The Bellingham Mysteries: The Boxed Set by Nicole Kimberling ~ Book Review by Karen

bellingham-boxed-set-coverTitle: The Bellingham Mysteries: The Boxed Set

Author: Nicole Kimberling

Publisher: Loose Id

Cover Artist: April Martinez

Rating: 5.0 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 02/22/2016

Length: Long Novel (~ 100K+)

Genre: Contemporary


Primal Red
Peter Fontaine is a reporter writing for a free weekly newspaper in the quirky little town of Bellingham. Nick Olson is a reclusive painter with a questionable past and a studio in the Vitamilk Building. Peter has a knack for choosing to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this case that place is the Vitamilk Building and the time is the moment that Shelley Vine, local art professor and rising star of the art world, is stabbed to death.

Determined to understand why Vine was killed, and convinced that breaking the story could jumpstart his career as an investigative journalist, Peter begins his own investigation into her death. As Peter uncovers more information about Vine, Olson, and the interconnected lives of the rest of the artists at the Vitamilk Building, he finds himself falling in love with Nick.

Peter wants a story but he also wants Nick, and it looks like he’s going to have to make a choice before the two can paint the town Primal Red.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Small-town Pacific Northwest reporter Peter Fontaine wants to level up. A job offer in Austin seems to be the answer to his prayers, but there’s one catch: his boyfriend, Nick Olson–artist, recluse, and snow-loving outdoorsman.

When Peter agrees to go to the Freezing Man snow sculpture competition, he thinks he’s going to get a lesson in making love in a hollowed-out snowball in the woods. He thinks he’ll either find a way to convince Nick to come to the Lone Star State or be forced to say goodbye. But one frozen corpse derails Peter’s personal plans entirely..

Black Cat Ink
Small-town reporter Peter Fontaine has a cherry job, a hunky artist boyfriend, and an insatiable lust for rooting out the truth. In this third installment of the Bellingham Mysteries, he and Nick must try to recover a stolen statue in time to host their big Halloween party.

The catch? The statue was created by Nick’s ex lover, and to find the culprit, Peter must first delve into Nick’s past. Will Peter’s slutty nurse costume be enough incentive for Nick to come clean about his life before Peter?

One Man’s Treasure
Four years ago, Peter Fontaine made a name for himself as Bellingham, Washington’s premiere investigative reporter. Since then he’s got an award, a cat and good-looking artist to come home to every night.

Nick Olson, Peter’s long-suffering lover, has a lot of reasons for wanting Peter to stop investigating the many and varied crimes committed in the City of Subdued Excitement. Peter’s nasty habit of getting held at gunpoint by lunatics has Nick wondering if any story is worth losing the man he’s decided to “everything-but-marry.”

But when a famous ceramic artist drops dead at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market, Nick agrees to help Peter dig deep to unearth the secret rivalries and dirty deeds done at Green Goddess Farms. And then they’re going to have another long talk about these bad habits of Peter’s.

Birds of a Feather
Peter Fontaine just wants to get married. He’s got a willing man, a house, a cat, and the official permission of the State of Washington. Everything should be peachy, but weddings mean guests and guests bring the magic of friends and family–the enthusiastic, the vengeful, and the weird.

But figuring out a seating chart that won’t result in homicide isn’t Peter’s only problem. He’s a reporter and reporters need stories. Fortunately Peter has one. When he finds a dead, dismembered bald eagle near his home, he’s on the case. As guests converge upon his home, Peter searches the county for the person responsible…

My View:

I have had my eye on The Bellingham Mysteries for a while, but to buy them individually was quite expensive, so to buy them as a boxed set is great value for money, I would also add that I love Nicole Kimberling’s writing, its beautiful and effortless.

These books are a joy, the balance between the mysteries themselves, the people in Bellingham, the newspaper and the developing love story between Peter and Nick is so good. The mysteries themselves are complicated enough to engage,  whilst not being so unbelievably complicated that you can’t even start to fathom what the hell is going on. Peter is terrific narrator, his habit of internally writing copy when distracted is endearing and funny and his insecurity when it comes down to Nick stops the asides from being too much.

As the books are narrated form Peters perspective initially Nick is a bit of an enigma, and the mysteries also serve a dual purpose; they highlight areas in Peter and Nicks relationship that concern them and allow the issues to be resolved. These guys behave like real adults, and mainly talk through their issues and support each other, even when they don’t agree or understand somethings.

The books are also rather romantic, and Nicks painting in the final book – was the icing on the cake.

I heard a rumour that there’s going to be more of these, and I can’t wait, so do yourself a favour and buy the boxed set, very highly recommended.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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