My Top in 10 LGBT Fiction ~ Sunday Spotlight by Brandilyn with Giveaway

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My Top in 10 LGBT Fiction:

These are books that blew me away and left me not knowing what to do next with my life.  These are books that I think everyone should read a least once.  These are not all romances, but they are all fiction focusing on LGBT main characters.  Some will break your heart. Some will leave you flying.  Some will warm your soul.  Each one is something special to me.

These are in no particular order.  Well actually I guess they are because my anal retentive self has to alphabetize them, but they aren’t ranked in any way.  I know I have read at least another 50 books that I could put on this list without regret.  However, when I thought about making this list, these are the first 10 to come to me.  I think that speaks to something.

  • Aaron by JP Barnaby – A beautiful story of recovery, support, friendship, and love.
  • The Bones of You by Laura Stone – This book is an emotional rollercoaster from the first page to the last.
  • By That Sin Fell the Angels by Jamie Fessenden – Fessenden masterfully depicts the struggle faced by many as their sexuality is vilified by those who profess to love and support them.
  • Infected (series) by Andrea Speed – One of the best and richest shifter-esque worlds in the genre.  Just read it.  Trust me.
  • Hat Trick (series) by Jeff Adams – These are men that any parent would be proud to call son. This is a series I would gladly recommend to any parent, teen, hockey fan, or human being.
  • Latakia by JF Smith – The first time I read this book, it left me speechless.  Every time I have read it since, it has affected me just a deeply.  It is a tale of acceptance, love, and overcoming tragedy.
  • The Race for Second by Chase Potter – Ethan burrowed right into my heart. You start out thinking he may be a bit of a prick, but then you realize that he is just trying to find his way in the world like everyone else.
  • rock by Anyta Sunday – A compelling look at the lives and love of two young boys as they fight, love, lose each other, and eventually find each other again.
  • Tales from Foster High (series) by John Goode – I don’t know what else I can say about this series.  Brad and Kyle are some of my favorite fictional characters ever.
  • Woke Up in a Strange Place by Eric Arvin – Woke Up in a Strange Place is a unique and beautiful view of one man’s journey to his soul mate.


Brandilyn has kindly offered 1 lucky commenter an ebook version of one of her top 10 LGBT titles.  (If the selection is a series, you may choose from any title within the series).  The enter to win, tell me 3 of your favorite LGBT titles and why. They don’t have to be your top 3, just 3 that you love.

Contest will end 7 days from original posting date at 8pm CST. Must be 18 or older to enter, void where prohibited.


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31 thoughts on “My Top in 10 LGBT Fiction ~ Sunday Spotlight by Brandilyn with Giveaway

  1. Only three? Well, I would go for Muscling Through by JL Merrow because it is one of the simplest but sweetest love stories I’ve read and it’s become my favourite comfort read, Brothers of the Wild North Sea by Harper Fox, because I love historical novel, and Harper Fox knows how to write and well, Vikings, you know? Another of my great passions is Paranormal/fantasy, so my third choice would be Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk. I love Whyborne and Griffin!
    Yours is a really great list. Thank you for the recommendations!

  2. I must really applaud and echo your choice of John Goode’s Foster High series. It continues to both grip my imagination and tug my heartstrings. My second offering is a newer release, Foxes by Suki Fleet. God, this novel gutted me and was just so gritty and realistic. Just a stunning look at homeless youth and what they do to survive. The third choice for me has to be Poz by Christopher Koehler. An amazing and realistic look at a young man learning he has AIDS and the boy who stays by him. Really excellent!!

  3. Three favourites is almost easier than ten 🙂 My three are:
    The Angel by Tiffany Reisz because it basically was my introduction to a genre I didn’t even know existed. More than that it is impossible not to adore Michael and Griffin.
    Power Exchange by AJ Rose. Blew me away and still frequently plays on my mind.
    King Perry by Edmond Manning (well, the whole Lost and Founds series really). Touching, thought provoking, highly original and containing such a powerful and loving message.
    Of course, if you were to ask me again tomorrow the answer may be different.

  4. Always by Kindle Alexandria: A beautiful love story over time that still makes me cry.
    The Locker Room by Amy Lane: Such pain caused by minds that do not understand that love is good. Another one that made me cry.
    Tell Me It’s Real by TJ Klune: Made me laugh yet a well written story with wonderful characters.

