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Title: Oleander, Son of Drakkar
Author: Leigh Jarrett
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Unknown
Genre: Fiction, Gay, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Romance


The unrelenting seduction of Oleander’s cool, flawless skin—and deep, captivating eyes. The concern in his voice—the touch of his hand. The exhilaration and pride elicited by the sight of Oleander waiting for him after the visit with his family had left him feeling disappointed and unfulfilled.

Unfulfilled …pointless, insignificant—until Oleander.

Amidst the chaos of his sexual reckoning, Timothy is compelled to uphold an intimate pact struck between himself and Oleander, and chooses to follow him north to Drakkar Castle—the threat of war upon them. Grimmr Coven is advancing deep into Drakkar Coven territory, and only Oleander may know the reason why. He had lived amongst the coven Grimmr for many decades with his human lover, Torkel and fears that a far greater threat is coming, forcing Grimmr Coven south into Drakkar Coven territory.

Left behind while Oleander goes in search of answers, Timothy’s inner turmoil becomes unbearable. His only company enroute to Drakkar Castle, Alexis, a vivacious, blue-eyed seductress with a secret, intent on stealing him away for reasons that would launch the already fractured family of Drakkar at each other’s throats.


Timothy sunk onto the most convenient stair and leaned forward, placing his forearms on his thighs, his fingers linked as he looked over at the vampire, Laramie. He remembered the young boy, then but six, shaggy haired, trying with all the gathered strength in his tiny body to keep up with the other children.

He remembered slowing his pace during a game, ignoring the shouts of his friends to leave the baby behind. They had been inseparable since then. His being twice Laramie’s age at the time had not stopped them from becoming friends. There was an adventurous side to Laramie that was infectious, and a quick tongue that was …troublesome, but endearing.

Timothy grimaced with a level of sadness. His growth halted with the turning, Laramie would never have the opportunity to mature fully, his thin teenaged frame, and a lifetime of decreased activity due to his illness, forever shaping his physique. There would perpetually be a visible age gap between them.

He placed his hand on Laramie’s knee once Laramie had taken a seat beside him. “You look well, friend.” He had to admit, it was heartening to see his childhood friend in full health. Energetic, strong, and breathing freely, his lung condition but a memory.

“As do you,” Laramie replied. He waved his hand in the direction of the corridor from which they had emerged. “Aside from witnessing that …you have been well cared for by Oleander?”

Timothy’s hand slipped from Laramie’s knee, taking up residence upon his own. “Yes, he has been most gracious.”

“Simply gracious?”

Timothy shrugged. “What would you prefer I say?”

“Callum has told me, Oleander offered you a choice, Timothy. That you were given the option of returning home. Yet, you have chosen to follow him north to Drakkar Castle. Why?”

“I simply did not wish to remain here.”

“To remain here …without him?”

“Laramie—” Timothy snorted in aggravation. Despite his words, his escalating heart rate would surely unmask the truth.

Laramie decided to change the subject.

“There has been no evidence of blood, I gather.”

“Never.” Timothy straightened up. Deep within, he knew he desired a specific conversation with Laramie. He had so many questions. And there would likely be no further opportunity to pose them. “Laramie, when did you first …,” he blurted as he slid a hand into his hair. “I mean, when did you know?”

“Know?” Laramie angled his head to one side, staring at Timothy’s expression. “That I was attracted to Callum …sexually?”

A simple nod from Timothy confirmed his suspicion. There was a lingering scent of semen, both vampire and human, that was unmistakable, clinging seductively to Timothy’s skin.

“From the very first moment I laid eyes upon him, I suppose.”

This admission stirred Timothy’s attention.

“Truly?” Timothy queried, unconvinced, but hopeful his friend was not misleading him. “From the very first time you saw him?”

“I would not lie about such a thing.” Laramie placed his hand on Timothy’s shoulder. “Are you frightened of your feelings, Timothy? For they need not haunt you so.” He squeezed his friend’s tense, plow-hardened shoulder, smiling in reminiscence of their old life together. Then pounded Timothy on the back.

“Let us return you to Oleander’s chamber, where you might mull over your feelings for him in comfort. There are far worse things than following your heart in this world, and embracing the raging heat it brings forth within you.”

Laramie stopped outside of Oleander’s chamber door, a space he was not permitted to enter under any circumstances.

He touched his hand to Timothy’s chest.

“Timothy, be kind with him. Believe me when I tell you, he will be horrified to learn you witnessed what you did.”

Timothy shrugged away from Laramie’s outstretched arm. He suspected Laramie’s words, of Oleander being horrified, to be true.

His hand rose to his throat, touching the place where Oleander’s soft, trembling lips had ignited such an incredible fire within him, uniting them, consuming his fears. His chest tightened as he unlatched the door. Either, he would have to accept that the man with whom he had shared his body was vampire, or he would not, and forgo discovering where their union might take them.


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About the Author

Leigh-Jarrett-Profile-PicLeigh Jarrett is a bestselling Canadian author of LGBTQ Romance. Queer, quirky, and passionate. Lover of antique stores, the smell of lye and oil as it turns to soap, cathedral groves, and bright colors. In her hometown of Kelowna, BC, Leigh is an advocate for the LGBTQ community, celebrating their diversity, and affirming their most basic of human rights—to love and be loved.

To connect with Leigh Jarrett:

Email: leigh@leighjarrett.com

Website: www.leighjarrett.com

You can also find Leigh on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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