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As I’ve been too sick of late to come up with a post requiring brain work, I opted (barely in time) to write up a cute little short for Tournament of LosersPLEASE BE WARNED IT CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Much love to everyone who has enjoyed Rath’s story, I hope you enjoy this post-Tournament short <3 <3 <3

Four months after winning the Tournament, one week after being married, Rath still could not get used to the man in the mirror. The fine clothes tailored to his form, this particular outfit blue because Tress liked him in blue and Rath was ever weak to Tress. His hair, which he’d never particularly noted, was something else entirely given a proper cut.

And the ring on his finger could have provided enough coin to feed him for years in his former life. He toyed with it, turning it round and round on his fingers, thumb rubbing the diamonds and sapphires. Part of him wanted to tuck it away and hide it, make certain it was safe and protected. But that was stupid, given the diamonds around his throat and in his ears—and didn’t he feel a proper High City fancy with pierced ears. Another thing to blame on Tress and his too-pretty face and beseeching looks.

He finally turned away from the mirror and headed for the door, ignoring the nerves that fluttered. Four months should have been enough to accustom himself to life in the royal palace, but he still felt like an impostor, was still briefly confused when people addressed him as ‘Your Highness’ and ‘Prince Rathatayen.’

Fates, was he tired of hearing his full name, but he was accepting it was always going to be that way now. At least in privacy Tress and the rest of his—their—family called him Rath.

Just as he reached the door, someone knocked on it, making him jump. Shaking his head at himself, Rath pulled the door open.

“Good morning, Your Highness!” Greta said brightly, mouth curving into a grin as she added, “I finished last night. Shall we try them out?”

“Oh, uh, of course. Thank you.” Rath’s heart thud-thudded in his chest as he let Greta and the young man who was her assistant into his room, followed by the guard who generally stood outside, but entered the room whenever Rath or Tress had guests. Bodyguards were something else Rath was never going to grow accustomed to, but unlike Tress, he appreciated the necessity—especially as in six months they were meant to be setting out on their travels throughout the kingdom.

Rath sat down at the table where they’d met a few days previous, when Greta had made him read phrases and such off cards, the size of the letters shrinking with each card. When they had gotten too small for him to make out, she’d made him do it again with various pieces of glass, one eye at a time. After nearly two hours of that, a bunch of questions, and pages of notes, she’d bustled off as briskly as she’d arrived.

As before, she set a heavy wooden case on the table and opened it—but instead of opening all the various drawers and cupboards and compartments inside, she simply withdrew a rectangular green velvet box and presented it to him with a flourish.

Bemused and curious, Rath opened the box and stared at the contents: three pairs of spectacles, each slightly different in design. One pair was gold-rimmed, another black, the last blue with minor gold flourishes. “They’re handsome.” He delicately picked up the black-rimmed pair and slid them on his face, hooking the ends behind his ear.

His eyes widened at the way everything around him shifted. No blurry edges. No complete blurs. Greta’s assistant, Mishi, crossed the room and held up the cards from before—and this time Rath could see the smallest letters as well as he’d only seen the largest ones before.

He ducked his head to hide the sting in his eyes until he could get it under control. When he felt capable, he looked up to find both of them watching him with concern. “Thank you,” he managed. “I didn’t realize just how much I couldn’t see before. The whole world looks different.”

Greta broke into a smile that made her look like a gleeful little girl on her birthday celebration. She clapped her hands and darted in to hug him, backing away only at a mild warning noise from the bodyguard. “They look marvelous, Your Highness. Try the gold and blue, so I know if any of them need adjusting.”

He obediently tried each pair, let her tweak and work until she was satisfied they all fit perfectly. When that was done, she handed him the blue pair and deftly tucked the others away, handing the case off to Mishi to put in his dressing room.

Rath still did not know what to think or feel about having an entire room filled with clothes and shoes and jewelry that was larger than the attic room in which he’d once slept.

“Thank you,” he said again as Greta stood. She smiled at him and stole another quick hug, then moved to pack up her case.

The door flew open a moment later, and Tress came in on a cloud of expensive cologne and late spring air, his long, heavy hair flying all about him. “Rath, are—” He broke off as he saw Rath, mouth dropping open slightly, an all too familiar look filling his eyes and making Rath’s face flush hot. What in the world?

