Love and Murder by WS Long ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Love-and-MurderTitle: Love and Murder

Author: WS Long

Publisher: JMS Books

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 03/09/2014

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica, M/M Romance, Mystery


Jake Chandler is a struggling small-town Florida lawyer, and his life is falling apart. His ex-wife makes seeing his daughter difficult, his boyfriend Noah may be cheating on him, and his money woes are growing. Jake hopes that a new murder defense case will help with his money woes, but his ex-wife Elena is the prosecutor. It’s bad enough she has to fight with him over custody of their daughter. Now she wants nothing more than to beat him in the courtroom, too.

And then people around him start dying.

First, an ex-lover gets his brains blown out while he and Jake have coffee. The danger comes even closer. Then Jake meets handsome FBI agent Xavier, who is investigating the crimes surrounding him. Can Jake trust this new man in his life? Is Xavier who he says he is? Or does his involvement put Jake and those he loves in even more danger?

My View:

Love and Murder by WS Long is a shining example of why a writing needs a solid editing team at their back. While L&M is not the best mystery I have ever read, it isn’t to worst either. However, I had such a hard time getting past surface mistakes that I could never enjoy the story the author was trying to tell.

If this title had been self-published, I would have at least understood the mistakes a little bit more. However, Long trusted his publisher to help him achieve a quality product. That trust was apparently misplaced.

Yes, there are aspects of the story that would have put me off regardless of the mistakes. There are also aspects that I could have enjoyed greatly under other circumstances.

I gave up highlighting the issues I found in the proofreading and editing of this book. There are missing and incorrect words all over the place. Every single page had at least one error. One error a chapter would have been pretty high. At least one a page shows a lack of professionalism and care on the part of the publisher. Granted the author could have enlisted his own proofreaders, but he shouldn’t have to.

“Hey, it’s me. Sorry I dropped Chelsea kind of late last night.”

“Did you know my ex-wife was going to the prosecutor in the case before you came to me a couple of months ago?

Agent Gooding asked me to buckle my seatbelt, but we didn’t speak until from Tampa appeared in our rearview mirror.

Add to those mistakes some unfortunate word choices along the way and I just had issues start to finish with the structure of this story. Some quotes that just had me shaking my head are listed below.

I moved his head off my man pussy

His man meat expanded my rectum and my ass lips.

Some people may use those terms. I don’t know. However, for me they are just crass and, more importantly, didn’t fit the character well.

Then there were areas where the word choice was just a bit outdated or too formal. Such as:

There was commercial plaza across the street with a bank of trees and bushes.

Xavier cursed on the way to the airport and started screaming at traffic when he took a side road where another vehicular collision tied up the road along with some accompanying road construction.

Jake is not a good man. Well maybe he is, but he has made some really bad choices in life. He cheated on his wife multiple times before finally leaving her for a man. He then proceeded to berate both that man and another he had an affair with for THEIR infidelities? Really? After that, I just could never like the man. I tried, but no. For what it is worth, the “other man” and he are still (mostly) together at the start of the story. Heck, they are still (mostly) together most of the way through the story.

Therein lies the second issue I had with this story. Xavier, the love interest as stated in the blurb? He doesn’t even show up until almost 75% into the story. Then there is instant lust and apparently insta-love since they ride off into the sunset and are living together as book two opens. I never got to know them as a couple. We are told they kind of knew each other in the past, but connection was never made.

Honestly, I didn’t connect well enough with either of these characters to care what happens in book two, if I am perfectly honest.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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