Lover of Light by Mel Bossa ~ Book Review by Caroline

27304315Title: Lover of Light

Author: Mel Bossa

Publisher: Samhain

Cover Artist: Lyn Taylor

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 01/25/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: M/M Romance


It only takes a touch to shatter the line between hate and love.

Andy genuinely tried to be happy when his best friend, Dimitry, decided to marry his on-again-off-again Bulgarian boyfriend, Alexei—a beautiful problem case who’s obviously using Dimitry to get a green card. When Dimitry admits only days later that it’s over between him and the little gypsy jerk, Andy can barely contain his pleasure.

Then Andy’s boss announces he’s hired a new waiter. A real firecracker. When Alexei walks through the club’s door, Andy is completely unprepared to work with the man he blames for Dmitry’s broken heart.

In spite of himself, Andy becomes captivated by Alexei the musician, the singer—the man who still carries a light inside him despite his dark past. But Alexei’s time is quickly running out, and his health is fading fast. Though the love growing between them gets brighter every day, Alexei will soon have no choice but to return home to Bulgaria.

Unless Andy can convince him that home is waiting for him—right here in his arms.

Warning: Contains a bartender who thinks he’s got his enemy categorized as neatly as a row of shot glasses…until his heart is straight-up shaken and stirred by love.

My View:

This could have been a really good enemies to lover story but for me it just missed the mark. The love affair between Andy and Alexei could have been epic had it been the main storyline but there was so much drama it got buried.


We start the story with Andy attending his father’s funeral alongside his estranged family. He is supported by his partner of two years, Quinn. Quinn is divorced, his working life is tied up with his ex-wife and he has problems relating to his teenage son. He is also, in my opinion, a pretty crap partner and behaves more like a father figure to Andy. Oh, and although he is out of the closet and in a relationship with a man, he finds it hard to be sexual unless he’s had a drink which doesn’t explain the fact that Andy finds him in bed with two other people, one of them a man, and kicks him to the curb. Quinn thinks he has a sex addiction – well Andy never saw this side of him and it wasn’t for lack of trying.


Dimitry is Andy’s best friend and pretty much his sole support system. His boyfriend Alexei is a bit of a broken soul but after an incident involving a shot gun he and Andy do not get along, at all. When Dimitry announces he is marrying Alexei to allow him to get his official papers it’s like having another death in the family. Part of this is because Andy is in love with Dimitry, well maybe, well he wants to kiss him and see where it goes. Possibly. Dimitry is like this yen healer, always calm and helpful, until he isn’t and he’s flying into a rage. He says the most awful things and becomes quite violent but he thinks an apology afterwards is always enough. He never admits to being in love with Alexei, he dodges the question every time he is asked, and he moves on pretty quickly when Alexei leaves him a couple of days after announcing their engagement. Yet Dimitry is not ready to let Alexei be with anyone else either, which is what happens when Alexei and Andy start working together. In the last bit of the story, the enemies, Alexei and Andy, become lovers.


By the end of the book I couldn’t say I was either happy or sad for the way it turned out as I had given up on both characters. For me there has to be a balance in a story between angst, characters and the storyline. Between Quinn’s cheating as a non-sexual sex addict, Dimitry’s calmness until flying into dark rages, and Andy’s seemingly falling in love with everyone, it just didn’t work for me.




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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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