Touched by Starlight by Linda North ~ Book Review by Ameliah

Touched-by-Starlight-CoverTitle: Touched by Starlight

Author: Linda North

Publisher: Sapphire Books

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 01/22/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Lesbian, Lesbian Romance


Kiernan O’Shay, one of the most powerful and richest people in the solar system, dreams of building a light-speed spaceship. She can achieve this goal if she owns all of Stellardyne, a space freighter manufacturing company founded by her late grandmother. To accomplish this, she must meet stipulations in her grandmother’s will that require her to marry and have an heir by her fortieth birthday. Time is running out. Kiernan has a reputation as a ruthless business tycoon letting nothing and no one stand in the way of getting what she wants. And she wants the beautiful and intelligent Ariel Thorsen as her wife and the mother of her child.

Ariel Thorsen is content with her family life and her profession as a college physics professor. She meets Kiernan O’Shay at a dinner celebrating her mother’s promotion to a junior executive in Stellardyne. Ariel is impressed by Kiernan’s interest in physics and spaceships. She also finds Kiernan attractive. One week after the dinner, Kiernan offers monetary wealth to Ariel if she enters into a marriage agreement and bears Kiernan an heir. Ariel is appalled by the offer. She’s not for sale, believing love should bind two people together—not the promise of wealth.

But when Kiernan accuses Ariel’s mother of corporate espionage, Ariel feels she has no choice but to accept Kiernan’s marriage proposal on the condition that no charges are brought against her mother.

Can love grow when trust isn’t in the equation?

Previously published as The Dreamer, Her Angel, and the Stars.

My View:

A Fantastic Remake
Ariel is a young professor who lives with her mother and two siblings she helps care for. Her life is simple and happy. She rides an antique Harley and spent her childhood putting together models of space ships of her own designs and dreaming of being Hans Solo so she could fly through the universe. She is a down to Earth, wholesome and somewhat innocent woman who has a sunny disposition and a love for life.

Kiernan was a wild child. She was rebellious, a womanizer with a fast ship she used to race around in outer space. She is more worldly and cynical, more practical than romantic. She is a powerful and wealthy woman who needs to have a wife and child by her fortieth birthday in order to gain one hundred percent control of her late grandmother’s company so she will be free to follow her dreams of interstellar travel.

The problem is there is no one she knows that she would ever consider marrying, let alone have a child with until her Uncle gives her a file on the lovely Ariel. While reading the file she comes across Ariel’s picture and Kiernan’s heart skips a beat. She knows this is the woman for her. Unfortunately, Ariel thinks getting married and having a child for business reasons is unacceptable and refuses, in spite of her feelings of attraction. Somehow Kiernan must convince Ariel to help her and she is running out of time.

This book is a remake of Ms North’s ‘The Dreamer, Her Angel and the Stars’. Although I adored both books, in my opinion this is a much better story. While the plot is the same, ‘Touched by Starlight’ is a softer, gentler and more romantic story with added details and emotional connections between the characters.

I was completely smitten with both Kiernan and Ariel. I enjoyed the interplay between them. I liked watching them change, letting the control, suspicion and hostility fade as they learn to live with each other and slowly fall in love. I was very pleased at their decisions after they learned they had been betrayed and frightened for them as they fought for their lives. By the end, neither is the woman she once was. Together they compliment each other personalities becoming a beautiful, loving couple.

As with all Ms North’s books this one was wonderfully written. Its seductive charm will draw you in until until you are only aware of the drama unfolding in front of you. Before you know it, hours will have passed as you are lost to this magical tale. The excitement, drama, betrayal, danger, suspense and joy, love and intense sexy scenes all combine to make this romance one of my all time favourite books.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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