The Best of Prism Book Alliance ~ Two Year Anniversary Celebrations with Giveaway


As we Celebrate two years of Prism Book Alliance®, we are taking the time to look back over the books we have reviewed in those two years. I have asked each member of the team to choose one title from that time that sticks out to them. One title they think more people need to read.

For some of us that was an easy choice, for others it was an excruciating (like me) choice. You can see the best of the best every month in Prism’s Recommended Read Awards.

Here is the list of those titles that just won’t let us go.


As I looked at my list of almost 800 reviews since I started Prism Book Alliance, I had a really hard time narroTalesFromFosterHighLGwing my choice down to 1 title.  I thought about the the The Last Grand Master, first book in the Champion of the Gods series from Andrew Q Gordon, a beautiful fantasy with magic and powerful unicorns that made me fall in love with High Fantasy once again. I thought about By That Sin Fell the Angels.  A poignant tell of homophobia and the lessons it can bring on a town. I considered The Race for Second, the debut coming of age novel from Chase Potter.  The story that blew me away from the first page to the last.  The first book in this genre to truly give me a book hangover. Then there was Cooper’s Hawk by Victor J Banis that brought me to tears in about 15,000 words.  Of course, there are my perennial comfort read favorites Plan B by SJD Peterson and Blame it on the Mistletoe by Eli Easton.  I could keep going. I thought about so many more fabulous stories I have read over Hat-Trick-collagethese past few years.  There are so many more that I could choose without hesitation.

I am, however, going to settle on two series that mean something more to me.  They are both Young Adult (moving into new adult) contemporary series.  They are both on my shelf for my kids when they are of age.  They both teach lessons of tolerance and love.  They both teach the reader how to overcome the haters and stand strong together.  They both are written by generous and lovely men who I am now proud to call friends — partially or wholly due to my love for these series.

My two (sorry I couldn’t choose just one) choices for books/series that everyone should read are The Tales from Foster High by John Goode and Hat Trick by Jeff Adams.


Just-GirlsJust Girls by Rachel Gold.  I believe this book is important because the primary character is a transgender teen.  This book shows how she is no different than any other person.  I believe if everyone read it that there would be m ore tolorance and acceptance of the transgender community as a whole.


ProsperityI am very honoured to be included in Prism Book Alliance’s two-year celebrations, and I wish them many more years of success.

I read a lot of books during my time with PBA, but one book stands out for me because of its originality, storyline and gorgeous manipulation of language. That book is Prosperity by Alexis Hall. Although this author has big sellers in his backlist, it surprised me that this was not one of them. I think some people were put off by discussion surrounding the language of the narrator. However, the narrator’s Victorian thieves’ cant is really no more than a Brit reading a book with a strongly accented New York narrator.

The peculiarity of Dil’s language transports you to the steampunk world of Sky pirates, aetherships and the romance of the open skies. Secondly, I read a review that said it wasn’t romance. I would dispute this wholeheartedly, and know many other readers and fans who would too. This covers the whole gamut of romance and romantic events. It may push the boundaries of genre romance, but surely LGBTQ novels all do that anyway.

Sailing through the skies with a heroic, dashing and mysterious sky captain, Byron Kae – following the tortured love affair between, Milord and Ruben – seeing the development and education, through love and care, of Piccadilly (Dil) – sexy romps in taverns and on ship – this novel has romance in all its glory and many facets. Follow reading Prosperity with Liberty and Other Stories, also reviewed here on Prism, and I dare you to tell me they are not romances. They are romances, adventures and so much more.


478524My title is Submission by Chris Owen and Jodi Payne

This (entire series) is a go to read for me when I have a book hangover for whatever reason. I can’t remember how many times I have read them now but it must be nearly hitting double figures.  Tobias, Noah and Phantom never fail to lift me out of a funk!


The title I chose as my number one pick that everyone should read is Then the Stars Fall by Brandon Witt. It is a sweet m/m romance that appeals to the heart, centering on family and the opportunities for second chances at love. Brandon Witt’s writing is fresh and honest, and this beautiful novel is full of tender moments with well-crafted characters and an engaging plot set against the backdrop of small-town America. It is an absolute pleasure to read.


truthandconsequencesMy pick would be Truth and Consequences by Sarah Madison – actually, the Sixth Sense series as a whole, but T&C was the best of the three so far (I also reviewed Walk a Mile, which is book 2) The writing is fabulous, the pacing just perfect and the idea behind the whole thing is so unusual, it’s a breath of fresh air to read. Not to mention the protagonists, Jerry Lee and Flynn. That I can even remember their names off the top of my head  – me who’s normally terrible with names – suggests how unforgettable they were.

