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I’m doing something I’ve never done before, (drumroll, please) dun dun dun – I’m writing a sequel.  I’m finally writing the sequel to A Reason to Believe as my NaNoWriMo project.

A Reason To Believe was really the book that began my professional writing career. I’d written one before it, and some short stories, but ARTB was my ‘walk to the end of the plank and jump off’ book. It featured a depressed police detective who in the beginning wasn’t a very likable guy, a psychic medium who has the personality of a Labrador puppy, and a six year old murder victim who has the unfortunate habit of turning up whenever the mood strikes her. She even throws a paranormal tantrum or two, frustrated with the pace of the investigation into her death. So, yeah. Not exactly the stuff of which romance novels are made. And yet… it sorta was. Matt, my unhappy detective, falls in love with Kiernan, the medium, totally against his will. And Kiernan? He falls in love with Matt. So yes, a romance. Their combined efforts to find the person who murdered six year old Abigail Reynolds bring them together and as they discover the identity of the killer, they nearly lose what they’ve just managed to find.


I talked to several folks about this sequel last year at GRL. I’ve had notes in place for a long, long time. But I’ve known something else about this sequel, too. I had to be in the right frame of mind before I could write it. When you have a book that people love, before you write another one featuring the same characters, you want to make sure whatever you write does justice to them. Matt was only beginning to figure out it was okay for him to love someone other than the partner he lost. And Kiernan? Well, Kiernan is a quirky, odd little squirrel of a person, but he’s so…joyful, so grateful, just to be alive. And before I could write him, I needed to be in a happy, grateful place, too. And right now, I am.


So, on to the continuing adventures of Kiernan and Matt, wherein Kiernan does what he does, as in sees the ghosts and tries to help them where he can, and Matt tries to figure out what it means that after a lifetime of nothing paranormal happening to him, ever, he’s suddenly immersed in it. Immersed in Kier’s life, and his celebrity, and in the cable television show featuring things that go bump in the night. But he’s also having weird dreams full of clues as to what might have happened to someone from Kiernan’s past, and what if anything his estranged father might have had to do with it.


And here’s to hoping this one lives up to the last one. I’m afraid Kiernan will haunt me if it doesn’t.

~Diana Copland


About Diana Copland

Diana Copland began writing in the seventh grade, when she shamelessly combined elements of Jane Eyre and Dark Shadowsto produce an overwrought Gothic tale that earned her an A- in creative writing, thanks entirely to the generosity of her teacher. She wrote for pure enjoyment for the next three decades before discovering LiveJournal and a wonderful group of supportive fanfiction writers, who after gifting her with a “”Best New Author”” Award encouraged her to try her hand at original gay fiction.

Born and raised in southern California, Diana moved to the Pacific Northwest after losing a beloved spouse to AIDS in 1995. She lives in eastern Washington with four obnoxious cats, near her two wonderful adult children.

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5 thoughts on “Sequels Are Scary!!! ~ Outside the Margins with Diana Copland

  1. I’m so happy!! One of my all time favorite books is A Reason To Believe. I’m glad we get to seen Matt and Kiernan again! <3

  2. Yay! A Reason to Believe is one of my favorite books (and audio-book). I’ve read it (and listened to it) numerous times and I cant wait to read the sequel.

  3. Oh you great big TEASE! I am so looking forward to more from these men. I KNEW their story had more to it and OMG I am salivating over it so bad! (no pressure whatsoever to get this out ASAP so I can be happy and No I am NOT selfish in the least!)

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