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Author: A.M. McKnight
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Createspace/Keith Bruce (Kbkgraphx)|Dreamstime.com
Genre: Lesbian Romance


A mostly black community with its roots in farming, Goslyn, Virginia lay just south of the State’s Capital. The once small, close-knit county had grown rapidly in the past two decades and boasted a population of just over fifty thousand. But the county’s crime stats had grown as well, and the latest offenses included several break-ins and rumors of a meth lab. Time had brought many changes, and many of the longtime folks of Goslyn no longer recognized their community and longed for days gone by.

Goslyn PD Detective Olivia “Ollie” Winston loves her family and friends and shows it through her sense of humor. Just like her neighbors, she too worries about the recent events, and it’s her job to find out who’s behind the crime spree.

While investigating three burglaries, Olivia meets IRS Special Agent Maureen Jeffries who is pursuing a tax fraud suspect. Their cases are connected, and both soon discover they have much in common, personally and professionally.

Debut Novel By A.M. McKnight

TV crime shows and gun-toting, badge-flashing lesbians. Put them together, and I’m in fiction heaven. But in all of my couch-potato hours of watching Law & Order marathons and reading from my batch of lesbian crime/romance novels, I rarely ran across any kick-ass, black lesbians with soft hearts and strong family ties. So out of a selfish need (and a personal dare), I wrote my first novel, Goslyn County. The lesbian characters, Olivia and Maureen, reflect just about everything I’ve wanted to see or read about in female protagonists: brains, toughness, and common sense wrapped in attractive black bodies. I also created a setting in which the characters are surrounded by people who love them and who are a part of their everyday lives.

Of course there’s romance! And I made it a slow budding one between Olivia and Maureen to hopefully make it more realistic. Both characters are cautious when it comes to falling in love again and a bit old-fashioned. So no hook-ups or Internet chats for these two. Instead, they feel each other out through what I like to call, “your favorite meal or mine” dating– plenty of talk while enjoying a good bite (yes, food and food-talk appear throughout my book because…well, I just love the topic. I do believe the best way to a woman’s heart, other than with humor, is with a good dish). This approach is also a reflection of the characters’ maturity and upbringing. Both are 40+ and are influenced by their elders.

Crime, you ask? Indeed! I absolutely love cops and robbers stories with a good dose of clever “cop procedure talk.” Hence, I put Olivia and Maureen right smack in the middle of a crime spree and let them show off their skills. A car chase, fires, explosions, and a fugitive on the run–Goslyn is hopping with action.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Olivia pretended to read the menu. “The steamed chicken with mixed vegetables and brown sauce is pretty good.”
“Okay. I’ll try it with a wonton soup.”
The waiter returned with two ice teas and took their orders.
“So how was Atlanta? Maureen?” Olivia noticed a faint smile flicker across Maureen’s lips, and her shoulders seemed to relax.
“The trip was good,” Maureen said. “We found some of the Lewis client data when we searched some gang members. We’re working on finding out how they got it.”
The waiter interrupted with the soup before vanishing to another table.
Olivia sipped her tea and asked, “Any news from your cyber guys?”
“Not yet. But they’re working on the info you faxed me and the codes I got in Atlanta. Please thank your friend for doing that web search.”
Olivia nibbled on the noodle chips and watched Maureen poke at the dumplings in her bowl. How was she going to jump-start a personal conversation?
The waiter was back in minutes with their lunch and a tea refill for Olivia.
“I’ve got some good news on my burglaries,” Olivia said. “We got a confession from our suspect.”
“You are good. Maybe you should come to Atlanta with me on my next trip.”             Olivia looked up, startled, and caught Maureen just avoiding her eyes. Was that a personal invitation? Or was she misreading the Agent? Olivia killed the awkward moment by getting back to business. “My partner, Marcus, did the heavy lifting on that one,” she said. “And we’re still looking for at least one other person.”
“How long have you been partners?” Maureen asked.
“Almost seven years. He’s great at interrogating, and he’s got a good sense of humor too.”
“My partner’s been on maternity leave with his wife,” Maureen said. “They’re already planning for their next kid.” Maureen sipped her tea and added, “You have any kids?”
“No. How about you?”
“No,” Maureen said.
Olivia recalled an earlier conversation. “But you do have relatives here in Goslyn?” she asked.
“Yes, my aunt and uncle, Lena and Frank Williams. They live by that old water tower near your police department. That’s where I grew up when my parents owned a house over there.” Maureen sipped again. “Do you want kids?”
“I thought about it when I was younger.” Olivia stiffened and hesitated. “But it would’ve been kind of…awkward. I would’ve needed a donor since I’m gay.” There, it was out.
“You know, I’m a sucker for a single woman in a flannel shirt,” Maureen said.
“How about one in a pink polo?” Olivia popped up her collar.                                          They both laughed with relief.
“We must be showing our age, Maureen,” Olivia said. “I know plenty of twenty-year-olds who wouldn’t have hesitated to ask and tell.”


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