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Title: Solitary Travelers Collection
Author: Less Than Three Press
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Genre: Bisexual, Contemporary, Fantasy, Lesbian Romance, M/M Romance, Romance, Space Opera


A collection of asexual and aromantic story revolving around the theme of travel.

Solitary Travelers


A couple years ago, I received an email from a prospective author asking if LT3 accepted stories featuring aromantic characters. The basis of this question being that LT3 identifies as a queer romance press, and the author was concerned we would find an aromantic character unsuitable.


Not quite a year later, LT3 opened submissions for the Solitary Travelers collection, a call for stories that prominently featured asexual and/or aromantic characters. After that call went live, I received some more emails. These ones asked how LT3 could accept aromantic stories if we identified as a romance press.


A thing to keep in mind when speaking of relationships and romance is that it’s not just about who you love – it’s also about how you love.


People who don’t experience romantic attraction or have no interest in romantic love are still capable of forming bonds and relationships. They still feel love, just perhaps not of a sort we traditionally think of when we think of romance. They are relationships all the same.


More importantly – they’re just as valid. Everyone deserves a happy end, and everyone deserve to have stories of how they love and find that happy end. LT3 is committed to providing all happy endings all the time, across the spectrum.


With the Solitary Travelers collection, I invite you to explore just how varied, complex, and amazing a full spectrum of relationships can be.



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About the Author

Growing up a military brat instilled Samantha with a love of travel. Time spent on the road, waiting in airports, and crossing country sides via train gave her an appreciation for a good book. Combined with a love English and a collection of dictionaries & usage guides, editing and publishing only seemed a natural progression in the pursuit of a good read. When not reading or editing, Sam likes to watch professional StarCraft II and League of Legends and stream way too much Netflix.


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4 thoughts on “Less Than Three Press on Solitary Travelers Collection ~ Guest Blog, Rafflecopter Giveaway

  1. I haven’t ready many asexual reads. These look fantastic and sounds interesting. I’ve added them to my wishlist. Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  2. As an asexual myself, it always gives me great pleasure to see romance featuring anyone in the asexual spectrum. So congratulations on this collection!

  3. I’m so happy about this collection. I love the romance genre, but there’s never really been much room in it for exploring stories of strong relationships that aren’t classically romantic (and certainly many people seem to expect sex as par for course with what I’ve seen in reviews). And this line is what reminds me of why I love LT3 Press: “it’s not just about who you love – it’s also about how you love.”

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