Thorns and Fangs by Gillian St. Kevern ~ Book Review by Caroline

28230146Title: Thorns and Fangs

Author: Gillian St. Kevern

Publisher: NineStar Press

Cover Artist: Unknown

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 01/18/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: M/M Romance, Paranormal


Nate is caught between two dangerously hot vampires who can compel people to do whatever they want and a ruthless necromancer who wants Nate for all the wrong reasons—and that’s only the start of his problems.

Escort Nate prides himself on two things: his ability to please his clients and his normality – living in the monster capital of the world, ordinary is rare. Hunter, a darkly charming vampire with more charisma than is good for him, decides Nate is just what he needs. Nate’s sympathetic nature and skill in the bedroom are put to the ultimate test. But Hunter wants Nate for someone else – his brother, Ben. Nate is immediately attracted by the control with which Ben holds his sensitive nature in force. Too afraid of becoming a monster to allow himself to feel, Ben struggles to resist Nate’s generosity of emotion. As a vindictive necromancer makes Ben his target of revenge, Nate discovers that making people feel good doesn’t compare to making Ben feel. As Nate’s normal world crumbles around him, and he desperately searches for a way to save Ben, Nate is unable to escape becoming the necromancer’s latest victim.

But Nate’s death is only the beginning. Coming back to life in the bathroom of Gunn, a Department Seven officer who hates the vampire family that Ben and Hunter belong to, Nate doesn’t know who to trust or even what he is. As the necromancer’s trap pulls tighter around himself and Ben, Nate is forced to let go of normal and embrace powers he doesn’t fully understand. In defiance of Ben’s vampire sire and hunted by Department Seven, Nate and Ben finally learn to trust and rely on each other. But when the necromancer succeeds in capturing Ben, Nate alone can come to his rescue.

My View:

I genuinely have no idea where to start with this review.

I am a huge fan of paranormal but I think this was a bit heavy on the fantasy for me. It’s a fairly slow paced story with a lot of information to process but that is often the case in the first book in a new series. Because of all the information I came away feeling like I didn’t get to know Nate and Ben as well as I should and didn’t get a feel for their relationship.

Nate works as an escort in a town that is home to a variety of supernatural beings. The most mysterious and feared of these beings are vampires and Nate has come to the attention of a very powerful one. One night with Hunter and Nate is compelled to do anything he asks, quite literally, and Hunter wants Nate for his brother.

Ben has been a vampire for a year and it is that anniversary that Hunter brings Nate into their forbidding home to celebrate. Ben is different from his brother and sire, extremely closed off and as he will later discover has found a man in Nate that is immune to some of his charms. This immunity will cause all sorts of problems in their future.

A jealous necromancer is on the loose and the whole town is slowly pulled into a magical and vicious war with Ben and Nate at the centre of it. Nate must die to have any chance of succeeding but death is not at all what he imagines and only complicates things further.

There are a lot of characters to get to know and I look forward to seeing how the series develops.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Caroline!

    The cover artist for Thorns and Fangs is Aria, one of the staff at NineStar. She’s incredibly talented, having designed all the covers of the books published by NineStar.

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