Quillon’s Covert by Joseph Lance Tonlet and Louis Stevens ~ Book Review by Caroline

27400631Title: Quillon’s Covert

Author: Joseph Lance Tonlet and Louis Stevens

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 12/18/2015

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: M/M Romance


Please see the tags below.

Martin is a guy’s guy, one who enjoys the simple things in life: baseball games with his son, family days, barbecues, and date nights with his lovely wife.

Once a year for two weeks, Martin takes his son, Marty, to Quillon’s Covert, a rustic family cabin secluded in the beautiful California mountains. Since before those long days of learning to play ball, Marty has loved his dad, but as Marty matures, Martin starts to see something else settle in his son’s uncertain gaze. What’s there lingers a little more than it should, and it seems far more appraising than it once was.

As Marty shows every sign of taking the lead, Martin is faced with the tough choices most parents never see: lose his son by being a father, or try to balance what’s best for their relationship by being something… more.

But with another trip to Quillon’s Covert on the horizon, has the point of no return already begun?

Note: This book contains incest


My View:

You know when you have read a book and your first thought is ‘people will either love it or really, really hate it’?  Quillon’s Covert is THAT book.

I rarely remind people to read the tags attached to a book but in this case I will make an exception. If you don’t like incest then walk away. It is on the page and in your face time and time again. It is not just merely mentioned allowing you to skim over it – the whole story revolves around a father and son who begin and sustain a sexual relationship. If it is your thing then I think you may rather like it!

The story itself spans several years and starts with Marty as a 14 year old. Each chapter is told from both POV’s and I found this really interesting.

Quillon’s Covert is a place that Marty and his father Martin escape to for a boy’s only trip for two weeks every year. Their time there is spent naked, having fun and discussing life’s problems.  These problems over the first few years varied greatly and included Martins work, Marty’s problems at school with bullies which is compounded by his stutter, masturbation to popping zits. They are extremely close as father and son and Martin is usually the only one that can help Marty with his stutter with the simple action of placing his fingers on his lips.

As Marty matures he becomes increasingly infatuated with his father. His thoughts are consumed by the man and these include his sexual fantasies. Marty is very honest about how he feels about his father and when they venture into a sexual relationship it almost feels as though Martin has been left with little choice if he is to keep a relationship with his son. This isn’t true as we see over the years how the dynamics change and just how invested they both are.

There is a surreal feel to their relationship and not just because they are father and son. The only time they indulge in each other is when they are at Quillon’s Covert. They somehow manage to spend the other fifty weeks of the year around each other as father and son and getting on with their own lives and outside relationships. It’s bizarre but it works and it makes their time together all the more special.


“Yep, right here buddy”.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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