Lesbian Light Reads Box Set by Elizabeth Andre and Jade Astor ~ Book Review by Ameliah

Lesbian-Light-Reads-CoverTitle: Lesbian Light Reads Box Set

Author: Elizabeth Andre and Jade Astor

Publisher: Tulabella Ruby Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 11/27/2015

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Contemporary, Drama, Lesbian, Lesbian Romance


Six stories of lesbians meeting the women of their dreams, having sex, falling in love and having sex again.

Each story is also available individually from Amazon, and each book can stand alone. These lesbian contemporary love stories include graphic sex and are for adults only.

Love’s Perfect Vintage (Lesbian Light Reads 1) by Elizabeth Andre
Would you let your mother find your next girlfriend? Beautiful thirty-two year old African-American Aisha Watson works hard all week and plays hard all weekend. But her heart was recently broken, and she’s not even sure she wants to be in love again after a series of dating disasters. Aisha’s mother decides to find her a nice girl.

Journey to Passion (Lesbian Light Reads 2) by Jade Astor
While attempting to recover from a failed relationship, Andrea treats herself to a vacation to Rome. There she meets an American who has traveled to Italy to restore classic artwork for a museum. The sparks fly fast and hot between the two women.

Lesbian With Dog Seeks Same (Lesbian Light Reads 3) by Elizabeth Andre
Beautiful African-American Jordan is quite happy spending most of her free time hanging with her dog Minnie. She doesn’t need a girlfriend. Her life is just fine as it is. Jordan’s life begins to change one early Sunday morning when Minnie meets Arrow, a golden retriever, at the dog park, and Jordan meets Arrow’s owner, a sexy woman with pale translucent skin and hazel eyes. Minnie likes Arrow. Jordan slowly realizes that she likes Arrow’s owner even more. She has to find her again, even though she doesn’t know her name, and begins to realize that her life will be even better with this woman in her life.

Bodies in Motion (Lesbian Light Reads 4) by Elizabeth Andre
How often does a woman get to rewrite her past and stake a claim to her future in one fell swoop? Gorgeous Shondra Frazier gets that chance. An ex-girlfriend from college, Lynette Johnson, pops back into Shondra’s life at nearly the same time that she meets Denyse Gabriel, one of the few African-American female PhD physicists in the world. Shondra realizes attention from Denyse, with her long black hair and high collar tweed jacket, is what she wants. Denyse, however, is heading to a months-long project in Antarctica while Lynette is sticking around and more than willing to keep Shondra company. Shondra has to decide whether she will stay safe and start up again with her long lost college love or if she will wait for Denyse to return.

Right Time For Love (Lesbian Light Reads 5) by Elizabeth Andre
When Hannah, a 65-year old retired nurse, goes on a Caribbean cruise with a bunch of her friends all she wants to do is win the euchre tournament. She’d like to fall in love, but suspects it may be too late for her. On the cruise, Hannah recognizes an old friend from decades ago and realizes that it may never be too late for love. Joyce is a fellow retired nurse who lost her husband five years before and hasn’t had love since. Hannah is afraid of being Joyce’s vacation lesbian experiment. Joyce never thought she would find love again, and it never occurred to her that love would take the form of a woman. Together they navigate the rocky waters of love found when they both least expect it.

Landing Love (Lesbian Light Reads 6) by Elizabeth Andre
All Lila wants to do this winter is skate. The beautiful 20-something figure skater is done with dating until mini-skirt season. Then one crisp morning, Lila meets Ashley.

My View:

A Wonderful Anthology

This is a set of six previously released short stories in one easy place. I adored all these stories and highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for some light, fun reading.

Loves Perfect Vintage

My first thought after finishing this book was AWWWW!!! I loved it! The ending was so sweet… actually the whole book was really good. This is the story of Aisha whose mother wants to see her settled down with a nice girl. Mom claims she can find her the perfect one in only six months. Will Mom succeed, how long will her search take and will Aisha let herself love again?
I found this book very well written with a good flow and a solid story line. The characters are easy to care about and identify with. I enjoyed Aisha’s bits of humor. I could see this story actually happening.
This was a fun read that went surprisingly fast, Great job Ms Andre!!

Journey to Passion
Andrea is on a one week long trip to Italy from California. Its not off to a great start especially when the hotel clerk seems to not understand her at all. Enter Celeste. She’s classy, elegant, knows Italian and is a fellow American. The women are quickly drawn to each other and after a few passion filled nights Celeste heads back to New York. Neither of them are able to forget the other….
This story is sexy and sweet. I loved the way they still feel and think about the other months after returning to their everyday lives. Andrea’s sister Brenda is a knight in shining armor with her sneaky plan. I am such a sucker for mushy romance and this tale is spot on!

Lesbian with Dog Seeks Same
After a long, restless night Jordan decides to just get up and face the day. She takes her confused dog Minnie, to the dog park. Soon after Ciera and her dog Arrow arrive. Its instant friendship for the pups and Jordan certainly finds her self curious about this new woman. Maybe mornings aren’t so bad after all… This was such an endearing story that I liked a lot! The book is technically sound with a good flow. As always Ms Andre writes an erotic, sizzling sex scene that took my breath away. I appreciate how much detail Ms Andre gives to her characters. I love the first person narrative. It is also really nice to see a relationship grow between the leads before they jump into bed.
All in all a very nice way to spend some time. It is perfect while waiting for appointments or when you just have time to read a paragraph or two.

Bodies in Motion
Shonda is one of the city’s up and coming 40 under 40. While at the reception she runs into an old flame who broke her heart years ago. She also meets Doctor Denyse a physicist. Shondra is immediately taken by the good Dr and it seems mutual. The only problem is that the Doc is leaving for the Antarctic for three months. Torn between her feelings for both women Shondra has a lot to think about. Shondra is easy to understand and very likable. In spite of her intelligence, she has the same worries and cares that just about anyone can relate to. I really like that.
This is a fast and spicy read with the same quality writing Ms. Andre is becoming known for. This book has quite the heat factor, with two erotic scenes each several pages long, that are quite lovely.

Right Time for Love
Hanna is on a cruise with her friends. She runs into an old friend from nursing school from 40 years before. They are attracted to each other even after all this time. This is a sweet,m slow and comfortable romance that is beautifully written from the heart. The sex scenes were not the quick and frantic merging scenes. They are handled with class and restraint. It was detailed but good, more in keeping with the older mature leads. It is truly quite lovely.

Landing Love
This is a short quick read about Lila, a 20 something that has goals for the winter season. She wants to skate at all of the Chicago ice rinks she has never skated at and to avoid dating until mini skirt weather, that’s fine until she meets HER… Who knew there was so much to skating? I sure didn’t but this story has a lot of interesting info about the different jumps and styles etc. The sex scene in this story is hot, fast and intense. Some of the language is a bit crude but it fit perfectly, there was no romance and flowers, just frenzied f***ing and that worked for this book.
By the end of the story there were hints about a romance, just a bit to give me the mushy feeling I love so much.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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