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Hello everyone!

After pulling many, many strings with the Council, and with the assistance of Councilman Rolex, I have finally been granted access to the Delta unit, the Mad Dogs. Here is my interview with them (after McCormick redacted the sensitive material!)

Let me start at the beginning… I was picked up at home by a stereotypical black sedan and blindfolded upon entering the car. From there, I was put into a helicopter. We weren’t in the air long (at least I don’t think we were) before the helicopter landed and I was moved into another car. All of this was very cloak and dagger which admittedly was a turn on for me! grin After a short ride, I was led into a building and directed into a chair.

“You can remove the blindfold now,” Sergeant Major McCormick said and I raised my hands to remove the dark strip of cloth.

I blinked several times. As my eyes adjusted to the low light, the Sergeant Major came into focus. He had introduced himself when I was placed into the helicopter but this was my first opportunity to actually see the man. He looked to be about forty-six which meant he was much, much older. His hair was brown and had a slight curl and his eyes were a pale blue. It was hard to tell his height from my seated position, but he was a big guy.

The room was so quiet that I had thought we were alone and it wasn’t until I heard a snort of amusement that I knew we weren’t. The Sergeant Major stepped aside and I got my first view of the Mad Dogs.

Gasp, the noise escaped my throat before I could stop it. Damn if they all aren’t hot as hell! Too bad they aren’t into women, the thought entered my mind as I tried to remember my first question.

chuckle “I’ll leave you to it then. You have one hour,” McCormick reminded me before he left the room.

I glanced quickly around the room and was surprised that it looked like the living room in a house, minus any windows. The Mad Dogs sat on two couches across from the chair I had been placed in. I recognized them all and could easily put names to faces. As I expected, they were all dressed in civilian clothes (to my disappointment) and wore expressions on their faces that I had become accustomed to.

Markus smirked, H looked amused, Brian and Doc’s expressions remained neutral, Oh looked like a tantrum was brewing and El had his nose buried in a book.

“So, shall we begin?” I asked and smiled politely.

“Sooner we get done with this shit the better,” Oh muttered.

“If you don’t want to be here O’Tool, it’s no skin off my ass.” H and Markus burst out laughing and El glanced up from his book. “But if you’re staying, I’m not gonna put up with your shit. You can throw a tantrum after I leave.”

Doc whistled low and said, “Damn Oh, she knows your number!”

“Just ask your questions,” Oh growled. “We’ve got more important shit to tend to.”

“Okay. Let’s start at the beginning. How did the Mad Dogs come into existence?” All of the Mad Dogs looked at Oh as if they were interested in his answer as well, even though I knew every one of them had the memory of their creation.

Oh frowned. “Originally, we came from Mount Lykaios in Arcadia, that’s Tripoli now. Lykaios was our creator’s home and he built an altar to Zeus. He worshiped Zeus by sacrificing humans. Zeus punished him after the first sacrifice and that punishment resulted in werewolves. Lycaon did not wish to be the only one of our kind so he created more of us.”

“So the mythology of the ancient Greeks is true then?” Oh remained silent as if I asked a stupid question so I moved on. “When and how did the war with the Organization start?”

“There has always been war between supernaturals and this is just the latest version of it. The war is a bleed over from the time of the Gods,” Oh sighed loudly. “Don’t you humans read your mythology anymore?”

I ignored Oh’s jab at my lack of ancient history knowledge. “How did the name ‘Mad Dogs’ come about?”

“It is a translation from lyssasméno skylí tou anthró̱pou in Greek that means rabid human dog,” El answered without lifting his nose out of his book.

It was the first time I took notice of what he was actually reading. The Mongol Warlords: Genghis Khan. It was surprisingly fitting for what I already knew about the wolf since he loved military history or an fiction that included stuff being blown all to hell.

“Okay. Let’s fast forward to your current unit. When were you all changed?”

“1942,” Oh answered solemnly and seemed to expect me to comment on his age. I didn’t.

“You don’t sound too happy about that Oh,” I commented and hoped he would elaborate.

“I wasn’t at first. I had a pregnant wife.” I was surprised at this. I had known Oh was married at one time, but I had no idea his wife was pregnant. The mood in the room shifted and it was clear that this was not a subject that I was going to get more information on.

“How about you, El?”

“1968.” El continued reading about Genghis Khan.

“1984, thanks to El.” Doc grinned at his pack mate and El smirked without looking up.

“1996, the year of the Macarena, baby!” H said with pride as he began to move his arms and wiggle his as on the couch to simulate popular dance. “Heeeey Macarena!!”

“Fucking goofball,” Doc playfully shoved H to get him to stop his chair dancing and all the Mad Dogs laughed.

“2009,” Markus said with a smile.

“2014 but you already knew that,” Brian shot me a dazzling grin which I returned.

I never wanted to be a gay man more than right then as I sat in the same room with these hot military men!

“How are potential recruits selected for the unit?”

“That’s classified,” Oh replied.

“Your Master Sergeant assured me you would answer my questions regardless of the classification of the information.” I gave Oh a look that said ‘nice try.’

“Then ask Cordick,” Oh returned my stare.

“It is skill based. We only select the best of the best,” El commented quietly and didn’t see the look Oh gave him.

“Most of the time,” Doc winked at me.

“Would you care to elaborate, Doc?”

“No, he wouldn’t,” Oh interrupted and glared at Doc. The look clearly told the unit’s medic to shut the hell up.

“Alright. I know your wolves require combat or sex to keep them satisfied. In light of no combat, is the sex limited to just pack members?”

“You got some hottie in your back pocket that we don’t know about?” H asked with a hopeful look and made a show of looking behind me. That look answered the question, but I still wanted to hear it from the Mad Dogs.

“Afraid not,” I replied to H and he looked disappointed.

“Sometimes we are sent on solo missions that are more recon than anything else. Without combat, we need sex and if the pack isn’t around…” Doc shrugged.

Interesting, I thought and was about to ask my next question when the door opened.

“Time’s up,” McCormick strode forward holding the blindfold in his hand.

“Thank you for your time, guys,” I said with disappointment as I stood. “I hope we can do this again sometime.” Oh grunted and I smiled at the unit. “Look me up if you’re ever in Tampa. I’ll show you where all the hottie’s are.” I gave H a wink and received an interested smile in return.

The return trip home was the reverse of the trip to my interview with the unit. I haven’t wasted any time trying to figure out where the interview took place, but I really, really, hope I will get to see them again.



~Brenda Cothern

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