  5. Love to read favorites by others, that way you get to discover new authors and/or books. But it was a difficult choice i had to make but my top 3 at this moment is.

    1. Red Dirt serie by NR Walker:
    this was an amazing serie i felt like i really get to know Charlie, Travis and all the other characters. I think it is basically a story about learning to feel, show and act and certainly a story about feeling worthy of being loved.

    2. The Shearing Gun by Renae Kaye:
    it was filled with humor, a hot farmer, a cute doctor, fantastic uncles and Australia. I have re-read this book so many times that there is no way it would not go in this list, i loved it.

    3.The Men of Halfway House serie by Jaime Reese:
    I just love her writing style, she writes a story and she is great in detailing and developing characters, I Love this serie.

    So sad i could only choose three because i have read so many great books by fantastic authors. Well maybe next time 😉

  6. Three of my recent favorite books have been:

    Jackdaw by KJ Charles. I love her fine writing, but this one was really special.

    Haffling by Caleb James. So creative and thought-provoking, as well as a wild story.

    Prince of Los Cocuyos – Richard Blanco’s memoir of growing up in Cuban Miami. Haunting and poetic.

  7. This is a great post. Some of your list sound amazing. Thanks for chance to win.

    The Imperfection of Swans by BrandonWitt. I loved this beautiful and unique story and had such a book hangover.

    I love Stay with Me by SE Harmon for all the sarcastic wit and humour.

    Loved Spencer Cohen bk 1 by NR Walker and cant wait for the rest of the series. These characters are great and it is a great read.

  8. It’s so hard to choose just 3. I decided to list books I turn to when I want a comfort re-read and discovered that I also love the audio-book versions and have re-listened to the audio-books several times as well.
    – Gliiterland by Alexis Hall, a book filled with wonderful characters and humor narrated by the fabulous Nicholas Boutlon. I hope he narrates more MM books!
    – Love Lessons series by Heidi Cullinan – narrated by Iggy Toma. One of my favorites series – I wish I had friends like these when I was in college.
    – A Reason to Believe by Diane Copland narrated by the amazing Jack LeFleur. I love a good mystery with a taste of the paranormal thrown in. This is a book I wish the author would write another so I could enjoy reading more about Keirnan. The audio version is read by Jack LeFleur with the sexist voice. I wish he would narrate more MM books as well.

  9. 3 of my top reads:
    1) The Lightning-Struck Heart by Tj Klune. Everyone of TJ’s books is among my favorites but this one is his masterpiece. TJ’s ability to combine rip-roaring comedy with an incredible, angsty love story is unparalleled.
    2) The Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon. Josh is another author who never disappoints but Adrien was my first book I read by her and my favorite. Adrien & Jake are one of my favorite couples who I identify a lot with. Josh really puts them & the reader through the wringer before they get their HEA.
    3) Psycop series by Jordan Castillo Price. Vic and Jacob are another of my favorite couples…and also probably the most stable in their relationship of any mm couple I have read, which is refreshing for a change. JCP has managed to build an amazing paranormal universe while allowing Vic and Jacob to develop beautifully as characters both individually and together.

    • Excellent choices. I agree completely about Lightning Struck Heart. I actually wrote this post in January, before I had read it. However I can add it to my list as #11 without hesitation.

  10. Narrowing down to 3 is hard.

    Sock it to me, Santa by Madison Parker – sock monkeys and knitting boys, always makes me smile

    Into Deep Waters by Kaje Harper – always makes me cry a bit for the struggles lived through but ultimately I have a big smile

    Scrap Metal by Harper Fox – for the scenery and the charcters.

  11. It’s a good thing you didn’t ask for top 3…I’m not sure how I would pick them. Three books that have stuck with me are: Beyond Duty by SJD Peterson because I just love how Gunny and Mac complement each other so well and watching them navigate their unspoken, undefined relationship into something more open was fantastic; Immortal by Amy Lane because while it’s dark, it was a great reminder of why I love to read fantasy, plus I haven’t had an ugly cry that bad from a book in years; lastly, Perfect Imperfections by Cardeno C because I love the way that their relationship progressed without being drama filled or too fluffy and boring, it was a nice balanced book.

