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Brandon Witt Outside the Margins

Maybe a person never truly grows out of their naivety. I’d like to call it a retention of innocence, but I’ve met me, there’s not much innocence left. And I’m no longer young enough to still have rose-colored glasses.

Naivety is all that is left.

When I left the world of teaching eight months ago, I knew I was taking a leap.   Acting on faith. Trusting in myself, fate, God, the universe, readers. . . Letting go of all control I had, save writing my ass off.

I thought that was the leap. THE leap. As in, you leap and then you find out what happens. Where you land. I knew I wouldn’t know where that landing was going to be or exactly when it would be, but still, it was a solitary leap. Finite.

Boy howdy, was I ever wrong.

There isn’t just one leap. On an easy week there’s just one leap every day. Often, there’s more than one solitary leap within each twenty-four hour period. Writing has always been a terrifying compulsion. Always. However, it’s never been quite as petrifying as when your entire world hangs on the words you type. It makes it where opening the computer and logging into your most recent document is paramount to putting on armor and mounting your steed, unsure which dragon will sneeze fire at you that day.

For a little while, that was how things were. One leap, every morning, deciding that once again I was going to do this crazy, crazy thing.


Not so anymore. Lately, every Facebook post is a leap. And somehow, each leap feels like I’m leaping higher and higher, that I’ve figured out a way to propel myself further in midair. It makes the ground below ever more terrifying. Am I promoting my new book enough so that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle? Am I promoting it too much so that it leaves a bitter taste in people’s mouths? Do I use money I don’t have for advertising? Do I take a couple of thousand dollars and go to a convention?

Do I really sign that formal resignation letter telling the school district that I will not be returning from my year leave, even though there is no income in sight?

I’ve decided, yes. If there is an opportunity that has some promise, I need to leap. Leap until I can leap no more.

It’s not a natural thing for me. I’m not a gambler. I don’t enjoy it.   I am big proponent of going with your gut, but lately it seems like my gut has decided it wants to gamble. And it’s speaking out of fear and terror so, it’s not most trustworthy of organs at the moment.

They say bet on yourself, right? That’s all well and good, but then who the hell do you blame?

What’s the point of this blog? What’s in it for you? I don’t know. I’d like to tell you it an encouragement for you to leap as well. (And I hope you do!) However, honestly, it’s really just a confession. You’re my priest, it seems. So lower that screen and hear me.

I’m scared. Absolutely fucking terrified. So scared that it’s hard to sleep.

(Side note: buy the app Calm—I’ve never been a meditator, this little thing has given me the ability to keep going at times, helped me write, and combined with a few pills of melatonin, allows me to sleep through the fear. A lot of the time, anyway.)

It’s not a ploy to get you to tell me everything will be alright. It’s okay, you don’t need to. Neither of us can know that. Not yet.

I simply needed to put it out into the world. To confess once more of my humanness and fallibility.

More than even when I crafted it, I love that the first book I wrote after that first leap was about two men doing some leaping of their own. I’m also glad I gave those Swans a happy ending—I hope that bodes well for me!


And honestly, you’re not my priest. I wouldn’t talk to you if you were. You’re my friend. Thanks for being a part of this big, imperfect, beautiful MM Romance world.   Thanks for leaping along with me. And for listening.


~Brandon Witt


Title: The Imperfection of Swans
Author: Brandon Witt
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication Date: 01/18/2016
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Genre: Contemporary


Kevin Bivanti’s dream is to open a wedding dress shop, a place with the stunning gowns to make every bride-to-be feel adored. At thirty-eight, he quits a successful advertising career to buy an old brownstone in a trendy Boston neighborhood and to make his dream a reality. When one of his cosigners drops out, fate intervenes, ushering in Casper James, who hopes to open his own bakery. With Casper willing to take the risk, their ambitions meld into a wedding dress and wedding cake boutique.

Extensive renovations to the brownstone, an affair with his ex-husband, family drama with his mothers, and the anxiety of significant life changes push Kevin to the brink of a nervous breakdown. In the midst of stress and uncertainty, Casper becomes more than a business partner, a mutual attraction that adds another layer of intensity and risk.

With their dreams on the verge of reality, Kevin and Casper must find the courage to face the stress of managing their attraction, the gamble of a new business venture, and the resurgence of Kevin’s personal demons.


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About Brandon Witt

Brandon Witt resides in Denver, Colorado. When not snuggled on the couch with his two Corgis, Dunkyn and Dolan, he is more than likely in front of his computer, nose inches from the screen, fingers pounding they keys. When he manages to tear himself away from his writing addiction, he passionately takes on the role of a special education teacher during the daylight hours.

Website: http://www.brandonwitt.com
Author Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/brandon.witt.author
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wittauthor
The Witty Hour:  https://www.facebook.com/TheWittyHour

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3 thoughts on “FEAR ~ Outside the Margins with Brandon Witt

  1. Brandon, I have so much respect for you. Not everyone gets the actual courage to take that leap. I’ve never been good at leaping. Love your books, love you. You are truly blessed.

  2. Wow, Brandon, this is… kinda everything. Did it help you, to share it? I hope so because I’m sure you’re sharing it is gonna help some folks.
    You’re awesome. hugs. thanks again for sharing this and keep leaping. 😀 <3

  3. Thank you for sharing this, the leaping is terrifying, some of the questions you’ve posed to yourself I’ve asked myself the same things. Sharing a book is scary, those moments when you want to go back tot he betas or even the publisher and snatch a manuscript back and hide it so no one can see it or judge it or ignore it are scary too because they make writing the next one scarier, so thank from the bottom of my heart for sharing, if only to let some of us know we aren’t alone.

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