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I always had dreams of becoming a published author. I did. Ever since I started writing at age 12, I wanted it to happen. For my high school senior project, I worked on a paper about the publishing industry and stuck a bunch of my poems and short stories together in a binder. My poems and short stories were horrible, by the way.

At the time, self-publishing was really just getting it’s kick start. Small press publishers were basically non-existent and hadn’t flooded the market yet. So I focused on the different between traditional publishing (the big 6—as it was at the time) and self-publishing.

Now the world is so vastly different. I didn’t write for years in college, and while I took creative writing classes, it was school work. Not fun work. It wasn’t until graduate school that I really started writing for fun again, when I could stand to stare at my computer and think that I was going to sit down and type something other than another paper.

When I finished my first novel, I had to figure out this whole world of publishing again, and trust me, it was a brand new world. It probably will be a brand new world in ten years again. We’re in a constantly changing environment where authors are required by necessity to keep creating and keep changing our methodology.

It’s not easy. But it is my dream come true. I wanted this. Writing is by far not my full-time job, and I love my full-time job. Wouldn’t give it up for the world. But writing is essential to my life. My spouse tells me I make a cranky-face too much and yells at me to write when it’s been a few days since I’ve gotten up early in the mornings to type away.

It’s rather amusing actually. This was my dream, all those years ago, when I was writing fanfiction with my two best friends in my attic bedroom on the floor, when we’d stay up until all hours of the night, creating plots and characters and events that would make us giggle and laugh for hours, when laptop computers were so new a thing that we didn’t use one and had to use my ancient Gateway and save everything on a floppy drive to transport it from house to house (and yes, I do still own those floppy drives).

This was my dream. To publish, to share my writing, to write and write and write. My mom always told me I should continue to write to support my ministry habit (you know, that day job that I love). Little did she know I’d become a minister to support my writing habit.

~Adrian J Smith


Title: Grace through Redemption (Spirit of Grace #3)
Author: Adrian J. Smith
Publisher: Supposed Crimes
Publication Date: 12/01/2015
Cover Artist: Heidi DeCausemaker
Genre: Action/Adventure, Crime Fiction, Lesbian


Learning to trust herself again wasn’t easy. Deputy Grace Halling is back patrolling, and after a few months of quiet, murders of her comrades in blue begin again. Scared and determined, Grace follows every lead she can until she finds herself face to face with the barrel of a gun, only this time her finger is on the trigger.


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Supposed Crimes
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About Adrian J Smith

Adrian J. Smith, or AJ€ as she is often called, has a generous and soft heart. She loves to rescue stray cats and dogs, as well as those who just escape. Her hoard of animals currently includes two cats, a dog and a fish, but no children as of yet. She’s passionate about LGBT et al rights, women’s rights and children’€™s rights.

AJ loves to read and write lesbian fiction, simply for the fact that strong women make her swoon and when two are involved her knees turn to jelly and she falls head over heels in love. AJ travels around the United States, and sometimes the world, gathering up stories for her novels. Currently, she lives in the middle of nowhere of the middle of nowhere and is rather difficult to find except on the internet, where she spends a lot of her time..

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