Who I am and Who I read ~ Sunday Spotlight by Mel


Please welcome Mel to the Prism Book Alliance® team!

About Mel:

Mel’s three passions in life are her family, books, and China.

She’s been married to her wonderful husband for nearly 14 years, has the loveliest 9 year-old daughter, and they live together in Berlin’s beautiful quarter Prenzlauer Berg. They spend as much time together as possible and enjoy a quiet life — well, next to a job and school…

Spending two years abroad in Macao SAR China made Mel want to change her profession, and so she’s been studying Sinology since fall 2014. While going back to university with 33 is quite a challenge, she’s sure it was the right decision and is delighted to get better at speaking Chinese little by little.

In her free time and on her long commute, Mel loves to read and likes her books to be diverse, surprising, and genre-bending. She will read the occasional contemporary romance, but her heart actually beats faster for genre books like fantasy, science fiction, or steampunk. Since for Mel, love is love, she reads romantic stories about people of all gender and sexual orientation.

To name only a few of her favourite authors, she loves to read books by Santino Hassel, Aleksandr Voinov, JA. Rock, Kirby Crow, Ginn Hale, Kris Ripper, Larry Benjamin, and John Goode

There are, however, some authors that are even more to her, authors who inspire, touch and change her.

Alexis Hall: Alexis as a person and a writer is unbelievable smart, profound and versatile, nerdy and funny, kind and non-judgemental, full of wisdom and the right questions. He and his books connect Mel to the world.
E.E. Ottoman: EE, slayer of stereotypes, ambitious fighter for diversity, the world needs more of their kind.

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  1. Melanie’s reviews are my gold. I cannot count how many 5 star reads have come from her recommendations. She gives great direction without giving away the story or spoiling the book. I look forward to many more.

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