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For me, this years GRL was very different than last year. Being my second GRL, I was much less nervous and more prepared in many ways. I also did not feel the need to push myself to attend every event. If I was overbooked, I just dealt with it and picked the best option I could. My guilt over missing things was much less. And I totally attribute that to the atmosphere of the conference this year. Things were so well put together and spaced out that I felt much more welcomed and much more relaxed than last year.
Sir Dork and the Delicates
The first thing I did upon arrival was try to check into our room. This year, instead of being a loner, I roomed with Christine and Lirtle! Man did I ever make the right decision there. We may have been cramped, but we made it work!

After finding out that I could not check in right away, I walked the beach and the resort just checking everything out. Along the way I said hi to many new people I had never met before. I don’t remember names, but thats OK. There were A LOT of us. 🙂

Shortly there after, I finally got to meet Caroline in person! We have reviewed together and chat ten online for over a year and it was so great to put a body to a face! She was so lovely and I was so honored to spend time with her. (I want her accent!)

We all hung around until it was time to set up swag. At this point I got the best hug of the entire event from one Mr. Brandon Witt. If you missed out on his hugs, you should be filled with horror and regret bc his hugs are like coming home to mom. Full of love.

Us ladies of Prism have had the honor of hanging with Brandon outside of the GRL sphere and in doing so we created our own geeky band with Brandon as our front man. See image one for the T-shirts we had made to commemorate our utter meekness!
Vanessa North, Jet Mykles, Lane Hayes

Day 2 had the conference in full swing, and what a day it was. The morning was a bit slow for us which allowed me to get a nice walk along the beach in. The morning was spent meeting new to me authors at the supporting author signing. I tried to really make an effort to meet as many of these new folks as possible and ask for recommendations of their works. However, the signing room was so packed, I was unable to get pictures (bad Katie).

It was at this signing that I got to do my first fangirling and totally embarrassed myself all over Mr. John Inman. OMG I GOT TO MEET JOHN INMAN. And he was so sweet and gracious over my attention that I love him all the more!


Next it was on to the Q&A sessions. I got to meet Jet Mykles and learned that she is contemplating a new Reindeer games book. Woohoo! Vanessa North and lane Hayes both treated us to the inner working of their minds, which are on the opposite sides of the spectrum with Vanessa loving the kink and Lane favoring the sweet. It is fascinating to see how these authors are so similar yet different.


Next was the Q&A with Charlie Cochet, Rhys Ford, and Lisa Henry. Hello hilarious! These ladies are fantastic. But what moved me most about this Q&A was Ms. Ford’s descriptions of her characters. Her men may be broken or aggressive or any other thing that someone would classify as needing to be fixed. But when asked that very question, Rhys answered perfectly. That her men do not need to be fixed, That they are the best selves they can be. And whir they need to learn to work within society, it is really those around them that need to work on accepting them as they are. I loved that. I will always remember her for that and now I need to buy and read all of her work!

IMG_4711           IMG_4718

That evening was the event that will live on in infamy! The Dine with an Author Luau. Our table totally won the author lottery as we had Nicole Dennis and TJ Klune at our table. And next to us were Amy Lane and Anna Zabo. How fortunate were we!!!! There are no words to describe the hilarity that was the luau. The PBA team totally laughed off all the calories we ate while there. TJ was funny and maybe a bit scared of us. Nicole was a darling and easily ignored our shenanigans. And Brandon Witt showed up again with a flamingo on his head. I just don’t know what else you need to know to understand the fun that was our evening.

Finally, I punked out and skipped the after parties. I was exhausted and full of good food and laughter, so I went to bed early.
Luau Fun!
Friday was much less intense for me. The events I attended were much more subdued and that evening was the conference scheduled free time so us folks could explore the city of San Diego.


In the morning I attended a Storytellers session where Wade Kelly, SJD Peterson, and Poppy Dennison spun the Wheel Of Destiny to show the audience all the bits and pieces that go into formulating a story. Character’s names, professions, settings, jobs, conflict subjects, type of genres, etc. It was so much fun to watch our slightly normalish, majorly odd story form as we spun the wheel.


