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Two Truths and a Lie

It’s a corporate tool used at team building meetings to get acquainted.  Kind of silly, really.  But I’m still doing it here.

(Disclaimer: We could ponder the meaning of truth and whose truth and all the other deep universal questions of our time, but for this game, we’ll pretend that my truth is THE universal truth, okay?)

So, here are three ~facts~.  You decide which two are truths and which one is a lie.

    • We are made of three parts, physical, mental and emotional.
    • Body, mind and soul interact and overlap, one affecting the other.
    • We can choose to be happy (or name any other emotion here.)

So, which one is the lie?

I pick number 3.

“But wait!”, you say. “It can’t be number 3! There are memes all over the internet with beautiful pictures on them that say number 3 is true!”


The memes lie.  So does everyone else, when they put on their preachy voices and chirp out number 3 like a mantra.

What we CAN do is PRETEND to be happy (or name your emotion here).  You might even pretend hard enough that you get anxious (there’s an emotion for you—but I’ll bet you didn’t choose it!) and your central nervous  system kicks in and dumps adrenaline into your system which triggers brain hormones which produce energy which you label HAPPY, because you’ve had energy before when you were happy, therefore, this must be what happy feels like even if it doesn’t feel like the happy you remember but it must be because you want it so much that you can make it happen.

Whew!   That makes me tired. Tired is a physical, mental AND emotional state. Maybe I caused it. But I don’t CHOOSE it.

Here’s the truth: (remember, we’re living in Chris’ world where I get to make up the truth rules here. But if you like them, you may use them, too.)

Emotions happen.  Good ones.  Bad ones.  Angry ones.  Sad ones. Jealous ones.  Having  negative emotions doesn’t make a person bad any more than having positive emotions makes a person good. All kinds of emotions just happen.

So stop beating yourself up because you’re trying to choose to be happy, and if you only tried to choose hard enough, it would work for you like it works for those meme people–except, they are lying to you, and maybe to themselves, too.

If you’ve thought and thought and thought some more and those ole’ emotions don’t cooperate and perk up, well then….CHOOSE to take better care of your physical and mental state.  Eat decent  food.  Get rest, even if you can’t sleep.  Take a walk preferably among other people- that’s what malls are for, after all. Read a book and escape for a while. Talk to friends. Talk to a therapist.  Call an 1-800 line for help—trust me, this one can be a life saver.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1-800-784-2433 or 1-800-273-8255

Hearing and Speech Impaired Lifeline:  1-800-799-4889

The Trevor Lifeline (Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ Youth):  1-866-488-7386

Covenant House:  1-800-999-9999

So, if you’re not in your emotional happy place, or whatever emotional place you would choose if you could, you are not alone. It’s okay. And if you need to talk, a whole lot of people CHOOSE to have your back. And some day, you might CHOOSE to pass it along.

As for me, right now, I CHOOSE to go hide all those silly memes on facebook with the hope that I will feel righteous and–dare I say it?–happy.


~Chris Cox

Chris Cox’s Bayou Boys series is about deep relationships, about finding yourself as well as your soul mate, and about learning to feel right in your own skin.

Sexy and complex, Chris’ writing delivers the stories that touch readers’ hearts. Born and raised in Louisiana, Chris worked as an electrical engineer before climbing off the corporate ladder and becoming a full-time writer. Chris resides in Louisiana, where the gumbo is hot…but the men are hotter. You can check out more about Chris Cox by visiting, on Facebook at www.facebook/ and on Twitter: @ChrisCoxWrites.

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