Greta’s giggles broke their staring, and with a muffled, ‘Have a good day, Your Highnesses,” she hustled Mishi and the bodyguard out of the room, closing the door with a muffled click.

“Why are you staring at me like I grew a second head?” Rath asked, fighting not to smile because even discounting that he knew what Tress looked like when he was aroused, he knew the look of a person who had suddenly discovered a sexual weakness they’d never known existed.

Tress snorted softly. “My beloved Champion—”
“Quit that!” Rath hissed. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?”

“My beloved Champion,” Tress repeated with a grin, “I am staring at you in spectacles. I had not thought it was possible for you to be sexier than you are, but I am finding I very badly need to see what you look like wearing spectacles and nothing but spectacles.”

Rath rolled his eyes and made a futile attempt to back away from the determined prince—determined husband—prowling toward him. His heart sped up near to bursting the way it always did when he thought of that. Tress was his, and no one could take this away from him.

He surrendered easily as Tress barreled close and swept him up into a hungry kiss, twining his arms around Tress’s neck and kissing back full measure, grateful he had experience in doing so while wearing spectacles—even if the ones from the brothel had been fake.

“Aren’t we supposed to be doing something, going somewhere?” he asked breathlessly as Tress pulled back to work on divesting them of their clothes. “Your parents will murder us if we’re late again.”

Tress kissed him again and grinned against his mouth before replying, “They can’t kill us—there’s no one else to send touring around the kingdom. Anyway, it’s only a garden party. Nobody shows up on time to them because nobody likes to deal with the wind and the insects and the sneezing.”

Rath laughed into his mouth before kissing him properly, a knowing, familiar tangle that never grew boring, only more exciting. Your Highness would never compare to waking up to Tress every day of his life. His laugh turned a touch breathless as the last of his clothes were discarded on the floor like so much scrap and he was all but carried across the room and tumbled into the recently-made bed.

He swore as Tress’s mouth dropped over one of his nipples, teeth and tongue teasing mercilessly before shifting to visit the same treatment on the other one. Rath wrapped one hand around Tress’s heavy dreadlocks, smoothed the other along his back, encouraging every kiss and lick and suck.

Tress shifted enough to get a hand between them, his fingers fluttering with infuriating briefness over Rath’s cock before dipping lower to tease at his hole, still stretched and mildly sore from their vigorous night. Rath moaned as he pushed two fingers in, the sound muffled as Tress took his mouth.

Rath moved his hands to cling to Tress’s shoulder, nails digging into soft skin and firm muscle. Tress nipped his chin and drew back, his eyes hot and bright as he stared at Rath. “I really really like you in glasses.”

“Well, don’t like them too much because I don’t want to have to constantly ask for replacements because my husband is a little too ard—” He broke off with a loud, stuttered moan as Tress thrust inside him.

There was no talking after that, just gasps and pleas and groans, Tress’s mouth on whatever bits of Rath he could reach while fucking him in hard, deep strokes.

Rath came with a ragged cry several minutes later, clinging tightly to Tress as the climax shuddered through him. Shortly after, Tress sank into him one last time and came apart, mouth heavy against Rath’s, the kiss wet and messy.

Eventually Rath stirred, too hot and sweaty to remain trapped between the bedding and Tress. “So what I take from this is that I should go back to not wearing glasses.” He reached up to adjust them, looking around the room and reveling in being able to see clearly.

“If you dare remove those I will be quit cross with you,” Tress said with a smile, not even bothering to open his eyes.

Rath lifted his eyes to the ceiling and smacked Tress’s bare ass before climbing out of bed. “Come on, we have a garden party to attend.”

Tress grumbled and rubbed his ass but climbed out of bed to clean up and get dressed.


They were nearly an hour late by the time they finally arrived, but Rath couldn’t bring himself to feel to terribly sorry.


~Megan Derr

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Megan is a long time resident of LGBTQ fiction, and keeps herself busy reading, writing, and publishing it. She is often accused of fluff and nonsense. When she’s not involved in writing, she likes to cook, harass her cats, or watch movies. She loves to hear from readers, and can be found all over the internet.

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