Psychic Says (Revelations #2) by J.J. Black ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

psychicsays_exlarge_PNG-180x288Title: Psychic Says (Revelations #2)

Author: J.J. Black

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Cover Artist: Posh Gosh

Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 02/09/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Gay, M/M Romance, Paranormal


A spirit is a terrible thing to waste.

Stephen Jurgens has always gone his own way, both professionally and personally. Disowned as a child by parents who did not approve of his gifts, Stephen struck out on his own and, along the way, became a highly sought-after psychic. Between his own private clients and the consulting work he does for Revelations, business has never been better. If only his love life was meeting with as much success. Despite his efforts to reach out and enjoy the dating scene, his heart remains drawn to only one man—Maddox Blackwood.

Alpha of the Pontiac wolf pack, Maddox Blackwood is the only man Stephen has ever met who has the power to destroy him. Their initial meeting led to a rejection of epic proportions that left Stephen wary of any kind of romantic entanglement. Now, eight years later, Maddox is back and ready to claim Stephen as his own, as he should have done all those years ago. The only question is, can Stephen find it in himself to forgive the past and accept the future Maddox is offering?

All thoughts of mating are put on the back burner when Revelations receives a call for help from a local cougar pride. People are dying, but are their deaths as mundane as they appear or is something more nefarious plaguing the Pride lands? With their investigation underway, Stephen and his team soon discover that things aren’t always what they seem, and just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t hunting you.

General Release Date: 8th March 2016

My View:

I enjoyed reading Psychic Says. It was fun and full of action and mystery. I loved the shifter dynamics and learning about magic users. I loved watching Stephen learn about himself and his powers and I loved the way his growth was vital to resolving the plot. It was interesting how the author tied the magic forms together not only with themselves but with the spirits they called upon.  

I enjoyed the mystery even though the big bad was very reminiscent of an over the top villain more concerned with talking about his goal to take over the world than with real action. I would have liked the bad guy to be more dark instead of just outright cheesy evil, but it did not take away from the fact that the plot moved forward in a way that was complementary to story.

Stephen and Maddox’s mating was intense. The instant factor was easy to understand because these men had a history that was well explained. I did like that while many parts of the mating were instant, there was still drama and misunderstandings. These men were not perfect for or with each other right away. They had to struggle to adjust to the mating and learn that the bond didn’t forgive all. It was fun to watch Maddox keep putting his foot in his mouth with Stephen. There could have been a bit more resolution at the end, but I suppose life or death situations supersede the need for apologies.

I did struggle to get a handle on the personalities of most of the characters because almost all of these people had anger management issues. Their emotions were all over the place and the slightest thing would easily trigger a full blown angry response response. One minute everyone was calm and the next it was as if the world was going to end if they didn’t yell or fight. Then almost just as fast things would be calm again. I struggled to get a grasp on how these men would react in any given instant. It was a bit distracting and annoying.

However, I like this series and hope that the next book comes quicker than this one did because I am hoping maybe we will be getting a melding of the shifters in the next one.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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