The Innocent Auction by Victoria Sue ~ Book Review by Caroline

28236823Title: The Innocent Auction

Author: Victoria Sue

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Unknown

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 12/30/2015

Length: Long Novel (~ 100K+)

Genre: Historical, M/M Romance


Their love was a death sentence.

Deacon, Viscount Carlisle, was aware of the slums and gin-lanes of London. Just as he was aware of the underground traffic that furnished the brothels and bath houses with human innocents. He was also aware that the so-called justice system would hang the accused without much of an attempt at a defense, unless the unfortunate had deep pockets to pay for it.

He just hadn’t expected to be directly involved in any of it.

It started with a plea for help and ended with forbidden love, the love between a Viscount and a stable-boy. An impossible love and a guarantee of the hangman’s noose.

Will Deacon fight for Tom? Will he risk the death sentence and take that fight from the stately halls of his English mansion to the horrors of Newgate Prison and the slums of London?

Or will he realize that if he doesn’t, death will be a welcome end to the loneliness of the sentence he is already living?

My View:

This is something very different from Victoria Sue, it’s also something different for me as I rarely read let alone review historical novels. One thing remained the same through, she showed once again she has the ability to reduce the reader to tears, I am actually beginning to think it’s something she enjoys!

For me this was quite a melancholy story. The hardships of the time, the poverty and the fact that you could be hung for just falling in love were harsh realities. Add into that the difference in class, the expectations of peers and the fact that money rather than words was the currency and the 1800’s were not a good time to be alive in my opinion!

Deacon, Viscount Carlisle, gets dragged into a situation not of his own making but of his best friend Beau’s on a night will change the course of his life. Where Deacon is careful and sticks to the rules his best Beau does not. Beau needs rescuing from an underground auction, where men bid for other men, or boys, as to be caught there would be disastrous. In saving Beau he inadvertently buys and saves a young boy called Tom who he sends off to his family’s estate and doesn’t see for the next five years.

The pressure for Deacon to marry and produce an heir are heavy and become even more so when his father dies. Deacon is a private man who carries secrets that he scarcely even admits to himself. When he arrives at the family estate after his father’s death two things become apparent – the estate itself is a mess and the young man that causes his heart to flutter is the boy he rescued five years ago.

This is a love story that happens behind closed doors, that is overpowering and that has the very real possibility of ending in their deaths. It breeds fear yet neither man can just walk away. It’s about snatched moments where class doesn’t matter, only the love and intimacy between them is important.  The consequences of their actions are brought home to them harshly when Beau once again gets himself into bother. Despite the risks Deacon finds himself falling hard for Tom and luck seems to be on their side for the most part. The same cannot be said for Beau and the author once again brings her readers pain and sorrow with a storyline that feels right for the setting but is heart breaking to read.

All the way through the book I worried how these two men would find their happiness. There wasn’t an easy answer, in fact it seemed there wasn’t an answer at all but sometimes fate intervenes and although their ending could never be described as perfect, it was fitting and it worked.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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