5 Days ’til GRL ~ Countdown to GRL Flash Fiction by Jacqueline Grey

Join Prism Book Alliance® as we countdown to GRL 2015 with a very special flash fiction from Author Jacqueline Grey.

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(please note: all rights to these prompts remain with the artist)

Perfect Night

Brian stole my breath with an onslaught of fierce kisses as we tumbled onto the couch. Perhaps the roses hadn’t been too much. In the past I’d been teased for my overly romantic notions, but if Brian’s reaction was anything to go by, he highly approved of them. I smiled with that thought before I parted my lips to let him deepen the kiss. If the roses had been enough to get jumped like this, I wondered what his reaction would be when he saw the dining room table, and heard about the four course dinner I’d been preparing all day. Not to mention the small, wrapped box that was waiting to be presented with dessert.

Tonight was going to be perfect. I could feel it in my bones.

Brian worked to quickly undress us as we kissed. I helped, eager to share in his delight.

“You liked the flowers?” I teased when we paused momentarily to pull our shirts over our heads.

“What do you think?” he answered with a grin before kissing me again. The rest of our garments were soon discarded and I reveled in the touch of his skin against mine.

“No one has ever bought me flowers before,” he whispered against my lips.

To me, the thought was heartbreaking. “I would buy you flowers every day if I could afford it,” I said. I would give him the world if I could.

He shook his head. “Then it would no longer be special.” He kissed me again and I lost myself in him. I always loved sliding my hands over his skin and holding him close while we kissed.

I was so adrift in the pleasure of touching him that I startled when he pulled back suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

His nose wrinkled and he sniffed the air. “Do you smell something burning?”

It took a moment for my brain to change gears. “Oh shit!” I exclaimed, shoving him aside and dashing toward the kitchen.

“Daniel?” he called after me, but I paid no heed as I turned off the oven and flicked on the light. Flames were dancing over the roast that had been cooking. I let out a groan. Dinner was ruined.

“Daniel what’s-” Brian’s words cut off as he entered the kitchen. I was sure I looked ridiculous, buck naked and kneeling beside the oven. “What is that?”

I looked up at him. He was referring to the cherry pie I had prepared for dessert.

“It’s the rest of my anniversary gift to you,” I said. “You should see the dining room. I used my mother’s china and everything.”

“You made dinner for us?”

I nodded, wilting as I explained. “But it’s ruined now. I had a whole four course meal planned for us and it’s ruined.”

He knelt beside me. “It’s not your fault. I was a bit of a distraction.”

I thought of the couch and the corner of my mouth turn up. “Yeah, you were.”

“Is it all ruined?” he asked as he stood and surveyed the kitchen.

I took a deep breath. “There’s salad, shrimp cocktails and dessert.”

He smirked. “We’ve already started with dessert. Perhaps we should just continue with that for now?”
I looked up at him. He was always so utterly reasonable even when standing deliciously naked and flirting in our kitchen. As I stared at him, all of the disappointment in my ruined plans melted away.

There was nothing better than just having him with me.

Could I love this man any more than I do now? I thought. It seemed impossible with my heart about to burst. I nodded toward the pie. “There’s a box on the counter. Start with that.”

I help my breath as he picked up the dark blue container with its delicate cream ribbon. He gasped when he opened it and saw what was inside. My already racing heart felt as if it would soar into the sky when he looked at me with tears in his eyes. In that moment I knew what his answer would be and nothing could have been more perfect until he said the word.


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