  12. 3 favorite books? Omorphi, by Cody Kennedy. This book grabbed my attention and would not let go. I had little knowledge about the human slave trade (actually no knowledge) and this book really opened my eyes. Hidden Gem, by Lissa Kasey. I love the different paranormal stories, and this one really is different. Well done, I thought. One, Two, Three Shatter by Joey James Hook. My emotions were all over the place reading this. All three of these books left a huge impression on me. There are many others, I will only mention the Johnny’s Boy series by Amy Lane. Thanks for sharing your list.

  13. So many books to choose from! However, the last 20 or so are still relatively fresh in my head so I’ll have to just suck it up and choose.
    The first book that comes to mind is The Lightning-Struck Heart by T.J. Klune. I admit I was apprehensive in taking the dive and reading this book because I was not a huge fan of fantasy. This book changed that for me. The story was well written and the characters were hilarious! I fell hard for this book.
    The second book that I can count as a favorite is Recoil, A Ripples In The Status Quo Story by R. Phoenix. I had never given it much thought, the whole supernaturals taking over and delegating humans to the lowest ranks of society. This book changed that and my favorite character in this series, Khaz, is in the very first book. Engaging and wonderful world development.
    Finally the third favorite, so hard and I kind of resent you for making me choose. (Just kidding…kinda) I’m going to go with Cheating Bastard by Devon McCormack. I could not read this book fast enough to find out how everything was going to unfold! I was flabbergasted when I reached the end. I mean really? REALLY?!
    So there, three of my favorite books, though reading through the comments, I’m trying not to reach for my ipad to add them all to my TBR list. Thank you for sharing yours! I’m in the middle of Aaron by J.P. Barnaby right now!

  14. There are so many to choose from but here are the ones that pop to mind the quickest:
    Tell Me It’s Real by T.J. Klune. This is one of my very favorites, I’ve read it over and over! It’s my go to when I need something to make my heart happy.
    The Angel by Tiffany Reisz. Michael and Griffin are so special to me, and were my first introduction to m/m. I so love these two, they are amazing characters that have stayed with me.
    Trouble & the Wallflower by Kade Boehme. There is something so special to me about this book, I love the way the relationship develops between Gavin and Davy!

  15. Three of my favorites are Changing Worlds by Cari Z, Midnight by Megan Derr and Strawberries for Dessert & its sequel of Fear, Hope and Bread Pudding. I love the development & growth in the characters and in their relationships. There is a poignancy in Midnight and Fear, Hope and Bread Pudding which just grabs me.

  16. Having to narrow it down to just 3? Wow that’s so difficult! Dex in Blue – seeing Chase’s breakdown from Dex’s POV utterly broke my heart & had me crying so badly I could hardly read.
    Chris Owen’s Submission series – I love the dynamic between Tobias & Noah. So beautiful.
    Heidi Cullinan’s Love Lessons series – I love Walter. I’d love my son to snag someone like post-Kelly Walter.

  17. Always by Kindle Alexander – An emotional read. Unconditional and irrevocable love. I was numb once I finished, my emotions were everywhere.

    Pray The Gay Away (A Southern Thing #1) by Sara York – well actually the whole series. I loved it so much I have the ebook, physical book and the audible version of each book. I fell in love with Jack, Andrew and Billy. This was a very emotional read as well. I was so angry with the parents, no child deserves what these boys survived through. What’s sad is that there are so many people that still share in these views. I wish this series was something that all individuals should have to read, teach them tolerance.

    Cut & Run (Cut & Run #1) by Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban – This is the M/M book that I “cut my teeth on.” My love of this genre began with Ty and Zane – romance, mystery, crime and suspense with a mix of humor.

  18. Oh God. Picking three is almost impossible.
    I’m going to cheat a little bit:

    1. Matter of Time series by Mary Calmes. Jory and Sam are perfect. Absolutely perfect. I love Jory’s sass and Sam’s possessiveness and that scene in the diner when he calls him baby? It gets me every time.
    2. Let The Wrong Light In by Avon Gale. It’s just so beautifully written.
    3. The Psycop series. I just started it (I know, I’m super late to the party) and am really enjoying it.

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