Josie Goodreads

On A Lee ShoreOn a Lee Shore by Elin Gregory.

Its a beautifully written naval historical pirate adventure. First of all its a historical, and I think everyone should try at least one historical before they give up on the genre. It’s well written and well researched, with great characterisation. It’s also a long MM Romance with only one sex scene at the end of the book, and even that’s not that explicit at all, proof that you don’t need sex on the page (or even fade to black) to tell a wonderfully romantic story.

Lirtle Grafton

listening to dust cover 1Listening to Dust by Brandon Shire.  Why did I choose this one? Brandon Shire’s words. The way he uses them to, not just tell a story but, make it impossible for me to do anything other than be emotionally ripped open and thankful for the experience is unparalleled. Even with this being the case, I always feel comfortable going into his stories because I know I’m going to be treated honestly and with respect as a reader. This is one of those books that makes me say, this person was born to share stories with us.


DuetLGDuet by Eden Winters is one of those stories that will stick with me forever. It was well written and heartfelt. It ripped me to shreds and then built me back up in the best ways imaginable. This story spans the ages and everyone needs to take a chance on a love like this.


TylerSicario, Duce (World’s End, Bks 1 & 2) by Kai Tyler. This book is so very different than everything else that I think readers should give it a shot whether dystopian is their thing or not. Stepping out of your boundaries can introduce you to an entirely different world.


The Family We Make

“The Family We Make” by Kaje Harper as it tackles a difficult subject with grace, realism and hope


In celebration of 2 years of Prism Book Alliance® 2 lucky commenters will each win a $25 giftcard to All Romance eBooks.

Contest ends at 8am CDT on 10 Jan 2016.  !8 or older to enter, void where prohibited.

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21 thoughts on “The Best of Prism Book Alliance ~ Two Year Anniversary Celebrations with Giveaway

  1. Gosh, I’m not sure whether to be ashamed (how did I miss these?), sad (why do I not have enough time to read all the books I should read?) or delighted (yay, lots more fabulous titles to add to my TBR list) that I haven’t read a single one of those recommended books.

  2. I have only read On A Lee Shore from this list – I thought it was a brilliant swashbuckler of a read!
    Brandilyn’s first honourable mention – The Last Grand Master – is my current read, I do struggle with high fantasy a bit but Brandilyn’s comments and my experience after 4 chapters is good so far

  3. Great selection of books an I have read several of them. Others, I’m not interested in because I don’t read those types of books. But, out of those listed, two stand out to me, then the stars fall and the family we make. Both are extremely good books, by great authors.

  4. I think I need to look at some of these books, I totally missed a lot of them. Thank you for 2 years of great posts and reviews! Congratulations! I hope there will be many more!

  5. Well Brandilyn certainly had a very busy time in these 2 years, and has provided the rest of us with a lot of inspiration when it comes to perseverance and grit. The book reviews are awesome to have around, thank you ladies and gentlemen. Once again, some of your favorite reads will be making it onto my TBR pile!

  6. What a great list! I loved Prosperity especially and enjoyed some of the others as well. And there are some I’ll have to add to my tbr. Congratulations on your two year anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary to Prism Book Alliance 🙂
    And a Happy New Year to everyone!!

    What a difficult task to recommend just one book, i don’t think i could do it.
    But it is good to see your recommodations, some i have read and others i will definitely have to check out.

  8. First up, I’m bloody impressed with the amount of books you’ve read and reviewed! On your list there are just a few I’ve read. So little time and the constraints of a book budget on a pension means I’m choosy and possibly miss a lot of good books. But I love what I do read!

  9. wow….I’ve only read 1 of these – Truth and Consequences (and like Feliz I’d add the whole series!). I also have most of the HatTrick series on my kindle but haven’t gotten around to reading them as yet (hangs head in shame).
    Congrats on your 2nd blogiversary 😀

  10. There’s quite a few I haven’t read on the list. When I saw Feliz’s choice I was ecstatic. I really like the Sixth Sense series and don’t think enough people know about it.

  11. I really like it when reviewers list their favorite books. It provides me an opportunity to find something I may have not read or even considered before. Congratulations on your anniversary and here’s to many more!

  12. Great list. Sad to say only a few are on my TBR list, so I have to change that right away. 🙂 Happy anniversary!

  13. So many awesome books and several that I am familiar with the author but have not read the specific book. Thanks for the chance to play

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