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No-Good-DeedTitle: No Good Deed

Author: Kelly Clemmons

Publisher: Rooster and Pig

Cover Artist: Kelly Clemmons Cover Art

Rating: 4.00 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 08/29/2014

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Fantasy, M/M Romance, Paranormal


Raised by an over-bearing and demanding father, Scott Owen leaves London and returns to Cardiff to take over the family business after his father is taken ill. He encounters a thief in his office, who is in fact his father’s executive assistant, Connor Murphy, who claims he is trying to retrieve what is rightfully his. Intrigued by his father’s hold over Connor, Scott sets out to discover the mysterious secret. He learns there is more to the young man than meets the eye.

Connor accompanies Scott on a business trip to Cornwall, near his family home. Desperate to preserve his ancestral home and right a childhood mistake, Connor offers himself in exchange for the land and accepts Scott’s terms. Together, they must work to overcome the evil figure from Connor’s past who threatens to destroy their lives.

Warning: Book contains possession of the main character that leads to abuse and dubious-consent sexual acts.

My View:

No Good Deed by Kelly Clemmons is a beautifully sweet and quite intense fantasy/paranormal story.

Scott Owen returns to the family business to take over when his father becomes ill. He has heard of his father’s personal assistant Conner Murphy but he didn’t expect their first meeting to be when Conner is caught red handed trying to steal from his father’s safe. Conner offers no defense only that he is trying to take back what is his. Conner’s reputation differs from the quiet and defeated man he confronts. Scott knows Conner is close to his father but even so he is surprised when his father decides to do nothing about the theft instead telling Scott to never forget that Conner is very important to the business and that going forward the two men will share his services.

As Scott gets to know the young man he finds himself increasingly drawn to him. Conner is beautiful and enigmatic, but also aloof and remote. He’s a puzzle shrouded in mystery, a puzzle Scott wants to unwrap. A business trip to Cornwall offers Scott the opportunity to learn more about the strange young man but he is more than surprised when Conner offer’s him anything he wants if he will simply swear to safeguard a piece of land Gordon holds. Scott unable to resist the offer asks for Conner’s hand in marriage, but if these two men are to have a chance at a future together they need to learn to trust each other and Conner needs to be honest about who he is.

Years ago I was a diehard Babylon Five fan, it was one of those series with an overall arc where viewers were drip fed clues along the way, they just had to be alert for them. I’d be watching an episode in season 3 when suddenly something that was said in season 1 or 2 would click into place, it’s not that the original information was out of place when it was given, it just produced a ‘oh yes, of course’ moment when it was meant too. No Good Deed is exactly like that. Clues about Conner are dropped in seemingly innocuous sentences and when Conner’s origins are fully revealed, half way through the story, everything falls perfectly into place. The story does however become quite dark at this point, more so than I expected. It’s up to Conner and Scott how they move forward from this point as if they want to be together they will need to fight the darkness both together and individually.

I liked both Conner and Scott. Both men are honest and principled, full of good intentions even though Scott starts off as quite a superfluous young man something that changes as the story progresses. Conner is more difficult to read, certainly until his past is revealed and the story is much stronger once we get past that point, once the reader becomes invested in Conner and the world in which he comes from. The world building is very strong and well imagined and at the end, when the whole back story comes out (which I never saw coming) everything is brought full circle. No Good Deed is one of those stories with a proper ending, not a HFN, or a maybe, but a nice satisfying HEA that leaves the reader happy and contented.

The story is full of secondary characters but it revolves primarily round the two MC’s. I did love Lugar, Scott’s dog, who becomes a very important part of the story and Esme, Conner’s mother, I adored her, she is a strong woman who knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to use the power that is hers by right.

No Good Deed is a lovely debut novel from Kelly Clemmons and I will certainly look forward to more from this author. It’s a magical story of second chances and that sometimes what is meant to be will be. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who loves Fantasy and Paranormal.


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  1. Wow, sounds like a great book. There is no hint at to what could be the cause for it being called paranormal, I am greatly intrigued as to what that could be. My go to genre is paranormal, and one of my favorites is MM; mixing them has to be good. Thank you for sharing and congrats on your first release!

  2. sounds lie a really interesting mystery…. The blurb is quite obscure as what the mystery is, but it sounds enticing. I would love to read this No Good Deed. Thank you for sharing

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