Ghosts (The Power of Zero #2) by Jackie Keswick ~ Book Review by Feliz

GhostsLGTitle: Ghosts (The Power of Zero #2)

Author: Jackie Keswick

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Maria Fanning

Rating: 4.50 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 02/10/2016

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Contemporary, Gay, M/M Romance, Winter Holiday


Jack Horwood doesn’t do families. Or Christmas. From the time his mother sold him to her pimp to the moment he walked out on the man he loved, Christmas has always been about change and painful choices. This year seems no different. Helping Daniel and Nico recover from their imprisonment and hunting down those responsible puts Jack in a frame of mind he doesn’t want to inflict on anyone. Least of all Gareth and the tentative relationship they’ve started to rebuild.

But Gareth, for whom Christmas is all about new beginnings, won’t let Jack take the easy way out. He makes him face his ghosts instead. Even when said ghosts invade their bedroom.

When Daniel’s parents are found, Jack is determined to settle the matter without involving Daniel at all. But fate decrees otherwise, and it’s Gareth who helps him finally understand that the strongest bonds are those forged together. Once he gets that, Jack can step up and make a decision designed to lay his ghosts to rest—for good.

My View:

Ghosts is the sequel to Job Hunt, one of the best action thrillers I’ve read lately – not only in the m/m genre – and I’d strongly advise against reading it as a standalone. It would be too hard to keep up with the numerous characters some of who are only mentioned in passing here – and besides, you’d miss out on crucial aspects of the main characters’ backstories and personalities.

This applies especially to Jack Horwood, computer genius extraordinaire. In Job Hunt, he’s a ruthless avenger, a warrior who shows little to no regard to himself or others or even the letters of the law while on a mission. But in Ghosts, we meet a different Jack. Or rather, a side of him that was mostly hidden behind his indomitable will and the reckless abandon that made him such an inapproachable, almost superhuman figure in the first book. And while I admired and liked Jack in the first book, I found the glimpse into his soul this book offered utterly charming.

Unlike Job Hunt, there’s not a lot of action going on in Ghosts. The focus is really mostly on development – of Jack’s character and of Jack and Gareth’s relationship. Which was another strong point of this book. Gareth, who’d remained a bit pale in the first book, came a lot more into his own here. Even though Jack is, once again, the undisputed star of the story, Gareth plays a much bigger role here, not taking the lead, but gently nudging Jack into the right direction – with tough love, if necessary, and with food, of all things.

Speaking of which, there was a lot of food in this book. Fitting, as it is set around the winter holidays and their traditions, which also set the mood for the whole story.

This book was a different kind of wonderful than the first, quieter, slower, more down to earth and less cyberspace-high. I read it with a wistful smile and closed it with a happy sigh. An amazing completion to its prequel and a beautiful story in its own right, I can only recommend both books to action-fans and romatics alike.





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I would like to thank the author for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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