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Title: Hiding in Plain Sight
Author: Ethan Stone
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Cover Artist:
Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance, Mystery


What happens when happily ever after ends in heartbreak?

After surviving a harrowing ordeal in Las Vegas, Javi Campos and Adam Brand seemed destined for a lifetime of love. However, life and insecurities got in the way, and Javi left, nearly destroying Adam in the process.

They’ve spent ten years apart, but circumstances bring them together again. Now a personal escort, Javi is terrified when his companion for the evening is killed in the bed they shared. As the obvious suspect, he turns to the only man in Portland he knows he can trust…his former lover, Adam.

Adam is shocked to hear from Javi, but he believes in him and agrees to help. The investigation takes them into the backstabbing world of Big Pharma as well as the religious homophobic culture of Russian Old Believers. While attempting to find the real killer, Adam and Javi have no choice but to deal with their lingering feelings for each other.

The situation might be the catalyst they need to finally find their long-awaited happily ever after. But first they have to solve the case before either one of them becomes the next victim.


Hi everyone, Ethan Stone here! Welcome to day three of my blog tour to celebrate the release of Hiding in Sight, part of Pride Publishing’s What’s His Passion?  imprint.

I am a big fan of movies. I watch them all the time, usually as a way to avoid things I should be doing. Even writing. A lot of the time I rewrite things in my head kind of like fan fiction and often I wish they’d include an LGBT character or twist the M/F romance into an M/M.

One such movie I’d love to write an M/M version of is When Time Ran Out. It’s one of those cheesy disaster flicks from the seventies and eighties. Think Towering Inferno and The Poseidon Adventure but with a volcano.

Starring Paul Newman, Jacqueline Bisset and William Holden it doesn’t have the most original plot or main characters, but it’s still a guilty pleasure. Back before the days of DVDs and on-demand movies I would often stumble across this movie at midnight on TV and have absolutely no choice but to stay up however late to watch it.

There’s a rotten cheater and forbidden romance and true love and so much more. Ignoring the bad special effects, it was 1980, my favorite scene is when the group of stragglers has to cross a bridge with lava flowing underneath.

Lava! Freaking lava! Talk about a kid’s dream come true. How many of us used to hop around your living room as a kid pretending the floor was flowing hot lava? It was a favorite game for me and my friends, and Paul Newman and Eddie Albert get to actually do it. Well, I guess they were pretending to, but I bet it was a lot more fun that using couch cushions like I did.

My idea would be similar. A group of people trying to get to safety after a volcano explodes. Instead of Eddie Albert begging the woman he loves not to stay with her married boyfriend, it’d be a man begging his high school boyfriend not to get married to the woman his parents arranged him to wed. And the wedding would take place as the lava rolls in. Not sure why they didn’t know it was coming, I’ll figure out that later.

Instead of William Holden proposing to the much younger Jacqueline Bisset even though she’s with Paul Newman, it’d be an older man chasing after the hunky scientist who belongs to the hunky geologist who warned everyone of the dangers. But maybe the older guy would find solace in the arms of the heartbroken Eddie Albert character.

There’d still have to be a scene like the one in which Burgess Meredith tightrope walks over the lava carrying a child on his back. Seriously, it’s one of the best scenes ever. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.


The following excerpt from Hiding in Plain Sight takes place early on in the book shortly after Javi has moved back in with Adam but before any kind of reconciliation can take place or they can even discuss what has happened between them.

“Kind of chilly, isn’t it?” Javi crossed his arms and rubbed his shoulders.

I stuck my hands in my pockets and sat on the grass. “I looked for you after you left. Oregon, Washington, Nevada and California.”

“I was off the grid,” Javi said. “There was no way you could’ve found me.”

He remained standing, pacing near me. “I did my best, though. Spent thousands of dollars before Dad convinced me to stop. I spent a week in my room then emerged seemingly prepared to face life without the man I loved.”

Javi made a sound like he was going to say something, then stayed silent.

“I left for Harvard a month later. I appeared fine on the outside, but on the inside I was a total and complete mess.”

Glancing up, I met Javi’s gaze for a split second before facing forward. He had an apologetic expression, as if he pitied me. I didn’t want or need that.

“I attended classes, but I didn’t pay attention. I couldn’t. All I could think about was you. Where you were, how you were doing, why you had left me. It hurt every day. I couldn’t deal with it so I drank and did drugs. First a little on the weekends, then it became every day. By mid-semester I was almost flunking all my classes.”

“What happened to change it?”

“I met Cory. I was three sheets to the wind the first time I tried to seduce him. I’d been fucking and sucking every guy who would let me.”

He made a slight growl. Javi had no right to be jealous of who I was with when he wasn’t with me. After all, there was no doubt that he’d been with more guys than I had. On the other hand, jealousy meant he still cared for me. But he had cared for me and still disappeared, so his feelings shouldn’t have meant anything to me.

“Yeah, I was a total slut,” I admitted.

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About the Author

Ethan Stone has recently returned to Oregon and is working on re-growing his web feet. He has been obsessed with two things in his life: books and all things gay. After spending years trying to ignore the voices in his head, he finally decided to sit down and listen to them.

What he discovered was a perfect union of his two obsessions. Ethan used to have a day job that paid the bills. He wore a uniform to work and he looked damn sexy in it. Now he gets to wear sweatpants and watch movies all day.


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