Poison Apples by Kirby Crow ~ Book Review by Mel

25879173Title: Poison Apples

Author: Kirby Crow

Publisher: *Not Listed

Cover Artist: Kirby Crow

Rating: 4.75 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 07/31/2015

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Fantasy


An undersea monster is beguiled by a drowned youth, the tormented beauty inside a beast emerges, a rare malady descends on a vampire coven, and enemies from worlds devoid of memory must work together to open a doorway to a new land. In these 4 dark, imaginative tales, Kirby Crow scatters the seeds of fairytales on landscapes where creatures of myth and legend reluctantly encounter love, to surprising ends.

My View:


Writing short stories is an art form. An art form I think that not many authors have mastered, because in order to write a good one you just need another tool set than for a novel.
I love a good short story but haven’t found that many authors who can really write them. By now, I’ve read around ten of Kirby Crow’s, and I think that she is really good at it.

While her anthology HAMMER & BONE is a collection of dark short stories, centering around the topic of hard choices, POISON APPLE shows us how love and connections can be found even in dark or hopeless places.

What I think is most extraordinary is that Kirby Crow puts so much thought and effort into the setting and world building, without boring the reader with info dumps. Her settings are complex and the reader is thrown right into them and the story.
Although the worlds are richly composed, they still leave much to think about and tease your imagination.

And there the boy drowned, and there he died.
In most tales, the boy would have reached the end of his story, but this boy lived in Cir by the Sea, not far from Moonfall, under the chaos goddess Erisine. In her land, no mortal is dead forever.

Moreover, as I hope you just noticed, Kirby has a wonderful writing style. Her language is not flowery, yet clear and beautiful.

Not only is the setting of each of these stories different and unlike any other fantasy setting, the plot is also often surprising. Going into a story, you never know what to expect and this often keeps up until the end.

Of all the punishments I’d anticipated, victory was not one of them.

For me, reading short stories is a good choice when I’m in between longer books, when I haven’t decided what I want to read next, or when I have a book hangover—which is the case right now. :-/

But I seldom read more than two or three stories in a row, because diving into a new world too often can also be exhausting. Taking a break with an anthology is something I usually do and can only recommend. I even read several anthologies at a time and see what I’m in the mood for.

POISON APPLES is such a great collection of shorts and I highly recommend reading them.


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