Tartan Candy by KC Burn ~ Book Review by Caroline

28789976Title: Tartan Candy

Author: KC Burn

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: L C Chase

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 02/26/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: M/M Romance


Finlay McIntyre (aka Raven) is a successful adult film star with a penchant for kilts, until an accident cuts short his stardom and leaves him with zero sexual desire, lowered self-esteem, and no job. He knew his porn career wouldn’t last forever, but he wasn’t prepared for retirement at twenty-eight. While trying to figure out the rest of his life, Raven agrees to attend a high school reunion. That’s when a malfunctioning AC unit in his hotel room changes everything.

Caleb Sanderson, an entrepreneur with his own HVAC business, has no idea what to expect when he steps into Raven’s hotel room to fix his AC unit. They’re attracted to each other, but Caleb, closeted, can’t afford a gay relationship, not with his mom pressuring him to produce grandchildren. If he wants to keep Raven—who no closet could hold—he’ll need to tell his family the truth. But Raven has a few secrets of his own. He refuses to reveal his porn past to Caleb, a past that might be the final obstacle to Caleb and Raven having any kind of relationship.

My View:

I cannot tell you how much I fell in love with this book!

Raven is a man who fought for his own sense of worth when his mother changed the locks when he was just eighteen and left his belongings on the door step. It was an event that should have left him broken but with determination he pulled himself up and got on with his life. He ended up as an adult film star and was damn proud of what he achieved. An accident a year ago took all of it away from him but worse than losing his job he lost his confidence when it left him with life changing injuries and scars he is embarrassed about. He can barely look at his scars so how could he ever expect anyone else to?

Caleb Sanderson runs his own business and has a large family who don’t stay out of his life and the face he presents to them every day is fake. Realising he was gay as a young teen he chose to hide it from his parents when his mother became ill and since then the timing has never been right for him to be honest, a fact not helped by his mother’s constant hints for grandchildren and his family trying to fix him up with next nice girl.

Over a broken air conditioning unit Raven and Caleb meet and it knocks them both off their game. For the first time since the accident Raven feels attraction, he feels his body respond to another man and it’s dizzying and leaves him in a panic. Caleb has never seen anyone so beautiful, his mind is plagued with the memory for days and when he gets a call back to fix the unit again the pair end up kissing and touching. This time Raven really does panic and Caleb has no idea what’s going on just that he wants to calm the man.

Raven is such a vulnerable character and Caleb is like this gentle giant who slowly and carefully starts to pull him out of his shell. The fact that Caleb isn’t out to his family helps him to take things slowly but he soon realises that he may just have met the man that could force that issue. Never before has he felt like someone was worth risking his family for but Raven has secrets of his own and they could make or break this fragile new relationship.

This book is all about the feels and there is a ton of them as Caleb slowly gains Ravens trust. The first time Raven bares his body and soul to Caleb is beautiful and Caleb worships the man in front of him – the scars don’t matter and he is like a balm to the broken man he is falling in love with. Raven grows and changes so much during the story and it is mainly down to Caleb’s love and careful handling of him.
Coming out doesn’t prove to be the catastrophe that Caleb has built up in his mind but the way it happens is pretty epic. Jaime, Caleb’s out and proud cousin, is the crutch for Raven when it happens and such a good secondary character throughout the story. The ending was perfect – pretty much like the entire story!

I’m just left with one question – I wonder whether Jaime will get his own story 


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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