Easy Evenings (Mangrove Stories, Bk 4) by Mary Calmes ~ Book Review by Queue

EasyEveningsLGTitle: Easy Evenings (Mangrove Stories, Bk 4)

Author: Mary Calmes

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Reese Dante

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 11/18/2015

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance


Lazlo Maguire doesn’t do relationships—he does transactions. Six months of the year, he’s an expensive rent boy in Manhattan, and he moves so fast that settling down could not, would not, ever enter his mind… except for once. Britton Lassiter he meets man to man, not as hustler and mark, and it’s too good to be true when the lawyer wants to keep Lazlo even if he has to share him with the job.

But Lazlo has his reasons to walk away from the man he’s grown to love. The other six months of the year, he is laid-back Laz, a shopkeeper in the sleepy coastal town of Mangrove, Florida, where the artist he never allows himself to be in the Big Apple shines through. He lives for his time by the ocean, the place he hides his secrets and nurses his broken heart.

Then fate intervenes, and Laz gets the surprise of his life when he spies Britton in Mangrove—but it’s not meant to be… not until Britton sees the change in him and wants to be a part of Laz’s new life so that every evening can be easy… together. Hopefully the secrets that tore them apart won’t come back to haunt them.

My View:

WARNING: This review contains spoilers







Easy Evenings is the fourth book of the Mangrove stories and another fantastic story in the vein of what Mary Calmes writes—superb love stories.

This one features characters introduced in the previous stories—lawyer Britton Lancaster and hustler Lazlo Maguire. Lazlo lives in Mangrove, Florida half the year and he spends the rest of the time in New York earning money. Britton was a former lover—not a client—and someone he genuinely fell hard for.

Laz was thrilled when he saw Britton in Mangrove but the feeling was not mutual. Britton assumed Laz was after something and ended up filing a restraining order against him, which hurt Laz a great deal. We’re treated to flashbacks of Laz and Britton when they first meet and holy cow the chemistry jumped off the pages immediately.

In present day, Laz is working on getting over his feelings for Britton when he gets the surprise of his life—and this is where the spoiler comes in. Nothing is mentioned in the blurb but it’s such an important part of the story that I couldn’t write a review without mentioning it.

One day a lawyer visits Laz with a young girl who turns out to be his daughter. Her name is Katie though Laz calls her Kitty. Their bond is instant and so incredibly adorable. Laz wants to make sure all the legalities are taken care of but Britton is the only lawyer in town at the time.

It’s because of Kitty that things change. Britton realizes that Laz wasn’t after his money and that Laz is a great guy. There isn’t much conflict once Britton decides he wants Laz because Laz feels the same. Their reunion was both sweet and so freakin’ sexy. Lord knows, Calmes knows how to write sex scenes that blow your mind and aren’t repetitive.

There were some really great moments here, especially when Laz is confronted by his witch of a mother.

Even though this is part of a series it could be read as a standalone. It’s not the best of the Mangrove series but I enjoyed it more than the previous book.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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