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I’m not even sure where to begin with this summary of this year’s GRL. It flew by and yet I was able to spend some real time with friends, old and new. One of the biggest and clearest differences between last year and this, for me personally, is that I hadn’t just lost my mom earlier in the year. The anxiety and uncertainty I felt last year, even in just getting into the car and driving the half dozen or so hours to Chicago back then, weren’t there. I was ready. I couldn’t wait! And I had the best time. Hopefully I won’t duplicate any of the pix I’ve already used in my daily updates, which were done on my phone each night or early in the morning LOL

The final day was a bit more relaxed, just a couple of sessions before lunch, and then the author signing that afternoon. Before my fellow PBA’ers and I headed off for lunch, we ran into Brandon Witt and Charlie Cochet. I figured we might as well get our pictures done, as I kept forgetting.
Brandon Witt and Andrea

Charlie Cochet and Andrea
Before I get to the rest of the last day, here are a bunch of awesome, first, and fabulous things about this GRL:

Meeting Caroline!! It was simply wonderful to spend time with her, laughing like loons. I miss her!

Catherine Dair’s Skip and Pip were making the rounds, even getting separated at some point! gasp But they were reunited not long after and it was so good. 😉

Sharing meals with the peeps you lerve is one of the best things on the planet. I was able to do that a lot with so many of them. Thanks to Katie for being sneaky and treating for pizza and to Brandon for our pub dinner – also very sneaky!

I loved the long walks along the boardwalk with Katie and Christine. Ah yes, we did so love the sounds and smells and sights of the ocean waves crashing into the shore. We also got our steps in!

The dinner with the authors, aka the Luau. We had such a blast! The laughing and the way dirty jokes (I mean, of course, right?) and the hi5’s and fist bumps were fabulous. I’m also sharing our group pic, one which TJ Klune requested because he’s (not) weird like that. 😉 Just like all of us! 😀

Luau Line Up
I also had the opportunity to spend a few minutes chatting with one of the people behind Interlude Press on that last day, Saturday. I was thoroughly impressed! Their cover art work, the large variety in stories being published, all genres, and their focus on that diversity. I picked up one of their titles, “Right Here Waiting”. I mean, it’s set in WWII, right up my alley.
Interlude Press book seller table
Ok, so now back to more of Saturday, which included the author signing. It was a kuhrazy couple of rooms, that signing. I didn’t take many pix but below is one of my favorites. Charlie Cochet and her THIRDS series is has spawned many a silly bonus story and various swag, but I think my favorite she had on her table was the THIRDS van with a couple of certain main characters inside, helmet and all. So cute!!
Charlie Cochet and her wee THIRDS van
The big event Saturday night was the costume party. I dressed up last year but didn’t feel like hauling everything on a plane for this year. Instead, I went as a “college student”, wearing one of my own Ohio U t-shirts, contacts out, glasses on and, once I got drink in hand, the scene was set.

Others, however, definitely did dress up. Here’s Lisa Henry in her director’s outfit, scene marker and all. Course, she forgot to fill in the pertinent info on that marker. 😉
Lisa Henry, directing stuff
I stayed for quite awhile that night, enjoying every minute knowing I’d be in a car the next morning, heading back up north and away from the fun, friends and everything else.

Listen, for anyone who is under any sort of impression that GRL is some sort of orgiastic free-for-all (which, hey, gotta love those, too) and only focuses on M/M Romance and talk of butt sex, you’re wrong. Incorrect. Graaaaaaaaaavely mistaken.

There is a lot of book talk. A lot. Christine and Katie and I ended up sharing a room this year and every morning and every night, we were talking books. Discussing ones two or three of us had read, recommending others, and talking about the previous day’s sessions and what all was asked and discussed within.

The panels themselves, just like last year, were filled with conversations about writer process, solo and duo writing experiences, the bases of inspiration, future works, untried story types and so much more.

Were there laugh-a-minute-make-my-face-ache meals and parties? Yup!!! And did many of those moments include double and triple entendres that would make your eyes roll right out of your head, except for the high-fiving and fist bumping? Yup!!! It’s called adults being adults, which actually means adults behaving like adults in an environment filled with like-minded peeps. Freedom to be yourself, to not feel that need to explain a reference, to wear a funny hat, or not, to drink, or not, to party, or not. To make new friends. To spend time with old, ya know, friends, reconnecting and strengthening those bonds.

GRL is what you make it. All of these things are what made it for me. 😀 <3

I could go on and on, but you probably get the idea now. Thank you to all of the organizers and volunteers, to my fellow PBA’ers, to old and new friends. What a precious, fantastic, kick ass gift we were given this past week.

Much Love and see you Tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for the post! I have really enjoyed all the posts from the PBA team. I am glad you had such a wonderful time.

    And I want that THIRDS truck Charlie Cochet had.

  2. Again thanks for sharing these GRL posts with us, it was so much fun to read your adventures and see the great pictures, you can tell by all of this that you had a great time 🙂

    • It was tense! Tense, I tell you! But thanks to several people communicating on FB, we got them back together as it they should be. 😉

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun… I really wish I could make it for Kansas next year, but I’m afraid it won’t be easy. I’m really glad you were there to tell us everything about it. Thank you! <3

  4. You’re all very welcome, I so enjoy sharing with you.
    Honesty , if you do make it to one, you’ll have fun, there will always be someone to be with, you won’t be alone. The first time I went, I’d never met any of the peeps in person. It so didn’t matter lol. It’s like going home… to a huge loud awesome family.

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