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Title: The Unicorn
Author: Delphine Dryden
Publisher: Riptide
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Genre: Contemporary, Menage/Poly


Delia and Daniel have a picture-perfect life. They like their jobs. They love their house. Everything is coming up roses . . . but in private, they’d rather have the thorns. Their recent forays into kink have brought them closer than ever, but there’s still something missing, and they can’t quite work it out.

Mara knows what she’s missing: a significant other. She tried vanilla, and it was a total bust. But when she and her last girlfriend took things out of the kink club and into the “real” world, they fizzled. Even their friendship is on the rocks now. Mara feels like a lost stray, looking for a forever home.

When the three of them meet up at the brand-new club Escape, their connection is instant. And surprising—none of them were expecting more than a few hot nights. But now they might be ready to bring their kinky threesome into the light of day and build a life together.

Publisher’s note: This title is a heavily revised re-issue of a prior story, Roses and Chains, originally released in 2011.

Hi! I’m Delphine Dryden, touring the internet to talk about my latest book, The Unicorn. It’s a geeky, kinky M/F/F romp, it’s part of Riptide’s “Escape” universe, and it’s a much-expanded version of an earlier story called Roses and Chains.

Bisexual Invisibility (Sadly, Not a Superpower)

Over the years, I’ve read a few m/f romances with heroines who identify as bi. I’ve read a few m/m/f ménage romances where the guys are bisexual or at least “gay for you” (although the m/f/m where the penises never touch still seems to be way more common).

But I haven’t seen a lot of romances (or books in general) where a female bi character gets to have sex with a man, enjoy that, then have sex with a woman and enjoy that. And there’s never the suggestion that one or the other of these pairings is the “real” sexuality.

I’m bisexual—so bi erasure is something I’ve experienced firsthand. Whenever I’ve been in a longterm relationship with a man, most people have assumed I was heterosexual; I’m not, and never have been. When I’d mention being bisexual one of two things would happen: either people thought I meant I experimented with a girl one time in college, or they thought I was trying to be edgy. My last few relationships have been with women, and I notice two different responses: either people assume I am a lesbian (if they know about the prior relationships with men they assume I was just in the closet then); or that I am just experimenting/trying to be edgy/mad about being divorced, and will eventually “go back to men”. All of these assumptions erase my sexual orientation—suggesting that I am either lying to others or myself about who I want to have sex with. And I’ve seen all these assumptions perpetuated in romance novels time and again, as well as in popular culture as a whole (there’s a reason we have Bi Visibility Day—because so many bisexual people feel invisible a lot of the time…and sadly, it turns out that isn’t a superpower).

I’ve been attracted to people of different genders/orientations since I first experienced attraction. I’ve been bisexual as long as I’ve been aware of the “opposite” sex (for lack of a better term). I’m also biromantic. So I really enjoyed writing The Unicorn, with a straight male hero and two bisexual/biromantic heroines. Particular since they’re also polyamorous, so the heroines get to express their attraction to both genders within the course of the story as part of the progress toward an HEA for the triad.

Representation doesn’t always have to mean seeing all of yourself in a book. Identifying with elements of a character, recognizing some traits, that is always welcome. The more diverse the romance writing community becomes, the more often that happens. But this time I wanted to include all my things: openly bi, polyamorous, kinky…and with none of those elements being part of the conflict, because the characters know who they are and are comfortable with all the various aspects of their sexuality. I wouldn’t say it’s the book of my heart, but it was a lot of fun to have so much identification with the characters, and I hope that sense of fun and openness comes through for readers.

So if you’re bi, if you’re poly, if you’re kinky—or one of these, or even none of these, but like reading about nerdy kinksters geeking out about video games and making Star Trek references in between floggings—The Unicorn isn’t just for me, it’s also for you! And if it lets some readers finally find themselves in a romance, that would be the best of all possible worlds.

Is there a book where you’ve really “found” yourself…where you felt represented very strongly on the page?


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About the Author

Delphine Dryden probably should have gone ahead and become an English professor like she planned. Instead, she took a detour through law school, another detour through the wonderful world of working in special education, and took an extra fifteen years to end up where she belonged: writing kinky romances.

Del’s writing has earned an Award of Excellence and Reviewers’ Choice Award from Romantic Times Book Reviews, an EPIC Award, and a Colorado Romance Writers’ Award of Excellence.  When not writing or editing, she can be found binge-watching television shows, playing tabletop games, and tweeting to excess.

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  1. Thanks for the post and sharing your experience. I can’t recall a book where I really “found” myself…I often see little bits of experience that I identify with scattered throughout books.


  2. I don’t know if I look for representation in a book per se; I’m more interested in learning about someone else. Either way, this sounds great!


  3. It’s so great that you’re able to express yourself and capture aspects of your sexuality in your writing that you weren’t able to find in books already out there. So empowering!

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