Azure by Serenity Snow ~ Book Review by Ameliah

Azure-CoverTitle: Azure

Author: Serenity Snow

Publisher: Evernight

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 12/12/2015

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Action/Adventure, BDSM, Crime Fiction, Fiction, Paranormal, Trans*


Azure Agate wasn’t looking for love or any complication in her life. Then, her best-friend was murdered right before her eyes bringing a sexy protector into her life. Azure isn’t sure she can trust this woman, but her libido is sure eager to get on a personal basis with Kerra Knight.

Kerra has a simple job to do—gather information on a trafficking organization. Imagine her surprise when she finds her mate right in the middle of it. However, the helpless damsel in distress is anything but helpless. Azure is a power house of magick and desire waiting to be tapped, and Kerra is more than willing to be the woman Azure leans on.

As Azure delves deeper into what got her friend killed, she finds herself falling for the strong silent Kerra and realizes her vampire bat savior will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

My View:

Run Far and Fast. Not worth it IMHO.

Someone or something is kidnapping young women for nefarious reasons. Azure’s best friend Celeste, a reporter, has a lead pointing to the criminals but before she has a chance to reveal what she knows, she is murdered and Azure nearly taken by the killers. If not for her own witch powers and the help of a group of women hunting the hunters her fate would have been sealed. Now it is up to her to help end the trafficking ring and cure the Brown Bat Shifters while committing herself to the Vampire Bat Shifters.

I really liked the premise of this story. The writing was strong and it is technically sound. The blurb made it out to be exciting and wonderful. In theory it should be great but I HATED it!!!! Kerra is a Domme in the Vampire Bat Clan. She believes Azure to be her mate. Right away they have sex (which is hot and consensual, sort of. Kerra may have used a hypnosis spell…. its fuzzy) and Kerra breaks out the flogger. (I have no problem with BDSM as long as its all agreed upon and a safe word is in place. There is none of that here.) She would later threaten to Azure if she dared to leave or kill anyone she would turn to for help. (tell me how this is better than being sold to the highest bidder?) She basically becomes Azure’s captor and even thought Azure is sexually aroused by Kenna (partially through a spell) and her body craves the Domme she is still a prisoner.

Kerra is a vampire bat shifter with the double gender gene which means she has her species of a penis (including heavy veins and a need for a condom AND no vaginal opening) This was NOT what I was expecting. Had it been mentioned in the blog or had I known that Kerra was not in fact a woman (sorry but I like my LESBIANS to have the right parts and not able to get a hard on and ejaculate semen) and given the way I feel Azure was treated I would have passed on this book without a second glance. I am seriously disappointed!

I hope this review will give readers a truer sense of what this book is like.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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