Web of Secrets by Terry Poole ~ Book Review by Queue

webofsecretsTitle: Web of Secrets

Author: Terry Poole

Publisher: Loose Id

Cover Artist: April Martinez

Rating: 3.25 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 10/20/2015

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Contemporary, Drama, M/M Romance, Mystery


Brilliant surgeon Nathan Kirkfield comes face-to-face with his childhood demons when his parents’ deaths force him back home to settle the family estate. Sent to oversee the sale of the house and contents is former FBI Agent Kelly MacNiel, now of the MacNiel Auction House; he couldn’t possibly have imagined he’d find the young man from a case gone horribly wrong grown into a devastatingly attractive man. The two of them discover a connection built in the ruins from that tragedy.

Now Nathan must decide if he can accept the changes in his life that this relationship will bring while struggling with his boss’s harassment and her threats to destroy his work. To complicate matters, unexplained break-ins lead to an attempt upon Nathan’s life. If Kelly doesn’t conquer the monsters that besiege him, everything he’s come to love will be at stake.

My View:

This was a book I really wanted to love. The blurb and cover made me think it would romantic and exciting. Instead it was just sort of blah without much substance.

The novel features Dr. Nathan Kirkfield and Kelly MacNiel, a former FBI agent. Following the death of his parents, Nathan returns to his family home to deal with selling all the belongings. He isn’t thrilled to be there considering he was not only abused but kicked out when he announced he was gay. Kelly works for the auction house handling the house so the two men end up spending a lot of time together. They also share a secret connection from their past.

Nathan and Kelly are attracted to each other right away and they are starting to move toward something when the big misunderstanding comes into play. I realize every novel needs conflict but sometimes there are ones that just don’t make sense and that’s what happened here.

The misunderstanding occurs when Nathan overhears Kelly talking on the phone to his sister. Nathan assumes Kelly is married with children and instantly backs off. It all could’ve been handled with a quick “Oh, you’re married?” and Kelly could’ve cleared everything up. That’s what most people would’ve done anyway and the fact that Nathan didn’t is just one of several things in this novel that didn’t ring true.

There were several lines of dialogue that pulled me out of the story. Here are a couple examples:

“It’s all right if you wish to summon else to finish the sale.”


“See you later, doctor mine,” Kelly said…”

Summon? Doctor mine? Who talks like that in real life?

The fact that Nathan turns out to be a virgin is another plot point that didn’t ring true. His claims as to why just didn’t seem real. Kelly’s case of PTSD also came out of nowhere more than halfway through the novel.

The issues Nathan were dealing with at work were ones not seen often in M/M even if his boss was another ultra-bitch. However, that part of a rather generic mystery that was never all that exciting.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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