St-St-Stuffed (Enemies to Lovers #2) by Anyta Sunday ~ Book Review by Brandilyn with Giveaway

Stststuffed-FINALTitle: St-St-Stuffed (Enemies to Lovers #2)

Author: Anyta Sunday

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 01/22/2012

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance


Other than his most prized Lamborghini, Karl Andrews has nothing to his name. He’s down on his luck and his dollar, and his dream of becoming a professional chef is looking more and more like a pipedream. Even less than a pipedream when restaurants won’t even take him on as a waiter.
And he won’t ever, no not ever, consider selling his one possession. No matter how much he could make from it. Just wasn’t going to happen.
He’d rather . . . rather . . .
Hell, he’d rather apply for that position to be a Girl Friday.

Other than the title, the job sounds all right. Bit of cooking, cleaning—nothing he can’t handle.
Until he goes to the interview and discovers the man looking for the help is the same man he’d bullied, mocked, terrified as a boy. But Paul Hyte is obviously a better man, gracious and forgiving. And trusting—as the biggest part of the job requires looking after his son.

Despite the initial forgiveness, things are tentative between Karl and Paul, and they’ve both got to reconcile their pasts if they want any type of proper closure. As the two men learn more about each other an undeniable attraction grows between them—but can the two manage to forge a future together on such a rocky past and complicated present?

(Note: Third Edition May 30th 2014)

My View:

Stuffed is the story that stalled my reading of this series back when I started it in 2012. Part of me was eager to find out what happened to the two boys/enemies from Shane and Trey’s afterschool program. Part of me couldn’t bring myself to read their story. Eventually, the story fell off my TBR, until it was resurrected by a friend on Goodreads recently.

Paul and Karl are long time enemies. We first met both of them in Shane and Trey when they were kids. Karl was your typical schoolyard bully. Paul was the meek kid who just couldn’t do anything right. He was also the butt of many of Karl’s taunts.

St-St-Stuffed picks up years down the road. Paul is now a super successful business man who has overcome his stutter and other social anxieties, for the most part. He is also a father.

Karl is the man who had it all, and lost it all just a quickly. He is the one who has been thrown out of his family and has nothing except a vry expensive car to his name. He is also the one who knows he was an asshole and still calls on that particular personality trait when it suits him… including to get a job with the successful Paul.

Paul and Karl should not work. They are the classic enemies to lovers setup. They couldn’t hate each other more if they tried. However, Paul chooses to be the bigger man and hires Karl, despite their shared past. Of course over the course of the book they become inseparable. They become a unit as strong as their animosity was as kids.

Their journey is not without its bumps, swerves, and roadblocks. They have to find a middle ground before they can find their way to each other. Paul has to come to terms with himself and his past before he can move forward with a new life. All the while, they both have to keep Charlie, Paul’s four-year-old son, as their top priority.

This story is not perfect. It left me with unanswered questions. Like Shane & Trey, it had a few too many “Aussie-isms” for a story set in the United States. Karl is not the most lovable character, even at the end. However, we know he is the one Paul needs in his life, and we respect that.


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5 thoughts on “St-St-Stuffed (Enemies to Lovers #2) by Anyta Sunday ~ Book Review by Brandilyn with Giveaway

  1. Thanks for this review! I read this quite some time ago and have all the books in the series but for some reason I never read books 3 and 4. Your review reminded me of how much I loved the first 2 and now I’m putting the others at the top of my reading list.

  2. Oh! this sounds so good. Although Karl sounds like a bit of a jerk… I wonder how these two manage… Thank you for sharing

  3. Thank you for the review! I read the first book in the series and enjoyed it. This sounds great and I’ve added it to my wishlist.

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