National Coming Out Day Has Come and Gone ~ Outside the Margins with Chris Cox

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I’m writing this on National Coming Out Day.  It will be posted a few days after National Coming Out Day.  Totally appropriate for this blogpost.

I’ve missed a few blogs. Personal stuff going on.  Isn’t that what stops most of us in our tracks?  Personal stuff?

And back to the topic of this post, coming out (or maybe we never left the topic.).  Because coming out is personal.  Kudos to all those who make public statements. Who lend their courage to others by setting an example.  Truly,  bravo.  By highlighting your coming out as an issue, you are doing a big part towards being LGBT becoming a non-issue.

In fact, coming out is becoming such a non-issue in some circles, that, at a recent readers’ event, someone suggested the angsty coming out theme is passe’ for contemporary LGBT romance.  It’s just not a big deal anymore, right?

Of the multitude of facts out there, the common number is 40% of homeless teens  are LGBT.  A large percentage of those kids say that being LGB and/or T is a major reason they are  sleeping in businesses’ door jams and eating from garbage cans.

Stats of hate crimes against LGBT people are all over the board according to what source you check. Regardless of source, the numbers are higher than the general population, all too high to be acceptable.

According to Mother Jones’ website citing the NCTE, 41% of transgender and gender nonconforming people have attempted suicide as compared to 1.6% of all people.

Beyond the statistics, suicide attempts are personal.  Very personal.  Like coming out.  Very personal.  The consequences can be deadly.  If other people don’t attack you, your own psyche just might.

So you might know someone who is struggling with the decision to come out.  You might think it’s no longer a big deal.  And maybe it’s not.  Like the person at the conference, maybe you even think that those who don’t come out, loud and proud, are less than heroic.  Less than.  But maybe coming out is a very  big deal.

And maybe you don’t know.  Maybe their struggle is so deep, so private, so very personal, that you don’t know they are struggling.  Maybe they hang with you because you feel safe.  Except when you judge.  Harsh judgement makes no place safe.

So, for all those folks who are out and proud today, a few days after National Coming Out Day, I’m truly, deeply happy for you. For those who aren’t, it’s a bit flippant to say, ‘maybe by this time next year you’ll find the courage’, isn’t it?

~Chris Cox


About Chris Cox

Chris Cox’s Bayou Boys series is about deep relationships, about finding yourself as well as your soul mate, and about learning to feel right in your own skin.

Sexy and complex, Chris’ writing delivers the stories that touch readers’ hearts. Born and raised in Louisiana, Chris worked as an electrical engineer before climbing off the corporate ladder and becoming a full-time writer. Chris resides in Louisiana, where the gumbo is hot…but the men are hotter. You can check out more about Chris Cox by visiting, on Facebook at www.facebook/ and on Twitter: @ChrisCoxWrites.

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4 thoughts on “National Coming Out Day Has Come and Gone ~ Outside the Margins with Chris Cox

  1. I’m torn about the coming out process that seems to be expected of LGTB community. As a straight person I’m not expected to announce to anyone that I’m straight so why should anyone else be expected to make an announcement? Just be. All of us are people and any announcements are personal and should not be influenced by anyone except the person affected.

  2. I thought long and hard about coming out. For me, it meant taking a stand as a minority, for the 40% of youth who have no where to turn and are cast aside for being who they are. As an adult, I think its important to say it’s okay, there are people like you out there, people you can look up to. Not everyone can (or should) make the decision I did but for those of us that can, it takes us one step closer to the day when it isn’t a big idea. We’re not there yet, if we were I wouldn’t have had a decision to make, but I did, and that’s why coming out is important to me.

    • Hi Carly,
      I just now saw your post. Thanks so much for posting, but also for having the courage to encourage others. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Thanks for taking some of the weight,

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