Weeping Roses by DJ Manley ~ Book Review by Feliz

weepingrosesTitle: Weeping Roses

Author: DJ Manley

Publisher: Amber Allure (Amber Quill)

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.00 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 02/05/2011

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: BDSM, Fantasy, Gay, Historical, Horror, Paranormal


Timing can mean everything, especially when true love is at stake…

Madison and his brother Jeff are real estate flippers—they move into houses, renovate them, then sell them for a profit. When Jeff spots Maison St-Pierre on a website that lists abandoned houses, the brothers end up purchasing the enormous estate for a song. The lavish “fixer-upper” is situated in Quebec, on the American border, has a gothic appearance, even an accompanying graveyard, and is shrouded in folklore and mystery.

Not long after the brothers arrive, the sound of someone crying awakens Madison in the middle of the night. This becomes a nightly occurrence, soon leaving Madison jittery and suffering from sleep deprivation. Jeff, however, seems immune to the noises and scoffs at Madison when he mentions the possibility of Maison St-Pierre being haunted.

Then one night, Madison sees the ghost of a man, an apparition that begs him to unlock the door of the root cellar and release something—or someone—from its resting place. Believing he can aid the lamenting spirit and solve the mystery of Maison St-Pierre once and for all, Madison agrees to the request, and his world changes forever.

Weeping Roses is a saga that sweeps the reader to a time more than one hundred years ago when the old house was first built, and to a torrid love affair that is still thriving and filled with regret…yet somehow holds out new promise…

My View:

This book is my perfect halloween read for the slightly creepy, melancholic, gothic mood it created. All along while reading this book, I kept hearing Nightwish’s “Phantom Of The Opera” in my head. (if you’re interested: here is a link).

Also, a warning in advance: I normally avoid spoilers of any kind, but here this is almost impossiblein order to discuss this book. So, mild spoilers from the next paragraph onward.

This is a love triangle of a very special kind, since only one party is actually alive. One is already dead, but determined not to remain that way, while another ought to be dead by rights, but instead is anything but. All three main characters were well-drawn, with voices of their own, although purists might find the dialogue passages during the historical part too modern.

Madison was so sweet and innocent he came close to some kind of Pollyanna at times or at least to a damsel in distress. Amelien was intriguing in his brokenness and dark chivalry. But I actually thought Rene the most interesting character; he could have been a tragical hero but struck me as so mean and selfish that I hated him with a vengeance–even though I could relate to his motives.

Although this is labelled as BDSM, there’s actually very little physical BDSM in here. It’s more about the devilish little mind games the ghost plays with both humans and vampires. And even though there are three main characters, this isn’t a threesome; more some kind of tug-of-love. All three involved hurt themselves and the others, all three grow and heal through love and, strangely, humaneness, the good and the bad of it.

This was a very atmospheric read, multi-layered and fascinating. Even the solution wasn’t as easy as it appeared at first sight; the ending was actually disturbingly open.  For full enjoyment of THE SCARY, I suggest reading it at night, with the lights switched off, by the light of some (rose-scented) candles. Oh, and playing some Nightwish in the background might help, too.


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