Back Alley Cop by Temple Madison ~ Book Review by Queue

Back-AlleyTitle: Back Alley Cop

Author: Temple Madison

Publisher: Liquid Silver

Cover Artist: Unknown

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 01/11/2016

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Crime Fiction, Erotica, M/M Romance, Mystery


Action, adventure, and murder are afoot in Back Alley Cop, a new GLBT, romantic suspense from Temple Madison. Danger lurks around every corner and police office Eddie Scarlett needs to stay focused on capturing a serial killer before someone else dies. A hot, sexy, blue eyed stranger is not a distraction he can afford…or can he?

Eddie Scarlett, one of NYC finest cops, is a tarnished hero. According to the scum on the street Eddie is handsome, hot, and dangerous, but he has a heart as black as death. He’s called a back alley cop because he does undercover work for the NYPD, making him familiar with every back alley in the city. And when a crime spree breaks out, he meets what he thinks is a whore with beautiful blue eyes. During their first encounter, they slam together like two taxis on Broadway. And then Eddie has to go undercover. It’s the kind of case that will test the resolve of a tough back alley cop like Eddie Scarlett, forcing him to forget his blue-eyed man-whore, and even his identity to melt into the city’s back alleys and capture a master killer who’s wielding a cold blade with a deadly side effect—murder.

My View:

—–WARNING: This review contains spoilers—-


In all reviews I try hard to avoid spoilers but with Back Alley Cop there is no way to explain what is wrong with the story without revealing the plot.

Eddie Scarlett is called a back alley cop because he’s spent many years undercover working the back alleys. He’s assigned to a case regarding a serial killer and  questions Adam Dunbar. Even though Eddie quickly realizes Adam isn’t a suspect he continues to grill him, and they end up having sex. In the police station.

Right away I had a problem with this story because of this. Even if the chemistry between them is so strong they have to fuck right away doing it in the police station is not the right thing to do. I have a lot of respect for cops and this is not the way a good one behaves.

But I pushed past this, hoping it would get better. Though dialogue like this didn’t give me much hope.

“Hey, is it true that once you even pulled a gun on a guy you were having sex with because he wouldn’t do what you wanted?”

“That’s a lie! The slob wanted to ruin my reputation.”

So the case leads the cops to think that the killer works at KingStar Advertising? Why do they think that? I don’t know. The author chooses not to share this bit of information with the readers. Why? I’m guessing because she didn’t know and wanted to move the plot along. But that doesn’t work so well with a mystery. Readers, especially me, like to know the facts. It’s odd they can know the killer works there but have no idea exactly who it could be. Not even a narrowed down list of suspects.

Adam is part of KingStar but he happens to be out of the county. However, Warren McAllister, the acting CEO, reluctantly allows Eddie to go undercover in the business. One of the employees Eddie meets is Vinnie Torrio, a royal know-it-all pain in the ass.

Vinnie’s actions leads to one of the story’s largest WTF plot points. Vinnie figures out Eddie is interested in Adam and tries to convince him Adam is out of town having a sex reassignment surgery. Eddie doesn’t buy this at first but is fooled by a woman who looks like Adam—Adam’s sister. He’s so embarrassed at being fooled that he quits. Not just the assignment. He quits his job as a police officer strictly because he was the victim of a practical joke. Later, with a conversation with Adam, Eddie says his retirement won’t be official until there’s an announcement in the media. Really? I can handle some steps away from reality but here we’re talking giant leaps.

So the mystery part sucks. What about the romance? There isn’t any. The relationship between Adam and Eddie consists of eye-roll worthy, porny sex.

Adam yelled, “Oh, God!” and then ground himself against Eddie, making Eddie’s balls tighten into hard knots. That was all it took for him to continue his hard plunge into Adam over and over again, until he finally spewed into him while letting go of his own shout of pleasure.

“Oh, my god, you little devil, look what you’ve done.”

There’s also this gem.

His cock felt loved, it felt wanted, and it felt as if it never wanted to leave it’s moist cradle.

The revelation of the killer is a bit of a head scratcher too. It seems to come out of nowhere and there’s no investigation done by the cops. Instead we’re told what they did. Turns out Eddie quitting the undercover assignment and his job was meant to lure out the killer. Which would’ve made no sense if the killer hadn’t known Eddie was there to begin with. But since the one single employee who did know was indeed the killer. There’s no explanation of how they narrowed it down to this suspect however or why they needed the charade of Eddie quitting.

It’s all so very confusing and the pieces don’t really fall together. If you’re looking for mystery this isn’t the story for you. If you’re looking for romance, well, this may not be the one for you either.

It may work for you, but it didn’t for me.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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