Lord of Endersley by S.A. Meade ~ Book Review by Josie Goodreads

Lord-of-EndersleyTitle: Lord of Endersley

Author: S.A. Meade

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Cover Artist: Pride Publishing Art Department

Rating: 5.00 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 10/01/2012

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Historical, M/M Romance, Regency


Will the passion ignited during a violent uprising survive the rigid confines of Victorian society?

Jacob Endersley is glad to escape the confines of his family home for the exotic and dangerous beauty of India during the glory days of the Raj.

Marcus Billington, an Army officer, is tired of the stifling social mores of life in a British enclave. When the Sepoy Uprising of 1857 leads to chaos and bloodshed, the two men seek the safety of Agra and find refuge in each other.

Once the rebellion is quashed, Jacob returns to England while Marcus remains in India. They have no hope of a future together until Jacob learns that Marcus has returned to England. When they meet again, Marcus makes it clear there can be nothing between them and Jacob returns to Endersley resigned to a solitary life until Marcus arrives out of the blue and then everything changes

My View:

S.A. Meade’s Lord of Endersley is a wonderfully rich and detailed historical novel which puts the reader right in the middle of the Indian Rebellion of the Sepoy’s of the East India Company’s army which took place in the 1857.

Jacob Endersley is visiting his cousin Harold when he meets British Army officer Marcus Billington. Marcus hearing rumors of discontent among the native Indians urges Jacob to go home at his earliest convenience but soon events overtake both men and they flee the Sepoy uprising heading towards safety in the Fort at Agra. During the journey the bond between both men is strengthened especially when Jacob becomes ill, Marcus refusing to leave him, finding him help and shelter.

One they reach Agra they are split, Marcus joining the ranks of the officers and Jacob helping out in the civilian militia. As the siege takes its toll with death and privations Marcus and Jacob struggle to hang on to what they have, the need to keep it secret adding to the stresses of their situation.

Once the Garrison at Agra is relieved Jacob is able to go home, to his beloved estate at Endersley. Marcus eventually follows, but then, far from India and the memories of what they went through, both men struggle to accept what they feel, and what they could have, Marcus in particular. Is there a future for Jacob and Marcus?

I loved this book. From the moment I opened the first page I was transported to the infernal heat and exotic beauty that is India. I don’t know much about its history but the author’s extensive research tells me all I need to know for the story. The uprising and the events surrounding it are real historical events, and her attention to detail pulls it all together and it shows in all the little things, like the woman struggling with clothes, and the way the civilians pulled together to make their lives within the Fort a little better.

But the real stars of the story are of course Jacob and Marcus, two men held fast in the strict confines of society’s expectations. Jacob is an optimist, loyal, brave and passionate, he’s a simple man who lives his life by his own rules. I adored Jacob. Marcus however is much more difficult to warm to. He is structured, a realist, he lives his life according to the rules of his time and as such he struggles to accept his feelings for Jacob, for another man. He can’t see a future in which they are together, and even when Jacob provides one Marcus still can’t bring himself to believe, to see a chance. Marcus loves Jacob with all his heart but his mind installs obstacles in every path.

S.A. Meade’s writing is exactly what I have come to expect from this wonderful author, it’s eloquent, with a timeless flair that’s both gritty and romantic. Both characters are compelling, and even the secondary characters like Samir are beautifully written. The story is written mainly from Jacobs POV and the timeline is realistic, with the strict confines of Victorian Society laid out simply, plainly to see. The first 50% of the book is set in India, the rest back in England as both men, particularly Marcus struggle to see a way forward. All the secret stolen moments don’t make up for the proper future Jacob wants. I was routing for a happy ending throughout the book but couldn’t see one until Jacob made his inspired move.

I adored this book, as a historical novel it accurately reflects what life was like for two gay men in Victorian times, and is highly recommended for that alone, but also for the wonderful story, perfect for anyone who loves a mix of angst, danger and regret with their history.

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