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Title: Wolf, WY
Author: AF Henley
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Cover Artist: Raphael @
Genre: Gay, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy


Wolf, WY

There’s nothing like a fresh start, and for Randy, still nursing wounds left by a cheating ex and harboring a deep mistrust for all things corporate, Wolf, Wyoming seems like the perfect place to start over. Secluded, quiet, and self-sufficient, Wolf is bound to not only inspire, but to bring Randy the peace he needs. The view’s not bad, either.

Vaughn O’Connell and his family are Randy’s only neighbors for miles, and while Randy knows it’s somewhat unlikely that a man with three kids is gay, it doesn’t hurt to look. When a misunderstanding brings Randy face to face with both Vaughn and his eighteen year old son, Lyle, Randy’s not sure what to feel about either of them.

But things are not what they appear in Wolf, and the closer Randy gets, the stranger the O’Connell family seems…

Welcome back to the Wolf, WY Tiny Teasers Blog Tour and Giveaway, and a warm hello to those who might be joining for the first time. We’ve been wandering through the pages of Wolf, WY and getting a quick introduction to the characters and locale by way of “tiny teasers” from the novel. I have to say, I did not imagine that it would be quite so hard to find two or three paragraphs that would sum up a character (or a setting) as well as tell a person something about the novel without giving away too much of the story.

Since we’ve already covered the location of the story in other posts, I now have the intense pleasure of being able to give you a few hints about the characters. It’s not a huge cast (and I thank the imagination gods for that) but it is more than I usually end up with. By the time the second novel comes up I’m sure I’ll be able to play a game of Character Name Screw-up Bingo with myself while I run through the edits.

This first character I want to introduce to you didn’t make it to my list of character names, however. It’s pretty easy to recall as it doesn’t have a name. Kind of…

This tour isn’t all about the blog posts, though. As a thanks for showing up and being part of the tour, I’d like to offer you a chance to win a bunch of great prizes: a signed copy of Wolf, WY, a $20 LT3 gift certificate, and a cool Wind & Fire paw print bangle that will show the world just what you think of our furry four-legged friends. Be sure to read through to the end to find out how to participate.

But for now, please allow me to introduce the first character of our tour when it stops by my MCs patio for a visit:


“Don’t run,” Randy whispered, clicking the light as slowly as possible, as if the sound of the switch would be more of an alarm than the light that suddenly flooded the yard. The wolf flinched, raised its head to look at the light, and crouched closer to the ground. “Please, don’t run.”

He should have been screaming at it to get out and be gone. He should have been standing back and assessing the strength of the glass in the door. But self-preservation didn’t even cross Randy’s mind. He was too awestruck.

The wolf was literally the largest wild creature he’d ever seen that close. His previous Google and Wiki and sites-of interest quests had led him to more information on wolf, the animal, than they had to Wolf, the community, so Randy was familiar with the details of an average wolf. While this particular specimen had the requisite gray mottled fur, its coat already thick with winter lining, and the large head, stance, and form of a standard wolf, it was far bigger than Randy knew to be normal. The length of its spine, head to haunch, was at minimum sixty inches. It was at least four feet tall from ground to shoulder. Randy had the oddest feeling that if the wolf could stand upright, it would tower over him by several inches.

“Hey there,” Randy murmured through the glass, and raised both eyebrows when the ears of the wolf flickered as if, impossibly, it had heard Randy’s words. His eyes widened as the wolf rested a paw on the stairs that led up to the deck. He gasped when, with a single leap, the wolf landed on it.

They stared at each other, Randy in his warm kitchen, eyes as big as they could get, and the wolf gathering a slow but steady layer of snow on its fur. It tilted its head first one way, and then the next, and moved forward again—only two steps across the deck, but its legs were long and its interest obvious. Even with limited movement, the two strides of the wolf closed the space between it and Randy to half its previous distance. Then it sat, squatting on the deck and wrapping its thick tail around its paws.

Wolf, WY Excerpt

© AF Henley, 2015


Please allow me a minute to offer my thanks to Prism Book Alliance for having me today… the time and effort sites like this put into these ventures are so very much appreciated. I couldn’t do it without you. And I’d like to give a big thanks to you as well, my friends, for reading and joining me. Best of luck with the giveaway and I hope you enjoyed the post!

Until next time,

AF Henley <3


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Author

AF-Henley_Avatar-croppedHenley was born with a full-blown passion for run-on sentences, a zealous indulgence in all words descriptive, and the endearing tendency to overuse punctuation. Since the early years Henley has been an enthusiastic writer, from the first few I-love-my-dog stories to the current leap into erotica. A self-professed Google genius, Henley lives for the hours spent digging through the Internet for ‘research purposes’ which, more often than not, lead seven thousand miles away from first intentions but bring Henley to new discoveries and ideas that, once seeded, tend to flourish.

Henley has been proudly publishing with Less Than Three Press since 2012, and has been writing like mad ever since—an indentured servant to the belief that romance and true love can mend the most broken soul. Even when presented in prose.

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  1. There are still 16 days I have to wait for this!?!! I’m starting to rethink that “patience is a virtue” thing. Like, really… >.>

    Now I’m ridiculously curious… because you mentioned a wolf, and I love wolves, have a friend whose spirit animal is a wolf. Definitely one of my favorite creatures, although I can’t say the thought of coming face to face with one isn’t terrifying. But it would be fun to cuddle with a pack of them, if the possibility of not being mauled to death is there. =P


    • I agree. They look like big fluffy puppies, but… I think I’ll keep my admiration waaay over here… XD

      I’m thrilled you’re looking forward to the release! Thank you so much and good luck with the giveaway. <3

  2. I too adore wolves. Yes scary and I’d have fainted dead away before it got on the deck but still. The wonder that is such a magnificent creature hold me close.

    Used to only love bears and bats. But a good friend taught me how amazing a good wolf was.

    Beautiful imagery, I do love the series of events and the characterizations used. If you love me you’ll send an advanced copy. xD I’m not serious. I want to be, but I’m not.

    Anyway, lovely introduction. Looking forward to more. These coming days will be awesome.

    • I was a bit nervous about writing something with that format. Now I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best. XD

      You’re very welcome and thank you for taking part in the tour. Good luck with it! <3

    • I’m not going to lie… I had to look that acronym up. Goes to show you how smart I am, hmm? XD

      Thank you so much. And a huge thanks for stopping in and commenting as well. Good luck with the giveaway! <3

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment and for your good wishes. New releases are so damn nerve-wracking and your comments always cheer me up. 😀

      Good luck with the giveaway! <3

  3. I don’t know whether I’d be brave enough to watch a wolf even through glass!

    • Thank you! I’ve had a love/hate relationship with shifter stories for a long time now, but I had a lot of fun putting this series together. 😀

      Good luck with the giveaway <3

  4. Another great excerpt! I would love to see a wolf in the wild, though not too close, mind you. I have seen bears, javelina, a bobcat (in my yard) and others, but not a wolf yet.

    • Sounds like you live in a very cool part of the country! Thank you very much for your kind words and it’s great to have you on the tour! Good luck with the giveaway <3

    • Thank you very much! You can imagine how thrilled I was when Raphael showed me what he’d done for it. 😀

      Good luck with the giveaway and thanks for taking part in the tour <3

  5. With that ‘awww’ description of the wolf from the excerpt, I’m already ‘there’! And I want more! Congratulations and much success! I’ve known a Native American who had a wolf from pup and it was the most adorable creature and so damn playful and sweet!
    taina1959 @

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