Next was the Q&A session with Brandon Witt and Eli Easton. Can I tell you how much of a fangirl I was at this event? These amazing authors at a table together! OMG I almost passed out!

For lunch we had gourmet grilled cheese and tomato soup! OMG it was yummy goodness to help me calm down after all the geekiness from the morning. This was followed by another walk along the beach to try to counteract the calories I had been consuming (totally worth it)!

Free time was used to wander around and relax and then dinner was a drive away to a nice pub type establishment where the ladies of PBA monopolized Brandon Witt Again! and enjoyed some fabulous food including three meat mac-n-cheese that was to die for.

Of course, after that I was in a food coma and promptly fell asleep early.
Amy nerds on about superheroes
Saturday was the day of awesome. I attended two story teller sessions in the morning and fell even more in love with the amazing Amy Lane. She spent so much time educating us on the literary background of the superhero. It was a fantastic and nerdy and full of educational goodness that my respect for her grew by leaps and bounds.


Saturday was also the PBA team lunch where us ladies go together and ate at a taco shop by the beach. It was good times with great friends. (I am seeing a food theme here this year…..have you noticed that too?)

That afternoon was the featured author signing where I totally got to fangirl again. There were just so many authors I love there! OMG I wish there was more room and I could have taken a picture with all of them! Instead you’ll have to settle for the few I remembered to grab. Also, i embarrassed myself again by fangirling all over the talented Greg Tremblay. He is currently my favorite audiobook narrator and I just couldn’t say enough good thing to him about how much I loved his talent! It was a bit sickening I am sure. Oh well, I love his voice!

The final event of the con for me was the Hollywood costume party, and sadly I was only able to stay for an hour as I had to be up by 4 am for my flight the next morning. I was able to snag a picture of the fabulous batman and villains that in my opinion took top honors this year.
Batman and his villainsI would like to end this post with a big hug to all my PBA gals. I had so much fun with you all and am so glad we get along so well. Paisley, Brandilyn, Caroline, Christine, and Andrea, I am so honored to be a part of this crazy crew! #Krakenbitches forever! And thanks for all you do for the blog and for each other.

Please forgive the rambling and I know I have left out more that I remembered to include. But I do hope you can feel the fun I had, and maybe it will inspire you to attend again or for the first time next year! Thanks for reading 🙂
We capture Andrew Grey!

The sexiest Black Widow around! Paisley

Much Love and see you Tomorrow!

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  1. I still say the PBA Gang looked awesome in blue. (that from the man who was wearing the same shade of blue when I saw you all on Saturday.) Since you have your colors now, you need a gang sign to throw up whenever you’re in a hostile environment. 😉

    • LOL it was definitely kismet that you were wearing the same blue that day!
      And I’m pretty sure it was Amy Lane who, during the signing when Katie, Christine and I walked up to her table and, made us do that “heart” sign with our hands and took a pic, calling it our gang sign. So she’s got the first ever recorded image of that somewhere on her phone LOL 😀

  2. I definitely felt the fun. Thanks for the fantastic summary. Sounds like these events just keep getting better.

    And, if you do buy all of Rhys Ford’s books, I don’t think you will be disappointed. She is one of my favs and an auto-read.

    • OH I am glad you could tell i had fun! Thanks for reading 🙂 I am looking forward to reading all Rhys’s works. Along with all the other new to me authors i picked up at the event

  3. What a great recap of your adventures at GRL! I had fun meeting you (although it was too brief!) and look forward to the next time. It was quite the whirlwind (my first GRL) and I think next year, I’ll be more relaxed as you were this year. Thanks for your blog and for connecting on Facebook and for one of the last hugs I gave as I was leaving GRL on Friday!

  4. Oh I was quietly listening into all the zaniness during the Luau – Best Table Eveh!! – and contemplating writing a crazy short fic with all of you as the stars… *evil writer laugh*

  5. Thanks for this wrap up post, i really enjoyed it. It was fun to see the GRL through your eyes 🙂 I’m glad to read that this was such an awesome event.

  6. Everyone looked like they had so much fun. Thank you for sharing and recapping with all of us (who could and couldn’t attend).

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