Kiss of the Alpha by Shannon West / Victoria Sue ~ Book Review by Caroline

26180410Title: Kiss of the Alpha

Author: Shannon West / Victoria Sue

Publisher: Dark Hollows Press

Cover Artist: Unknown

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 08/26/2015

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Alternate Universe/Alternate World, M/M Romance


Jay Tabor, rebel leader of Territory Three has done something he swore he would never do, and that’s work with Quinn, the Supreme Alpha of the Nine Territories, to save his brother Aaron’s life. Now on the run after his rebel hideout was discovered in Virginia, Jay has found a relatively safe haven for his insurgent group deep in the mountains of Tennessee. His peace is short-lived, however, when he gains a new captive—Devon, the Alpha of Territory Three.

Devon has been beaten, tortured and starved by the rebels in an effort to “tame” him, but when he’s transferred to a new camp, he discovers not only kindness but an unwanted attraction to his new captor—one that goes both ways. Devon has finally found his true mate in Jay, but the man is his sworn enemy, and a dominant, controlling lover, who insists on his independence.

When they’re both kidnapped by forces bent on harming them, Jay has only one chance to save his wolf. He has to prove that Devon is his submissive partner and he has to do it in front of their enemies in order to save their lives. With only one chance to make it good, he has to put on a show or risk losing his lover and his mate forever.

My View:

This was a great follow on to Property of the Alpha but with a very big twist – the dominant one in the relationship is not the wolf, completely turning everything the wolves believed on its head and causing Quinn yet more problems.

Where Aaron in book 1 was totally submissive his brother Jay in this book is at the other end of the scale and no matter how hard he falls for his wolf he will not defer to him or call him master.

Jay has been the rebel leader in territory three for a while and has caused untold problems for the wolves. We learnt a little of his back story in the first book and the authors expand on that here. Jay is tired both emotionally and physically and although he will do anything for the cause all the death and destruction is starting to take its toll on him. He is compassionate and open to reason but he must be careful as those attributes could get him killed.

Devon, or Devan as he was in book 1, is also compassionate and has settled in well to his role as the new alpha in territory three, especially as he is not a true born alpha but one that has been trained for the role. He has his work cut out if he is to win back the trust of everyone there as the memories of the previous abusive alpha are still very clear in people’s minds.

Devon is kidnapped and brutally tortured by a group of hard-core rebels and then gifted to Jay. Jay is horrified at the treatment the wolf has received and feels oddly drawn to care for and protect him. Devon is nowhere near as submissive as Aaron is but he is happy to let Jay make the decisions, well mostly, there is nothing at all submissive about Devon when Jay threatens to leave! It feels well balanced between them, although there are all sorts of teething problems, but overall they work well with each other – a fact that doesn’t escape the notice of Quinn.

Great second book, totally different dynamic and further world building – really enjoying this series.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    • It’s good and and also quite different. I think as the series progresses you get a better feel for Quinn and Aaron and there are more layers to their relationship than you first think.

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