Dom of Ages by KC Wells and Parker Williams ~ Book Review by Caroline

27878173Title: Dom of Ages

Author: KC Wells and Parker Williams

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 12/21/2015

Length: Long Novel (~ 100K+)

Genre: BDSM, M/M Romance


Eli may only be thirty, but he has had enough of pretend submissives. When he spies Jarod in a BDSM club, everything about the man screams submission. So what if Jarod is probably twenty years older than Eli. What does age matter, anyway? All he can see is what he’s always wanted—a sub who wants to serve.
Jarod spent twenty-four years with his Master before Fate took him. Four years on, Jarod is still lost, so when a young Dom takes charge, Jarod rolls with it and finds himself serving again. But he keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because there’s going to come a point when Eli realizes he’s a laughing stock in the club. Who would want to be seen with a fifty-year-old sub?
After several missteps, Eli realizes that in order to find happiness, they will need friends who will understand. At a friend’s insistence, he visits Collars & Cuffs, where they are met with open arms. As they settle in to their new life, Eli begins to see things differently and he dares to think he can have it all. Until a phone call threatens to take it all away….

My View:

There is no question about it – Dom of Ages is my favourite of the series and for two very simple reasons – Jarod and Eli.

When a book has you with tears in your eyes before the first chapter ends then you know it’s going to be good. Poor, poor Jarod. There was so much emotion in the first part of the story as it set itself up for the present day. You just knew something was going to happen when they left each other at the Airport but as Jarod raged at the news on the TV and then received that final text my heart broke for him.

Roll forward four years and is Jarod even living? I guess if you don’t fit the look of what the ideal submissive is imagined to look like then….. then what? I loved what KC and Parker did here even though it was painful to watch him being mocked and insulted.  Do you suddenly get to an age where you are considered too old to be a submissive? The story made me angry for Jarod and also sad for a man who really wanted so little but put up with so much.

Eli is sick of men playing at the BDSM lifestyle but is stuck in a rut of long hours at work and little time to play. He wants what his friend Ben has, a submissive man to share his life with, but all the guys he sees in the clubs are more interested in their ego than their submission. When he spots Jarod kneeling and alone he can’t believe his eyes and before he knows what he’s doing he has offered to take the man home.

There is nothing perfect in this story, they both make a lot of mistakes, and yet perfect it is. Eli is so struck with Jarod that he doesn’t think things through properly. Jarod is so pleased to have found someone that wants him again that he doesn’t think to speak up for himself. Their mistakes aren’t horrible but they do need rectifying if they are to move forward and remain happy and safe.

I loved how Jarod was received at Collars and Cuffs. If anyone was in need and also deserving of some love from his peers it was Jarod and the subs at the club didn’t disappoint. They took him under their wing from the start and both he and Eli were welcomed like family.

This pair have to work hard for their happy ever after and just when you think it’s all going smoothly it’s suddenly not. They have each other, they have their new friends from the club, now all they need is the belief that it will all work out.

Great to catch up with all the old favourites and Jarod’s mum is a hoot!



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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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