wilde City
Genre: Erotica, Gay Fiction, Taboo



There’s something that Tobias and Thomas Whitmore never intended to tell their family—the fact that they’re gay and in love. But these two young men are about to discover that secrets run in their family. For on a weekend in Montauk to celebrate their grandmother’s 80th birthday, one spilled secret leads to another, and before long, the tragedies of the past, the uncertainties of the present, and the uncharted path of the future will collide… and change this family forever.

The Hush-Hush Crush

Scott Tate has a problem. When his brother Sawyer calls and asks to crash at Scott’s place for a few days, Scott has no idea that the past would surface so quickly. But a hush-hush crush this strong cannot be concealed for long.

Now, after spending most of his life pushing Sawyer away, Scott is faced with the toughest decision of his life!

Forbidden Secrets

Growing up together, Tristan and Thaddeus have never seen eye-to-eye. In fact, the pair has thrived on being the bane of each other’s existence. Estranged for the past ten years, Tristan and Thad both knew that only a tragedy would reunite them. But now, in order to gain their inheritance, Tristan and Thad must make peace with each other and live together for the duration of one year in the guesthouse of Forbidden Glades, a plantation mansion deep in the heart of Louisiana. And while Tristan is initially willing to live in the same house… discovering Thad’s secrets and long-hidden desires is something that will unravel everything Tristan has ever known, not only about Thad… but about himself.

As the long, hot year begins to unfold, the breeze of the bayous will blow back the Spanish moss like curtains to reveal a love so scandalous, it could only belong in Forbidden Glades.


In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the tormented Prince of Denmark’s lust for his mother Gertrude is impossible to ignore and as the play unravels, so does Hamlet’s state of mind, leading to a tragedy of epic proportions. Read between the lines and the taboo relationship between mother and son is as clear as day, and if we break down events, it’s the reason why all ends in bloodshed—if Hamlet wasn’t so head over heels in love with his mother, things might have ended on a brighter note. Incest has been a tool of storyteller’s for thousands of years. The Greeks also loved to weave the most taboo of relationships into their tales of heroism, mythology and literature. The hero Achilles took his cousin Patroclus as his gay lover. The father of the gods, Zeus, was married to his own sister, Hera. And Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex tells the story of a young man who kills his father and marries his mother, and is the basis for Freud’s famous Oedipus Complex theory. One thing that is common throughout a lot of these tales, however, is the fact that the majority of them end in tragedy. Why is that? Why should taboo tales always be sad ones? The simple answer is, they shouldn’t.

When I began writing taboo tales, I wanted to write stories that were romantic, sweet and beautiful. I wanted to challenge myself and the general perception of the sub-genre by taking an incestuous relationship and making it heartwarming, memorable and, dare I say it, acceptable. I started by writing a normal gay romance, and when I was done, I did something different… I turned my main characters into twins. I took a gay non-incestuous relationship and transformed it into a relationship between two brothers.

This did a number of things. Firstly, it added an incredible amount of tension. It intensified everything. My characters were no longer simply overcoming the struggle to find love… they were overcoming the struggle to be accepted and to accept themselves, to defy the entire world for the sake of their love. This changed the story greatly and demanded a complete re-write. But what it did was heighten everything in terms of the romance, the passion, the love. That love became even more powerful because those characters now had everything to lose if they wanted their love to survive.

Am I over-simplifying a complex issue? Yes, I don’t doubt it. Am I turning incest into an escape, an unreal fantasy? Definitely, but isn’t that what romance is? I’m not interested in telling stories about the tragedy that can result from a taboo relationship. I’m not interested in belting out a morality tale and hitting readers over the head with it. I want to explore the notion of how powerful a love can be when the odds—and opinions—are stacked against it. I want to give my characters the ultimate battle to fight and test the strength of their love to see if they’ll win. These are themes that have always rung true in romance, and especially in MM romance. In taboo romance, the stakes are simply higher and the love between two people is stronger than ever.

So if you’ve ever toyed with the idea of reading taboo romance and asked yourself the question, “Taboo or Not Taboo?”, it may not be the terrifying journey into darkness that you once thought. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you might like what you find. I will always write about characters in search of their true love, and I hope that’s what my readers see in my stories. As my motto goes, “What the heart wants… the heart shall have!”


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