7 Days til GRL ~ Countdown to GRL Flash Fiction by RJ Scott

Join Prism Book Alliance® as we countdown to GRL 2015 with a very special flash fiction from Author RJ Scott.

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Ethan nudged his best friend and waited until Jack pulled his gaze away from his iPhone and concentrated back on the matter in hand.

“Look at that one,” he said.

Jack did as he was told, but his gaze was unfocused and slid away far too quickly.

“Seriously Jack, look at it. The whole thing is a conflation of intent and identity, all with an eye to the nepotism in the art of fairground rides.”

Jack stared at the photograph and back at Ethan. “Are you talking complete bollocks?”

Ethan chuckled. Poor Jack was way past confused and directly to disbelieving.

“I might be.”

Jack arched an eyebrow in response. He didn’t have to add words, the two of them had been dating long enough to get each other’s unique mannerisms.

Jack’s cell sounded and Ethan felt immediate embarrassment as the sound echoed in the hall with tall ceilings. He knew the call was important, he understood why Jack was staring at the screen, but hell, if they focused on it too much, then it could be bad luck. Or something.

He’d gotten his three A’s, and his place was secured at Edinburgh University. Jack, on the other hand, had scraped a B in Chemistry. He now had to go through clearing. A convoluted system to give remaining places at each Uni to those who shone despite their grades in the exams. Ethan had tried to ignore the fact that Jack only getting a B in one of his exams meant they could end up going to different Universities. Jack’s second choice was Cardiff.

Cardiff for fucks sake. You couldn’t get much further apart than Wales and Scotland.

This fucked up situation just didn’t happen in Ethan’s ordered world. He had it all planned out; a shared dorm of some sort if they could get it, or at least rooms in the same building. He imagined them hand in hand across the grass, studying together, drinking at Freshers week.

He stared at the photo as Jack turned his back and moved away to talk to whoever was on the phone. The guy in the picture was in some weird contortionist type pose, all twisted around and stylish. He looked how Ethan felt; in knots inside.

Jack came back to stand in front of the photo.

“And?” Ethan asked after a couple seconds where everything was way too quiet.

“I can’t believe it,” Jack said. He smiled, grinned, pulled Ethan into a close hug. “I got a place at Edinburgh.”

Ethan’s heart expanded so it felt like it was going to burst out of his chest. He cradled Jack’s face in his hands and pressed a soft kiss to Jack’s lips. A simple kiss; nothing more than a promise. He was so relieved he didn’t even know how to word it.

“I love you, Jack Phillips.”

Someone tutted behind them, but Ethan ignored them. When they were at University, together, they wouldn’t have this crap they had hurled at them.

They could be like the guy in the photo. Alive and different and bright and weird and all the things in between.

“I love you too,” he said. Hand in hand they moved on to the next photo.

“So what’s this one?” Jack asked with laughter in his voice.

Ethan looked at a single red box in front of a TV. He tilted his head left, then right. Even he couldn’t come up with enough bollocks for this photo.

“Life,” he announced grandly.


“Life is a box,” he added.

“Life is a box in front of a television?” Jack questioned.

Ethan pressed a fist to his chest. “Oh my god, we’re geniuses.”

Jack huffed. “We probably don’t even need to go to University, we’re so bright.”

Ethan gripped his boyfriend’s hand tight. “You’re probably right, but let’s go anyway.”

And with teasing and love and a whole lot of laughter they left the church hall and moved out into the bright sunlight where all their tomorrows were waiting.

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